BEKO Condensate Drains

The production of compressed air results in the formation of condensate, which consists of oil that contains dirt particles. These contaminants can infiltrate the entire compressed air system, causing damage to the equipment and increasing operating costs. A high-quality condensate drain alleviates this issue by expelling condensate from the system.

A BEKOMAT condensate drain from BEKO removes contaminated condensate from a compressed air system quickly and efficiently. With more than 3 million installations around the world, these electronically controlled drains are a popular choice for companies in a wide range of industries. You’ll find a BEKOMAT product for every compressor type, pressure and performance requirement, and operating environment.

Features and Benefits of BEKOMAT Condensate Drains

The BEKOMAT Series offers a wide variety of features that ensure effective condensate drainage and improved compressed air quality. All products provide true zero air loss, meaning they remove moisture and contaminants without allowing any compressed air to escape. They’re also reliable and easy to maintain, which saves time and minimizes your long-term ownership costs.

These “smart” sensor-controlled drains clear blockages and debris automatically, reducing the burden on your workforce. An integrated alarm provides a visual drain status and remote monitoring capabilities. Fluid Aire Dynamics offers several BEKOMAT condensate drain options to customers in Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and beyond.

Standard Series

These amount-adjusted condensate drainage systems feature an intuitive capacitive sensor designed to help eliminate compressed air loss and reduce energy demand. The combination of time and energy savings delivers a fast return on investment. In many cases, a Standard Series model pays for itself in six months or less, much quicker than drains equipped with time-operated valves. The significant cost reduction will have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line.

PN and E Series

PN high-pressure condensate drains have hard-coated bodies that deliver rugged reliability in the most challenging operating conditions. The E Series includes full stainless steel bodies to accommodate large-volume condensate flows. Either one is an excellent choice for compressed air applications that generate highly aggressive condensate.

Both versions feature pressure ratings of up to 915 psig, an operating temperature range of 33 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and a compressor flow rate of 280 to 50,000 scfm. Choose from three model options for each series.

CV, NLV and V Series

These BEKOMAT zero air-loss condensate drains are ideal for vacuum systems or centrifugal compressors. The CV Series includes a specially engineered check valve and control board, while the NLV models deploy a no-load valve for ambient-drainage conditions through the various stages of multi-stage compressors.

These BEKO condensate drain series have a maximum operating pressure range from 0 to 360 psig, minimum/maximum operating temperature of 33 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and compressor flow rate of 2,000 to 50,000 scfm.

Specialty Series

BEKOMAT LA/LP drains help reduce the risk of damage from condensate accumulation, water hammers and other issues. They offer an effective condensate drainage solution for pressure-free or vacuum systems of up to 1.8 bar. Models are also available for applications involving hazardous work areas that require the use of methane gas, diesel fuel, propane, compressor oil and other combustible materials. The stainless steel variants work well when draining aggressive condensates.

These units feature an operating pressure range of 12 to 232 psig and a maximum temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Their compressor flow rate is 4,500 to over 50,000 scfm. Use the Specialty Series models in potentially explosive atmospheres or applications that require level sensing for moisture indication.

Why Partner With Fluid Aire Dynamics for BEKO Condensate Drains?

Since our founding in 1986, Fluid Aire Dynamics has provided high-quality, reliable compressed air solutions to companies across a wide range of industries. We’re the preferred choice of plant managers, maintenance supervisors, energy managers, engineers and business owners in smaller firms.

We support all the compressed air equipment we sell with superior customer service. We can conduct a thorough system analysis to determine your company’s requirements. We’ll also provide expert installation and around-the-clock monitoring to ensure reliable performance. We’re available to handle all maintenance and repair work, including 24/7 emergency repairs when the need arises.

Contact Us Today to Request a Quote

For more information about BEKOMAT condensate drain products and the benefits they can offer your business, give Fluid Aire Dynamics a call at 610.913.9100 today. You can also submit our online request form to receive a free quote for condensate drainage solutions.

