Compressed Air Equipment & Systems for Naval Applications

The ability for machines to function optimally in tough environments is one of the main requirements of Naval products. Products from Fluid Aire Dynamics are well-suited for naval applications because of their ability to function effectively under extreme conditions.

That is the reason why Fluid Aire Dynamics is the exclusive air dryer supplier for the U.S. Navy, the Royal Australian Navy and the Royal Navy of the United Arab Emirates. If you are responsible for Naval equipment, you should know about available compressed air and gas system products and services from Fluid Aire Dynamics.

What Titus Equipment Is Relevant for the Navy?

The Navy makes extensive use of air dryers and air dehydrators. They use both refrigerated air dryers (which use heat exchangers to remove water vapor from air) and desiccant air dryers (which make use of a desiccant material that absorbs air moisture) as well as dehydrators that use both refrigeration and desiccant methods of drying.

How Can These Products Help Naval Applications?

The Navy uses air dryers in order to control air in the type of moisture-heavy environments that are common in Naval operations. This keeps equipment functioning optimally. When a naval vessel is in operation, accurate and fast response of naval equipment is crucial and can even be life or death. Navy ships need air dryers that can withstand the type of extreme conditions that may affect shipboard machines, such as vibrationary shock, and changes in pressure and temperature.

Titus has a number of air dryers that can effectively suit this purpose.

Depending on the ship’s various systems and what the ship’s purpose is, different air dryers may be appropriate. If you are not sure which air dryers are right for you or you need to price a number of different air dryers, please get in touch with us right away for help identifying the air dryers that will meet your needs or for an estimate on air dryer products and services from Fluid Aire Dynamics.

Fluid Aire Dynamics Drying Equipment for the Navy

Fluid Aire Dynamics are the perfect air dryer suppliers for Naval operations because we can provide more than just the right specialty drying equipment. Our four-phase service program offers a turnkey solution that includes identifying important issues, fabricating and installing solutions, and regular maintenance and support.

Naval equipment is extremely sensitive and expensive. When seeking the right air dryers for your Navy, it’s crucial that you take a proactive approach in order to save money and resources and achieve optimal results.

Fluid Aire Dynamics, with our suite of services including thorough maintenance, repair and even equipment rebuilding offerings, is the ideal company to meet these goals. For more information about our equipment and service for Naval applications, contact Fluid Aire Dynamics today.