Compressed Air & Gas System Accessories

At Fluid Aire Dynamics, our goal is always to provide you with the best possible compressed air systems for your business. To truly optimize your compressed air equipment, you will want to consider a variety of air and gas system accessories designed to maximize the efficiency of these machines. Naturally, Fluid Aire Dynamics offers some of the best brands and highest quality when it comes to useful compressed air and gas system accessories, such as these six.


A good air dryer is critical to your compressed air system because moisture in compressed air can end up damaging your systems and products if not addressed. An aftercooler is another accessory that serves as a heat exchanger to cool air compressor discharge. These products condense the water vapor into a liquid to remove it from your system with the help of a separator. You can rely on an aftercooler to:

  • Cool discharged air
  • Reduce moisture levels in the compressed air
  • Increase the system’s capacity
  • Reduce the risk of a fire occurring
  • Protect downstream equipment

Aftercoolers are commonly found in the manufacturing industry, especially in businesses using pneumatic or air handling devices as part of their standard manufacturing process. Fluid Aire Dynamics is a premier source of aftercoolers including both AKG Air-cooled aftercoolers (Belt Guard Series, CC Series, AOC Series Air/Oil Coolers) and AKG Water-cooled aftercoolers (P Series).

Our aftercoolers provide significant cost and energy savings with exceptional performance you can count on.

Types of Aftercoolers

Two of the most common types of aftercoolers are water-cooled and air-cooled.

Water-cooled aftercoolers are typically used for stationary compressors where there is cooling water available. They can hold large volumes of cold water, and the cold water approaches the ambient air temperature to eliminate condensation downstream.

Air-cooled aftercoolers cool compressed air within 15 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit of the ambient air temperature. The compressed air travels through either corrugated aluminum sheets or finned tubes, while the ambient air moves over the cooler. Through this process, heat is removed from the compressed air, and as much as 75% of the water vapor condenses to a liquid so that excess water can be removed from the system.

The type of aftercooler you choose should be based on the unique specifications of your project as well as your personal preferences.

AftercoolersAKG – Air-cooled Aftercoolers (Available with Electric or Pneumatic Motors)

AKG – Water-cooled Aftercoolers

Air Moisture Separators

Air moisture separators take care of the final step in filtering moisture from compressed air after it has cooled and condensed. Combined with aftercoolers, separators are an ideal way to reduce the moisture in your compressed air system. Air moisture separators are installed at the base of an aftercooler, and they mechanically remove the majority of the solids and moisture from the compressed air.

The compressed air is spun through a centrifugal separator, or in some cases a baffle plate, which causes the solids and moisture to collect at the bottom of the moisture separator. To collect the moisture and solids properly, you must mount the separator vertically. Once the water and solids separation has occurred, a drain should be used to remove them completely.

Air moisture separators offer low differential pressure, quick disconnect for easy service and durable construction for reliable, low-maintenance operation that will protect your equipment from water damage.

Walker SeparatorTitus


Once you separate your condensate from your air, you need a safe, effective way of getting rid of it. Drain valves are crucial to this process.

Float drains are often used to either manually or automatically discharge liquid while keeping the proper pressure levels in the compressed air system. With automatic float drains, the float rises as the drain fills. Once the float reaches a certain level, a valve opens for the condensate to empty through. This automatic draining system ensures that condensate and other pollutants cannot build up in the cooler and contaminate the supply of compressed air.

We have high-quality condensate drain accessories, including timed drains and no-loss drains, to get rid of any kind of condensate type or size.

Fluid Aire Dynamics offers a complete range of drains, from simple automatic float drains to timed electric drains to energy-efficient no air loss drains. Whatever the condensate make-up or volume, Titus has a cost-effective solution. Drain options from Fluid Aire Dynamics include BEKO Bekomat Series Zero-Loss Drains, Drain-All High-Capacity Zero-Loss Drains and ZEKS Timed Electric Drains.

posi-drain1Air System Products

  • Timer Drains
  • Demand Drains

ZEKS Enterprize Drain HRZEKS

  • Timed Electric Drain
  • Motorized Ball Valves
  • Float Traps
  • High Pressure Stainless Steel Drains

Oil-Water Separators

With EPA regulations prohibiting the drainage of oily compressed air condensate into municipal sewer systems, Fluid Aire Dynamics offers several high-efficiency, reliable and cost-effective oil-water separation solutions for all your condensate management needs.

