BEKO High-Efficiency Oil-Water Separators

Condensate consisting of 99% water and 1% oil is an unavoidable byproduct of the air compression process. Removing as much of this condensate as possible is essential to meet purification requirements. A high-quality oil-water separation system that relies on centrifugal motion can quickly and efficiently force condensate from the compressed air.

Fluid Aire Dynamics is your headquarters for BEKO high-efficiency oil-water separators for your compressed air system in Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and other areas of the Mid-Atlantic region. We provide comprehensive service and support for every condensate separation system we sell.

About BEKO Condensate Separators

BEKO designs and manufactures top-performing modular units that deliver a fast, efficient solution for separating oil-contaminated condensate in a compressed air system. Fluid Aire Dynamics offers the QWIK-PURE® line of adaptable high-pressure water separators that provide a host of installation possibilities. Key features include a specially designed pressure relief chamber and multi-layer adsorption filter cartridge.

BEKO engineers the QUIK-PURE product line to maximize efficiency and support your bottom line. But these advanced oil-water separation systems offer much more than technical and financial benefits. They will also help your company comply with today’s increasingly stringent environmental guidelines regarding safe wastewater discharge.

The Benefits of BEKO High-Efficiency Oil-Water Separators

Implementing BEKO QWIK-PURE condensate separators into your compressed air processes offers many advantages:

  • Reliability: Like all BEKO products, QUIK-PURE separators deliver reliable, long-term performance in the most demanding operating conditions. They work well with various lubrication types to optimize results when removing contaminants during the separation process.
  • No gravity pre-separation: The direct-to-cartridge process does not require gravity for preliminary separation.
  • Advanced adsorption material: The filling is lightweight and easy to use and does not create a mess that requires extra labor to clean.
  • Easy serviceability: The unit’s easy-to-change cartridge makes preventive maintenance a quick, easy process — complete the task without getting your hands dirty. The exterior will also remain clean and dry.
  • Environmentally friendly: Used cartridges won’t harm the environment. Dispose of them in any sanitary landfill with total peace of mind.
  • Expandable: These condensate separator systems come with a range of accessories that enable you to expand their capabilities. They’re able to do more as your business operations grow.
  • Retrofitting possibilities: It’s possible to retrofit any QWIK-PURE model by adding heating elements designed for operation in cold-weather applications.

Why Choose BEKO Oil-Water Separators From Fluid Aire Dynamics?

In addition to our decades of compressed air system experience and expertise, Fluid Aire Dynamics offers a full line of support services to optimize your experience. We’ll perform a professional installation to the manufacturer’s specifications and show you how to operate the unit correctly and safely. We’ll also perform routine maintenance and provide complete repair service, including 24/7 emergency repairs when needed.

Learn More About BEKO Condensate Separation Systems

Feel free to call us at 610.913.9100 or contact us online for more information about reliable oil-water separation systems. We’ll also be happy to provide a no-obligation quote.

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    QWIK-PURE® Series Technical Specifications

    ModelCondensate FeedCartridge Capacity (gal)Tank Capacity (gal)Filling Capacity (gal)Dimensions (inches)Weight (lbs)Max. Compressor Horsepower | Rotary Screw Compressor - Mineral OilsMax. Compressor Horsepower | Rotary Screw Compressor - PAO / Diestrer OilsMax. Compressor Horsepower | Rotary Screw Compressor - Polyglycol Oils
    QWIK-PURE® 252 x 1/2"1 x x 7.97.7252015
    QWIK-PURE® 502 x 1/2"1 x x 5.512.7503525
    QWIK-PURE® 1003 x 1/2" | 1 x 1"1 x 5.217.712.426.0 x 18.1 x 20.524.51007550
    QWIK-PURE® 2003 x 1/2" | 1 x 1"1 x 4.9 | 1 x 5.330.5119.1544.1 x 22.6 x 20.570.6200130100
    QWIK-PURE® 3503 x 1/2" | 1 x 1"1 x 9.8 | 1 x 10.760.3436.2446.9 x 27.6 x 25.692.6350210175


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