Sullivan-Palatek Oil-Water Separators

Sullivan Palatek oil water separators

Oil-water separators for compressed air systems keep your air compressor’s internal water and oil independent of one another to prevent contaminant-related damages and complications.

SP Separator Series – Oil/Water Separators

At Fluid Aire Dynamics, our Sullivan-Paletek water separators come with a wide range of innovative features and benefits for any industrial market. From high performance rates to easy installation and versatile sizing options, our SP Series oil-water separators are some of the best in the business.

Sullivan-Palatek 60-7000 SCFM Model

Oil-water separators by Sullivan-Palatek use the most advanced proprietary filtration technologies to separate oil from water in your air compression systems. This media is made of 100% recycled materials for better sustainability and is noncarbon-based for the best oil absorption and water repellence. When you use SP Series separators, you can ensure that your condensate is clean and can be disposed of safely and cost-efficiently.

Standard air compression and gas systems create thousands of gallons of liquids every year. Disposing of this condensate can be expensive and unnecessary. Condensate produced by compressed air systems often consists primarily of pure water that can be cleaned and flushed away seamlessly and affordably. You can achieve this level of cleanliness with Sullivan-Palatek oil-water separators and significantly lower condensate disposal costs.

The SP Series features high-tech and innovative designs that raise the bar for oil-water separators with environmentally friendly media. This separation technology is simple and effective without the use of external oil containers, messy carbon bags or untreated condensate tanks.

Sullivan-Palatek Oil-Water Separators SP Series

Features and Benefits

Our oil-water separators for compressed air systems are equipped with a wide array of benefits:

  • Reduced life cycle costs: Longer media life and easier maintenance
  • Space-saving: Economic design for fast and easy installation
  • Sustainable: Made from recycled materials
  • High performance levels: 100% performance on even the newest synthetic compressor lubricants
  • Reliability: One of the most dependable products on the market
  • Low outlet concentrations: Reduced to 5 ppmv or less
  • Anti-leakage: Single piece molded body is 100% lab tested for zero leaks
  • Versatile treatment: Compatible with systems of up to 10,000 scfm

Innovative Filter Media

Standard separators use activated carbon substances that can be messy and require extensive maintenance, such as frequent replacements, presoaking and substantial contact time. SP Series oil-water separators offer solutions to these problems with high-tech proprietary media. This noncarbon-based technology captures oils and repels water cleanly and simply.

High Performance

Basic separators use settling tanks and rely on the oil’s natural ability to separate from the condensate — though many of these synthetic oils have a similar composition to water and won’t settle. The heat from the drain valves can also amplify the issue by emulsifying the mixture before it comes into contact with the separator.

SP Series oil-water separators don’t rely on settling tanks, eliminating the risks of poor oil separation and premature emulsification.

Simple Sizing

You must consider many factors when sizing a standard separator, such as condensate flow, surrounding conditions, oil type, pressure levels, compressor type and temperature. Sullivan-Palatek water separators eliminate this problem with easy sizing based on gas or airflow. They can be used for single units of up to 10,000 scfm.

Easy Installation

Traditional separators have large settling tanks that require a wide amount of floor space. Because our oil-water separators don’t need these hefty tanks and come in a compact design, they are more space-efficient and easier to install. Many of our models also come equipped with wall-mounting kits to make your setup process easier.

Low Maintenance

Our filter media come packaged in easy-handling bags that are lightweight and clean — unlike heavy standard activated carbon bags that require presoaking. This means SP Series separators are ready for use the moment you remove them from their packaging.

With our separators, you’ll never have to empty oil collection containers or clean settling tanks. That’s because our separators feature disposable filters that capture oil seamlessly. You can even monitor your media kit and ensure that you adhere to discharge standards with Sullivan-Paletek’s service indicators. Their time strips indicate when it’s time for a new media installation.

System Performance

Sustainable media allows our Sullivan-Paletek water separators to repel water and absorb oil for the cleanest condensate. Once condensate is purified, it can be properly disposed of without high expenses.

After condensate is sent to the oil-water separator, it passes into the primary filter, which:

  • Depressurizes the condensate.
  • Traps solid particles to protect the secondary filter.
  • Captures bulk hydrocarbons at a high oil absorbent capacity.

Once the condensate travels through the main filter, it then passes through a network of intricate filtration media, which absorbs and releases oil concentrations of 5 ppmv or less so the remaining water can be discarded in adherence to environmental standards.

Purchase Sullivan-Palatek Water Separators at Fluid Aire Dynamics

With no bulky settling tanks, oil containers or messy carbon materials, our Sullivan-Palatek oil-water separators produce the cleanest compensate for your convenience. For more information about our products or locations in Pennsylvania and Delaware, fill out a contact form to get in touch with a representative from Fluid Aire Dynamics today.

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    SP Series Technical Specifications

    Inlet (NPT/PTC)Outlet (NPT/PTC)Rated Flow (scfm)Rated Flow (Nm3/h)Dimensions (inches)Approx. Weight (lbs.)Max Condensate Inlet PressureInlet Condensate Temperature RangeMaximum Oil Carry OverExpected Media LifeWall Mounting Bracket Part Np.Replacement Media Kit
    SP60CS1/4” (x1)3/8” (x1)601029.4 x 5.5 x 5.52.9232psg35 to 110F< 20 ppm8000 hours @ 30 cfm, 5000 hours @ 60 cfmIncludedSP60CS
    SP120CS½” (x4)¾” (x1)12020419.7 x 8.5 x 10.16.0232psg35 to 110F< 20 ppm5000 hours120 WMKSP120SK
    SP360CS½” (x4)¾” (x1)36061225.8 x 13.6 x 11.17.9232psg35 to 110F< 20 ppm5000 hours360 WMKSP360SK
    SP900CS½” (x4)¾” (x1)900152938.9 x 17.0 x 19.532.6232psg35 to 110F< 20 ppm5000 hours-SP900SK
    SP1250CS½” (x4)¾” (x1)1250212438.9 x 19.1 x 19.545.0232psg35 to 110F< 20 ppm5000 hours-SP1250SK
    SP1800CS½” (x8)¾” (x1)1800305838.9 x 38.9 x 20.569.0232psg35 to 110F< 20 ppm5000 hours-SP1800SK
    SP2500CS½” (x8)¾” (x1)2500424838.9 x 43.2 x 21.595.0232psg35 to 110F< 20 ppm5000 hours-SP2500SK
    SP3500CS¾” (x2)¾” (x1)3500594739.4 x 39.4 x 27.6319.0232psg35 to 110F< 20 ppm16000 hours @ 3500 cfm, 8000 hours @ 5000 cfm-SP3500SK
    SP7000CS¾” (x2)¾” (x1)70001189339.4 x 43.3 x 43.3467.0232psg35 to 110F< 20 ppm16000 hours @ 7000 cfm, 8000 hours @ 10,000 cfm-SP7000SK


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