AKG Air-Cooled Aftercoolers

Humidity can be a problem in many air compression applications. The failure to remove moisture from the compressed air can damage your equipment, resulting in poor performance and more frequent repairs. In addition, the compression process significantly increases air temperature, which also contributes to unpredictable outcomes and poses a potential safety hazard within your facility.

Air compressor aftercoolers, float drains and moisture separators can remedy these challenges. They work by cooling the air and forcing the condensation of water. They also remove contaminants that cause inadequate air quality. You’ll experience cleaner, cooler air and improved performance in your air-operated processes.

Fluid Aire Dynamics is your headquarters for AKG air-cooled aftercoolers that deliver the reliable compressed air cooling required for various applications. These highly efficient machines are available with pneumatic or electric motors and can handle 250F to 350F compressed air at the inlet. They can also accommodate up to 250 psi of pressure.

Our Selection of AKG Air-Cooled Aftercoolers

AKG aftercoolers feature an advanced design that cools the compressed air to the closest approach temperature above the cooling media and ambient air temperatures. The result is exceptional heat exchanger performance and the maximum removal of moisture and humidity from the compressed air. The superior design and engineering enable them to withstand extreme heat, ensuring reliable results and fewer maintenance requirements, even in the most challenging work environments.

Fluid Aire Dynamics offers several AKG air-cooled aftercooler options to meet the needs of companies in a wide range of industries. We also provide complete service for every aftercooler we sell.

AKG Belt Guard Series

As the name implies, Belt Guard air-cooled aftercoolers mount directly to the belt guard of the compressor. The belt’s pulley includes fins that force air to flow over the aftercooler, which promotes heat transfer. Another essential pulley function helps keep the air at the correct operating temperature by causing it to travel over the compressor.

The AKG Belt Guard series features an innovative aluminum plate and bar design that is lightweight and solid and offers excellent corrosion resistance. It also provides maximum performance in low pressure-drop applications. The compact construction allows you to mount the cooler onto the belt guard with ease.

This air-cooled aftercooler comes in three model options and is compatible with piston, rotary screw and centrifugal air compressors. You can also use it with vacuum systems and blower lube oil coolers. The maximum operating temperature is 400 degrees Fahrenheit, while the maximum operating pressure is 250 psig.

CC Series Compressed Air Aftercoolers

This complete aftercooler package is compatible with most piston and rotary screw air compressors. They feature an innovative bar and plate construction that is more compact than competing models. The efficient TEFC electric motor (models with air motors are also available) conserves energy and lowers your operating costs. Baked powder paint ensures reliable, long-lasting performance in various weather conditions. These aftercoolers also have an aluminum core that provides excellent corrosion resistance as well as propylene fan blades and zinc-plated fan guard.

CC Series compressed air aftercoolers come in six models with capacities up to 1,600 scfm. They have a maximum operating temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit and a maximum operating pressure of 250 psig. In addition to rotary screw and piston compressor applications, they’re compatible with centrifugal air compressors, vacuum systems and blower lube oil coolers.

AOC Series Aftercoolers/Oil Coolers

This air-cooled combination aftercooler/oil cooler series from AKG consists of efficient, multifunctional units that are valuable for various applications. The innovative design features side-by-side cooling units that can cool compressed air and line oil. They’re also ideal for converting water-cooled to air-cooled compressors. In addition, they’re an excellent choice when you need to mount the cooler remotely from the air compressor.

The AOC Series comes as a complete package that includes the aftercooler/oil cooler, single-phase aluminum cooler motor (available in AC and hydraulic options) that ensures efficient operation and resists corrosion, and guards and mounting brackets. The remote mount feature is ideal for installing the unit in a cleaner, cooler location or reducing noise.

Other features include:

  • Powder painted steel shroud
  • Propylene fan blades
  • Zinc-plated steel fan guard
  • Powder painted steel mounting brackets
  • Maximum operating temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Maximum operating pressure of 250 psig
  • Power output capacity of 5 to 350 hp
  • 500 to 600 cooler rating for air compressors
  • 1,750 rpm fan speed

The AOC Series aftercoolers/oil coolers comes in three dozen models to meet the needs of any operating environment. All are competitively priced to fit your company’s budget. Typical applications include rotary screw, piston and centrifugal air compressors, as well as blower lube oil coolers, vacuum systems and compressed air cooling.

Why Choose Fluid Aire Dynamics for AKG Air-Cooled Aftercoolers?

Fluid Aire Dynamics has been providing reliable, affordable compressed air solutions and much more since 1986. Our conveniently located headquarters in Morgantown, PA enables us to provide prompt, efficient service to companies throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and throughout the region. Over the years, we’ve partnered with Fortune 500 companies and small-to-medium local businesses to deliver solutions that help them overcome the most daunting manufacturing challenges.

At Fluid Aire Dynamics, delivering exceptional customer service is a top priority. We support all the equipment we sell with a broad range of services:

  • Installation: We’ll install your new AKG air-cooled aftercooler properly and ensure it meets the manufacturer’s standards. We’ll also show you how to operate it correctly and safely.
  • Maintenance: Count on us to perform timely preventative maintenance to keep your equipment in peak operating condition and minimize the risk of a breakdown.
  • Repairs: If you ever have problems with any aspect or component of your air compressor system, our highly trained technicians will remedy the issue quickly to reduce unproductive downtime.

