Boge Compressed Air Equipment

When people hear the name Boge in connection to air compression system products, they know it means quality. The Boge air compressor is a standard-setting air compressor in the industry. Those who are in-the-know know to seek out Boge Compressors, Boge dryers, Boge Beko drains and other Boge products as well.

Air Compressors

We offer oil-free reciprocating, oil-free or lubricated high-pressure reciprocating, and oil-free or lubricated rotary screw air compressors. A Boge oil-free air compressor is a great product for situations when excess oil could contaminate your production environment. Our range of Boge air compressors includes the K series, C series, CL series, S series, SF series, SLF series and SO series compressors, which offer a variety of horsepower ratings to suit your needs.

Air Dryers

Whether you want Boge refrigerated dryers, Boge desiccant dryers or both, Fluid Aire Dynamics is the place to go. You’ll find non-cycling refrigerated dryers, high-temperature refrigerated dryers and high-pressure refrigerated dryers all made to Boge’s exacting standards. We also offer heatless, heated and blower purge desiccant dryers from Boge.


No-loss drains can dramatically improve the energy efficiency of your system. We offer Boge Beko drains and Bekomat series Zero-Loss drains for 5 to 50,000 standard cubic feet per minute. You can also call on us for your Boge Beko oil/water separators and Qwik-Pure Series Oil/Water Separators operating at 5 to 400 HP to help you meet EPA drainage regulations.

Energy Management

Controlling energy costs when it comes to your air compression is a big concern. Air compressor systems use a tremendous amount of energy, and if you can make your system just a little more efficient, you can see a big difference in your bottom line at the end of the year.

A compression control system that regulates the amount of horsepower your air compression machines use is a great way to control some of those costs. Boge can help with the Boge air intelligence Master Control, suitable for up 16 compressors, available from Fluid Aire Dynamics.

Service Maintenance and Repair for Boge Air Compression Products

While Fluid Aire Dynamics offers a great range of Boge air compressors, air dryers and other air and gas system products, we offer a lot more. We have a staff of experienced technicians who are intimately familiar with the workings of Boge products. We can not only install your Boge products quickly and efficiently, but also offer you our services when it comes to regular maintenance, repair or other support for your Boge products.

Our maintenance services help ensure that your Boge products stay on track to minimize potential downtime and our emergency service makes sure that if something unforeseen does happen, we’ll get you back in business fast. To find out more, contact Fluid Aire Dynamics now.