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    Bekomat Series Technical Specifications

    SeriesStandard Minimum / Maximum Operating PressureStandard Minimum / Maximum Operating TemperatureCompressor Flow RateTypical Application AreasDiaphragm MaterialMaintenance Part TypeAvailable Options
    Standard Series12 - 232 psig33 - 140 °F100 - 50,000 scfmAt the compressor, dryer,
    and filter
    Viton®Service UnitHeater, Insulation sleeve or
    shell, Cover3More extended
    PN and E Series12 - 912 psig33 - 140 °F280 - 50,000 scfmHigh pressure systems or
    with highly aggressive
    Viton®Wearing Parts KitHeater, Insulation sleeve or
    shell, Cover3More extended
    CV, NLV and V Series0-360 psig33 - 140 °F2,000 - 50,000 scfmFor use with centrifugal
    compressors or vacuum
    Viton®Wearing Parts KitHeater, Cover3More extended
    Specialty Series12 - 232 psig33 - 140 °F4,500 - 50,000+ scfmExplosive atmospheres,
    moisture indication, and
    level sensing
    Viton®Wearing Parts Kit12 Vdc intrinsicly safe
    power supply, Isolation
    amplifier, Heater, Cover3More
    extended warranty


    Bekomat Series Drain Functionality Video

    Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

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    Standard Series Technical Specifications

    ModelConnection (NPT)Min. / Max. Pressure (psig)Compressor Flow Rate (scfm)Dryer Flow Rate (scfm)Filter Flow Rate (scfm)Material
    311 x 1/2"12 / 2321002001000Aluminum housing
    - without dry contact
    321 x 1/2"12 / 2322254502250Aluminum housing
    333 x 1/2"12 / 23250010005000Aluminum housing
    33 CO3 x 1/2"12 / 23250010005000Aluminum housing
    + hard coating
    132 x 1/2"12 / 2321300260013000Aluminum housing
    13 CO2 x 1/2"12 / 2321300260013000Aluminum housing
    + hard coating
    143 x 3/4"12 / 23254001080054000Aluminum housing
    14 CO3 x 3/4"12 / 23254001080054000Aluminum housing
    + hard coating
    16 CO2 x 3/4" / 1 x 1"12 / 23250000100000500000Aluminum housing
    + hard coating

    PN and E Series Technical Specifications

    ModelConnection (NPT)Min. / Max. Pressure (psig)Compressor Flow Rate (scfm)Dryer Flow Rate (scfm)Filter Flow Rate (scfm)Material
    12 CO PN 631 x 1/2"12 / 9122805602800Aluminum housing
    + hard coating & high pressure
    13 CO PN 502 x 1/2"12 / 7251300260013000Aluminum housing
    + hard coating & high pressure
    14 CO PN 253 x 3/4"12 / 36054001080054000Aluminum housing
    + hard coating & high pressure
    3 E 253 x 3/4"12 / 3604500900045000Stainless Steel housing
    + high pressure
    3 E 633 x 3/4"12 / 9124500900045000Stainless Steel housing
    + high pressure
    6 E 252 x 3/4" / 1 x 1"12 / 36050000100000500000Stainless Steel housing
    + high pressure

    CV, NLV and V Series Technical Specifications

    ModelConnection (NPT)Min. / Max. Pressure (psig)Compressor Flow Rate (scfm)Dryer Flow Rate (scfm)Filter Flow Rate (scfm)Material
    13 CV2 x 1/2"12 / 2322000400020000Aluminum housing
    + check-valve set
    14 CV3 x 3/4"12 / 23280001600080000Aluminum housing
    + check-valve set
    16 CO CV2 x 3/4" / 1 x 1"12 / 23250000100000500000Aluminum housing
    + check-valve set & hard coating
    3 CO NLV3 x 3/4"0 / 36060001200060000Aluminum housing
    + no load valve & hard coating
    6 CO NLV2 x 3/4" / 1 x 1"0 / 23250000100000500000Aluminum housing
    + no load valve & hard coating
    3 CO V3 x 3/4"1.45 /264500900045000Aluminum housing
    + hard coating
    3EV3 x 3/4"1.45 /264500900045000Stainless steel
    6 CO V3 x 3/4"1.45 /2650000100000500000Aluminum housing
    + hard coating
    6EV3 x 3/4"1.45 /2650000100000500000Stainless steel

    Specialty Series Technical Specifications

    ModelConnection (NPT)Min. / Max. Pressure (psig)Compressor Flow Rate (scfm)Dryer Flow Rate (scfm)Filter Flow Rate (scfm)Material
    3 CO EX3 x 3/4"12 / 2324500900045000Aluminum housing
    + hard coating
    3 E EX3 x 3/4"12 / 2324500900045000Stainless Steel housing
    6 CO EX2 x 3/4" / 1 x 1"12 / 23250000100000500000Aluminum housing
    + hard coating
    6 E EX2 x 3/4" / 1 x 1"12 / 23250000100000500000Stainless Steel housing