Do you need to concern yourself with dew point when managing air compressors for your business? It will depend upon your particular industry, but for many, careful monitoring of the dew point, or controlling the dew point with compressed air dryers, can be extremely important. So, why is dew point important for air compression?

Dew point is the temperature at which your compressed air becomes saturated. That air can hold no additional water vapor, so the vapor begins to condense. In some areas, such as applications in the pharmaceutical industry, it is vital that your method of moving product be uncontaminated by moisture. In other areas, you may be working with very low temperatures where air could conceivably freeze in pipes, causing a shutdown.

If, for example, your equipment that uses compressed air may be subject to failure, unwanted condensation on product or process lines or bacterial formation, being able to constantly and accurately monitor dew points can be a critical part of your operation.

How Is Dew Point Reduced by Air Dryers?

An ideal solution to the problem of compressed air applications that are sensitive to dew point is to use air compression systems with dryers that can remove moisture from your compressed air. A typical air compressor will produce air with a dew point as high as the compressor room temperature.

With a refrigerated dryer, you could see dew points as low as 39 degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius). With a desiccant drying system at your disposal, you could see dew points as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 degrees Celsius). These systems dry the air, and they also monitor the dew point. They include built-in transmitters that verify your equipment is maintaining the air at the required level with respect to the dew point.

While your air dryer should generally do a good job of monitoring your air dew point, to ensure efficiency, it is important to occasionally check and calibrate your air dryer’s dew point measuring system. You can easily measure dew point with the right portable instrument and compare your finding to the reading on the air dryer to ensure accuracy. Calibrate your system at least once a year, or anytime that you are suspicious about the readings you are getting for your compressed air.

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