Atlas Copco Compressed Air Equipment

At Fluid Aire Dynamics, we pride ourselves on offering only the best brands when it comes to air compression products. That includes Atlas. Whether you need an Atlas Copco compressor, an Atlas Copco PSA oxygen generator, something from the Atlas BAP series or another Atlas air compression system product, Fluid Aire Dynamics has you covered. Our line of fine Atlas products includes:

Air Compressors

If you’re in the market for an Atlas air compressor, look no further. We have both lubricated and oil-free reciprocating air compressors. You can find a commercial-grade Copco compressor with 5-20 HP, an LE/LT or LF industrial grade compressor at 2-20 HP or a Heavy-Duty compressor generating at 5-30 HP.

We also offer the GX and GA series of rotary screw air compressors, the ZT and ZR oil-free rotary screw air compressors and SF series scroll oil-free compressor.

Air Dryers

If you want an Atlas Copco dryer, no problem. You can find a great Atlas refrigerated dryer or Atlas Copco desiccant dryer to suit your needs. We have cycling and non-cycling refrigerated Atlas dryers and desiccant dryers that use your preferred method of desiccant regeneration: heatless, heated purge/blower or heat of compression. If you are looking for an Atlas Copco purifier, we also offer the popular BAP series Atlas breathing air purifiers.

Air Filters

You’ll find Atlas compressed air-line filters, mist eliminators and even carbon bed oil vapor filters to suit any of your air filtration needs.

Modular Piping System

To improve the efficiency of your air compression system, we offer the Atlas Copco AIRnet modular piping system.

Gas Generators

Gas generators are vital for separating nitrogen or oxygen from your facility’s air. At Fluid Aire Dynamics, you’ll find Atlas Copco Pressure Swing Adsorption nitrogen generators or an Atlas Copco Pressure Swing Adsorption oxygen generator to suit your needs. The Atlas Copco PSA nitrogen generator is extremely popular and can isolate virtually all of your nitrogen for any number of industrial applications.


Atlas Copco offers low-cost, easy-operation alternatives to commercial-grade air compressors, including oil-free rotary screw blowers, oil-free centrifugal blowers and rotary vane, rotary piston and rotary screw vacuums.

Energy Management

One way to control the high energy costs inherent in the use of air compression systems is through the use of compression controls to reduce the amount of on-line horsepower necessary. The Atlas Copco ES Series Central Control System for up to 30 compressors is ideal for this purpose.

Service and Repair for Atlas Copco Products

As with all of our air and gas system products, we offer complete turnkey air compression system solutions with our Atlas compressors, Atlas refrigerated dryers and other Atlas products, including replacement parts, emergency repair, regularly scheduled maintenance and even rebuilding services. To access any of these services, contact Fluid Aire Dynamics now.