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    Technical Specifications

    Air inletOperating pressureAmbient airAir velocityMax pressure drop
    250 F 100 PSIG100 F500 fpm3 PSI or less

    Model number specifications

    Model C-1835BGModel C-3560BGModel C-70100BG
    Max SCFM of 35Max SCFM of 60Max SCFM of 100
    Model rating approach temperature Model rating approach temperature Model rating approach temperature
    5 F for 18 SCFM and 15 F for 35 SCFM10 F for 35 SCFM and 25 F for 60 SCFM.13 F for 70 SCFM and 25 F for 100 SCFM.
    Max pressure rating: 250 PSIDirect mountAluminum
    Max operating temperature: 400 FCompact bar-and-plate design
    Competitive pricing
    Deliveries from stock
    Model NumberABCDEFGH

    Technical Drawings

    Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

    Manufacturer Link

    Technical Specifications

    Sizing Notes, Recommendations Are Based On The Following:

    • Heat Removal: Aftercooler = Compressor horsepower x 1.15 (motor service factor) x .17 (this assumes 17% of input horsepower is rejected to heat)
    • 15°F Approach Temperature: Compressor air outlet temperature – ambient air temperature
    • Temperatures: Ambient Air Temperature + 15° F = Compressed Air Outlet Temperature
    • Flows: Compressor Horsepower x 4.5 = SCFM Air Flow
      All flow rates are based on less than a 4 PSI pressure drop @ 100 PSI operating & 100° F ambient and 50% relative humidity

    Find Your CC Series Model

    Rotary Compressors

    Air Compressor HorsepowerInternal Airflow Maximum CFMRecommended CC Series Model Number
    25-40 HP245CC200
    50-75 HP539CC450
    100-125 HP785CC600
    225-350 HP1569CC1000
    225-350 HP2300CC1600
    400-500 HP3016CC2000
    550-700 HP4316CC2500
    750-1000 HP4800CC3500

    Piston Compressors

    Air Compressor HorsepowerInternal Airflow Maximum CFMRecommended CC Series Model Number
    25-30 HP181CC200
    40-70 HP432CC450
    75-100 HP638CC600
    125-200 HP1256CC1000
    225-300 HP2133CC1600
    350-400 HP2400CC2000
    500-600 HP3458CC2500
    700-850 HP4800CC3500
    Advanced Technology DesignsMaximum Working Pressure – 250 PSICooler – Alumium
    Up to 60% smaller than Conventional Fin
    and Tube Designs
    Maximum Working Temperature – 250°FShroud – Powder Painted Steel
    Rugged Bar & Plate DesignFan Guard – Zinc Plated Steel
    Reduced Air Side FoulingFan Blade – Polypropylene Blades
    Competitive PricesAluminum Hub
    Shipments Available From StockMounting Brackets – Powder Painted Steel
    Model SizeABC

    JKLMNAprox. NETWeights Shipping
    CC10012.6415.9414.7210.862.520.751.181.0014.653.943.508.19M8x10 Balt3040
    CC20016.3019.8815.5914.532.520.751.771.5018.663.943.508.19M8x10 Balt5060
    CC45021.0026.3817.7518.813.151.001.772.0025.194.924.5310.98M10x20 Balt95137
    CC60023.1930.3118.7421. Balt125163
    CC100027.7237.0022.6025.234.331.851.772.5037.805.917.8716.00M12x20 Balt195240
    CC160035.9040.9424.7630.834.331.851.773.0037.805.917.8716.00M12x20 Balt296350
    CC200037.4442.9129.8430.5510.912.081.774.0043.625.397.8715.47M12x20 Balt320380
    CC250044.2548.8230.2834.2511.571.571.774.0049.295.397.8715.47M12x20 Balt440505
    CC350057.8752.7633.8243.9817.563.3524.00*50.557.8010.0020.003/4x1 1/2 Balt550645

    Electric Motor Data

    Model SizeHP RPMMotor FrameSingle Phase
    Single Phase

    Single Phase

    Full Load Amps 230 V
    Three Phase

    Three Phase

    Three Phase

    Full Load Amps 230 V

    IEC 63115/230602.6208-230/460



    IEC 71115/230603.5208-230/460



    NEMA 56C115/230/460604.0208-230/46060*2.0

    NEMA 56C115/230/460606.4208-230/46060*3.8

    NEMA 56C115/230609.2208-230/46060*6.2

    NEMA 184TC 2306023208-230/46060*13.2

    NEMA 213TC Consult FactoryConsult FactoryConsult Factory208-230/46060*19.6

    NEMA 213TC Consult FactoryConsult FactoryConsult Factory208-230/46060*19.6

    NEMA 213TC Consult FactoryConsult FactoryConsult Factory208-230/46060*26.0

    Air Motor Data

    Model NumberAir Pressure To Motor (PSI)Motor Air Consumption (CFM)Air Motor Connection SizeFan RPM
    CC10030101/4 NPT3450
    CC20060171/4 NPT3450
    CC45040251/4 NPT1725
    CC60040251/4 NPT1725
    CC100050701/2 NPT1725
    CC1600601501 1/4 NPT1725
    CC2000802001 1/4 NPT1725
    CC2500802001 1/4 NPT1725
    CC35001002401 1/4 NPT1725

    CC Series Technical Drawings

    Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

    Manufacturer Link

    Technical Specifications

    High flowsOperating pressureAmbient airFan speed
    2500 to 3500 CFM 5 to 250 HP100 PSIG100 F1,750 rpm
    Max pressure rating: 250 PSIOil and air cooling in one unitAluminum
    Max operating temperature: 350 FAC and hydraulic motor options
    Cooler rated for air compressors with 500 to 600 HPEnergy efficiency
    Choice of unit or core only
    Competitive pricing
    Deliveries from stock

    Technical Data


    2500 SCFM

    3000 SCFM

    3000 SCFM

    3500 SCFM

    3500 SCFM


    Technical Drawings

    Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

    Manufacturer Link