Sauer Air Compressors

The Sauer Company specializes in the high-pressure reciprocating air compressor. For applications that require pressures from 220 to 7250 PSIG, Sauer compressors are the ideal product. Reciprocating high-pressure compressor options from Sauer available through Fluid Aire Dynamics include:

  • The Mistral Series: Pressure range: 120-580 psig, Medium: Air, Nitrogen
  • The Passat Series: Pressure range: 150–1160 psig, Medium: Air, Nitrogen, Helium, Natural gas
  • The Typhoon Series: Pressure range: 145–1450 psig, Medium: Air, Nitrogen
  • The Hurricane Series: Pressure range: 725–5800 psig, Medium: Air, Nitrogen, Helium, Natural gas, Bio-methane
  • The Tornado Series: Pressure range: 725–5800 psig, Medium: Air, Nitrogen, Helium, Natural gas
  • The 5000 Series: Pressure range: 725–5075 psig, Medium: Air, Nitrogen
  • The 6000 Series: Pressure range: 230–7250 psig, Medium: Air, Nitrogen, Helium, Natural Gas, Bio-methane

Where the Sauer Air and Gas Compressor Is Used

Sauer Air Compressors have been used effectively everywhere high-pressure environments are necessary, such as Naval applications like submarine equipment and aircraft weapons systems, power plants, diesel engine manufacturing plants and many others.

If your industry needs high-pressure air compression, you need to consider Sauer company air compressor products from Fluid Aire Dynamics. If you’re not sure if your company could benefit from a Sauer high-pressure air and gas booster, please contact us today. We have a wide inventory of Sauer gas compressors to suit your needs.

Benefits of Sauer Reciprocating High-Pressure Air and Gas Compressors From Titus

With some air compression system distributors, once you buy a product you’re on your own. That’s not the case with Fluid Aire Dynamics. We are ready to help you design a whole system around your Sauer reciprocating high-pressure air compressors.

With our four-phase program, we analyze your current system, either informally or in-depth, depending upon your needs, then design a turnkey air compression system solution, install your Sauer high-pressure air compressors, and arrange for regular service and maintenance if you need it. We expect these air compressors to be products you can rely on for a long time, and we offer comprehensive regular maintenance from air compression technical experts to make sure that happens.

Some technicians may not be familiar with the inner workings of a high-pressure air compressor, but ours are — and we have the parts and tools to fix any problem if and when it arises. Our on-call technicians are ready with 24/7 emergency service if you should need it.

Learn More About Sauer Products and Fluid Aire Dynamics

To request more information about our Sauer air compression system products and services, get in touch with Fluid Aire Dynamics today.