Pharmaceutical Applications

Compressed air distribution is a requirement for pharmaceutical companies. Without high-purity air, it is easy for pharmaceutical products to become irreparably damaged during manufacture, storage or transit.

Which compressed air products your particular pharmaceutical company uses will depend on the particular products you manufacture or distribute, but The Titus Company is able to provide solutions for compressed air for pharmaceutical companies regardless of their specific compressed air generation system requirements.

What Equipment Do Pharmaceutical Companies Use?

Because pharmaceutical products are so sensitive, it is particularly vital that your commercial-grade air compressor work in a sterile environment, which means an oil-free air compressor is usually a necessity. Pharmaceutical companies can also frequently benefit from a high-quality nitrogen generation system as well as compressed air dryers.

Why Pharmaceutical Companies Use Air Compressors, Nitrogen Generators and Air Dryers

The most common use of commercial-grade oil-free air compressors in pharmaceutical facilities is to clean and purify air to keep your pharmaceutical products sterile, clean, aerated and safe during manufacture, storage or moving.

However, you may also use compressed air to control cylinders and valves that are part of pharmaceutical processing equipment, to operate fluid plumbing systems while minimizing explosion risk and to section-off safe areas. Nitrogen generators have a wide range of commercial pharmaceutical uses, while air dryers are machines you will use for safe removal of moisture and to keep air dry and sterile in order to protect your products.

We have technical experts at The Titus Company who can work with you to find the right air compressor and other air and gas system products to meet your needs. Just call today and one of our friendly, knowledgeable air compression system pros will help you isolate the products you need for your pharmaceutical business.

The Titus Company Is Your Source for Pharmaceutical Air Compression Equipment

A pharmaceutical facility is a very delicate environment — you need air compressors, gas generators and dryers that are appropriate for that environment and provide oil-free, pure compressed air that will keep your machines moving and protect your product. That’s why you need The Titus Company.

We don’t just sell you an air compressor or a nitrogen generator — we also provide a complete suite of services, including design, installation and maintenance, to make sure your air compressor products are serving your needs optimally today and far into the future. When you partner with The Titus Company, you can be confident you will get the help and support you need to get the best out of your air compression system.

To find out more about how we can serve your pharmaceutical needs, make contact with The Titus Company now.