Compressed Air Products for Aerospace, Military & Defense Applications

Air compressors have a variety of uses in the aerospace and defense industries. Aircraft manufacturers, pilots and maintenance workers all rely on air compressors, which play a critical role in each stage of production in the aerospace field — from building and manufacturing to in-flight control.

Learn more about the different applications for compressed air in the aerospace and defense industries.

Commercial airplane flying through cloudsWhat Equipment Does the Aerospace and Defense Industry Use?

Air compressors help maintain clean, uncontaminated airflow, which is critical in many aerospace applications. There are two main air compressors used in the aerospace and defense industries: rotary screw and reciprocating compressors. Rotary compressors are typically used for long-term motion, while reciprocating air compressors are better for intermittent operations.

Fluid Aire Dynamics carries oil-free air compressors that keep contamination out of the air. The Atlas Copco oil-free reciprocating air compressors and oil-free rotary screw air compressors are two non-lubricated models that work well for the aerospace industry. These prevent air contamination and are approved for rooms with electronics and other sensitive materials.

How Does the Aerospace and Defense Industry Use Air Compressors and Nitrogen Gas Generators?

Air compressors and nitrogen gas generators maintain versatile roles in the aerospace industry. Some of the jobs air compressors fulfill are:

  • Aircraft engine manufacturing: Air compressors are used to simulate conditions the engine will be subject to during flight and ensure the engine performs as it should.
  • Aircraft wing structural testing: Similar to engine testing, the simulated conditions air compressors create test the wing’s strength and durability.
  • Ground support equipment: Equipment such as grinders, hammers and welding gear receive energy input from air compressors to repair aircraft parts.
  • Air break powering: One way to power heavy-duty mechanical breaks is with air compressors.
  • Crew area pressurization: Air compressors maintain constant pressure levels in the cabin and provide clean air to pilots.
  • Fuel injection: With a fuel injection system, air compressors insert fuel directly into the engine’s cylinders, providing a reliable and consistent flow of fuel.
  • Metal finishing: Air compressors provide powerful pressurized air for sandblasting and finishing.

A nitrogen generator filters excess particles from the compressed air to create pure nitrogen, which is used in aircraft construction. Nitrogen coats fuel tanks in the wings to prevent explosions. Nitrogen is also used in aircraft tires to prevent extreme temperature and pressure fluctuations inside the tire.

What Are the Benefits of Air Compressors in the Aerospace and Defense Industry?

The uses of compressed air provide many benefits.

Improved Cost-Efficiency

Both kinds of compressors only run when necessary. Air compressors are powerful without using excessive energy. With proper maintenance, these machines can last for a long time and continuously provide quality service.

Increased Safety

When working with electronics and technical equipment, it is crucial to have clean air to protect against malfunctions and damage. Reduced contamination and controlled airflow create a safe environment for all.

Optimal Performance

Removing exhaust and controlling air quality can prevent damage and increase performance. Air compressors provide high-power technology that is versatile enough to aid many areas of manufacturing.

Reduced Risk of Contamination

Air compressors make it easy to monitor the air quality and protect sensitive equipment. They also make the air quality better for manufacturers working with chemicals.

Fluid Aire Dynamics streamlines the air compressor installation process and gives you an efficient, cost-effective air compression system.

Reliable Air Compression Products and Services for the Aerospace and Defense Industry

Fluid Aire Dynamics is a provider and installer of quality air compressors. We provide free compressed air system reviews and for all industries. We can help keep your system functioning properly and provide quality assurance and recommendations.

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