Water isn’t your only concern when it comes to the quality of compressed air. Compressed air can also combine with the oil of your equipment to create an oily, messy condensate that you do not want interfering with your products or your process. We can provide high-efficiency, affordable oil-water separators to help you deal with this problem.

If you work in an industry where oil is present and you cannot afford to have that oil contaminate your parts or products, Fluid Aire Dynamics can offer you BEKO Quick-Pure Series Oil/Water Separators as well as Sullivan-Palatek CRP Series Oil/Water Separators.


Sullivan-Palatek Oil-Water Separators-SP-SeriesSullivan-Palatek Oil-Water Separators

  • SP Separator Series
    (60 to 7000 SCFM)



Modular Piping Systems

Compressed Air and Gas system efficiency can be dramatically influenced by the size and type of distribution system. With today’s greater emphasis on energy management and green technologies, many industrial plants are switching from carbon steel and copper to smooth, non-corroding aluminum for their air and gas distribution. Fluid Aire Dynamics is proud to offer two of the best products available in modular, aluminum systems.

If you feel you are not getting the efficiency you need from your compressed air and gas system, the problem may be the piping. We can help you with more efficient modular piping systems, including carbon steel and aluminum to avoid corrosion.

Ask us about our piping options, including Atlas Copco AIRnet and the TESEO Hollow Bar System or Aluminum Pipework Series.

Range APTESEO Modular Aluminum Compressed Air Piping Systems

Air and Gas Receivers

For efficient compressor control and to assure adequate downstream pressure for all application processes, Fluid Aire Dynamics offers a wide range of air and gas receivers and storage tanks. For industries where you are struggling with compressor control or downstream pressure, contact Titus for horizontal, vertical, vacuum and mega air receivers from companies such as Penway and Silvan/Steel Fab.

vertical air receiver tanks svpgSamuel Vessel Pressure Group (SPVG) Air Receiver Tanks

  • Small Vertical Air Tanks
    (30 to 80 Gallons)
  • Vertical Air Tanks
    (80 to 500 Gallons)
  • Large Vertical Air Tanks
    (660 to 5000 Gallons)
  • Small Horizontal Air Tanks with Feet
    (12 to 30 Gallons)
  • Small Horizontal Air Tanks with Saddle Legs
    (30 to 120 Gallons)
  • Medium Horizontal Air Tanks
    (200 to 500 Gallons)
  • Large Horizontal Air Tanks
    (660 to 2560 Gallons)
  • Grasshopper Air Tanks
    (30 to 240 Gallons)

Receiver Fluid Aire Dynamics SystemsPenway Air and Gas Receivers

Additional Equipment

Not content to offer just any product in a given category, Fluid Aire Dynamics carefully selects the manufacturers and brands that it represents. When it comes right down to it, the name on the box is not the one that most customers remember but rather the name of the company that sold it to them. As a result, the products that you will find in the product categories below are those that have proven to be reliable, efficient and cost effective for our customers and their critical application needs.

For more information about the products and services we offer, contact us today. We’ll be happy to provide the expert assistance you need to find the right compressed air and gas solutions for your precise needs.

Why Fluid Aire Dynamics for Compressed Air & Gas System Accessories?

Fluid Aire Dynamics is a well-established, reliable provider of compressed air systems across a wide variety of companies in Pennsylvania and beyond. For more than 30 years, we have delivered some of the best air compressors and air and gas system accessories in the industry. Our products will improve your plant processes and overall operation, resulting in higher quality compressed air and gas.

With reduced energy consumption and more efficient performance, our products with save you time and money on your projects.

Our experts can help you find all of the compressed air and gas system accessories you need. For more information, call us at 610.913.9100 or contact us online now.

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