Sullivan-Palatek Compressed Air Equipment

There are a few names that people in the air compressor field know well. One of those names is Sullivan-Palatek. Sullivan-Palatek compressors have an enduring reputation for providing quality, efficient, pure compressed air for a variety of applications, which is why we’re happy to include Sullivan compressors in our inventory.

If you need an air compressor you can rely on, you’ll do very well with a Sullivan-Palatek air compressor in your facility.

Air Compressors

One of the most popular models of Sullivan-Palatek lubricated compressors is the Sullivan-Palatek (Saylor-Beall) reciprocating lubricated compressor. These 1.5-30 HP compressors are available in Splash lubricated or Pressure lubricated models. If you prefer a rotary screw air compressor, you have a great many lubricated rotary screw compressors to choose from — including the M series, C series, D series, UD series, DG series, UD series, SP 20 series, SP 32 series, VFD series and Line Shaft LSC series.

These compressors come in different sizes, shapes and horsepowers to suit your needs. Contact Fluid Aire Dynamics for help determining which model is appropriate for your applications.


Allowing your oily water to drain into municipal sewer systems could cause you to run afoul of the EPA. Sullivan-Palatek can help you avoid that with quality oil/water separation. Get in touch with Fluid Aire Dynamics now to order the CRP Series Oil/Water Separator (5 to 600 HP) from Sullivan-Palatek.

Energy Management

You need to take whatever measures necessary to keep energy costs down for your air compressor system. If you’re not careful about your energy use when it comes to your air compressor machines, they will eat your profits whole in energy costs. One great way to take control of those costs is with a compression control system.

Sullivan-Palatek has a fantastic one — the Metacenter Complete Compressed Air Management System for up to 24 compressors. Order one from Fluid Aire Dynamics today and see how it can pay for itself in a very short amount of time.

Sullivan-Palatek Service and Repair From Fluid Aire Dynamics

Getting a Sullivan-Palatek air compressor from Fluid Aire Dynamics is great for two reasons. First, because you have a name-brand, high-quality air compressor for your industrial needs. Second, because you have the support of a major air compression system company of experts behind you. We can help you find the right Sullivan-Palatek products for your needs and budget, install your system and even provide ongoing support.

If you have any questions about your air compressor, you can contact us anytime. And if something goes wrong, you’ll appreciate our 24/7 emergency support for Sullivan-Palatek products. We can also schedule regular maintenance to keep your compressor running in top shape every day. For more details, contact Fluid Aire Dynamics today.