Fluid Aire Dynamics Products Compressed Air & Gas Equipment

Fluid Aire Dynamics is proud to offer the finest brands in the industry when it comes to air compressors, air dryers, nitrogen gas generators and related products. As a company so familiar with the compressed air and gas industry, we would be remiss if we did not offer our own products among the most trusted and reliable air compression system brands.

While we are happy to provide all of your favorite air compression brands, we hope you will consider Fluid Aire Dynamics products among them and try them for yourself. Some of our popular products include:

Fluid Aire Dynamics Dryers

The Fluid Aire Dynamics Dryer is suitable for a wide variety of applications. We offer Fluid Aire Dynamics desiccant dryers — heatless dryers that remove water vapor from compressed air and regenerate desiccant without any use of heat — as well as Fluid Aire Dynamics membrane dryers for applications that require a dew point between 32 degrees Fahrenheit and -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

These dryers offer an affordable, low-maintenance alternative to desiccant dryers.

Nitrogen Gas Generators

We have both Titus membrane nitrogen generators and the Titus Pressure Swing Adsorption nitrogen generator. The TNP Series Titus PSA nitrogen generator is a great choice when you are dealing with very high flow rates or strict purity requirements, while the membrane generator is simple and cost-effective.

Titus membrane nitrogen generator options include the TN2 Basic or Essentials Series generators, with flows up to 5,000 standard cubic feet per minute and purities to 99.9 percent, the TN2 Total Series and GenPak Series generators with flows to 12,000 SCFH and purities to 99.9 percent, and the TNX Expandable Series with Flows to 1,100 SCFH and purities up to 99.9 percent.

Air Filters

Your compressed air machines are useless without good compressed air-line filters making sure the air stays pure. Titus has the standard THF Series of air-line filters as well as high-temperature filters, high-pressure filters and stainless-steel filters to suit your varying air filter needs.

Air/Moisture Separators

Install Fluid Aire Dynamics air/moisture separators downstream from after-coolers and air receivers to prevent water contamination.

Compressor Controls

To save on energy costs and centralize control over your compressors, order the Fluid Aire Dynamics Systems customizable integrated Bradley PLC controller with touchscreen interface.

Titus Products, Titus Support

Just as with all of the products we offer at Fluid Aire Dynamics, our Fluid Aire Dynamics compressor products come with an unprecedented level of support.

If you’re looking for a turnkey air compression solution that includes analyzing your current system, designing a high-efficiency air compression solution, installing your air compression products and providing quality support and maintenance throughout the life of your product, you want Fluid Aire Dynamics as your partner. Contact us today to find out more.