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Condensate that consists of lubricant and moisture that enters a compressed air system can hinder the performance of the compressor, receiver, dryer and filter. A drain is an essential system component that removes condensate and allows these other elements to do their jobs efficiently.

ZEKS zero air-loss drains effectively remove condensate consisting of oil, water, emulsions and other liquids without allowing compressed air to escape from the system. Fluid Aire Dynamics carries a wide assortment of no air-loss drains from ZEKS. These drains can add tremendous value to your air compression processes by lowering costs, increasing efficiency and helping you achieve environmental compliance.

Enterprize II™ No Air-Loss Drain

The Enterprize II is an electronic no-loss drain that’s compatible with most receivers, aftercoolers, filters and dryers. This unit seamlessly integrates technologically advanced electronic level sensing that discharges the collected condensate while retaining all the compressed air. It works equally well for eliminating emulsified or clean condensates.

The Enterprize II includes a direct-level valve with an expanded opening and a built-in strainer that provides excellent clog resistance. An alarm contact connection provides an audible sound that allows you to monitor the drain condition remotely. Choose from two voltage options for your convenience. The drain offers an operating pressure range of 0 to 230 psi.

This electronic no-loss drain features durable, corrosion-resistant construction that ensures maximum, long-lasting performance in the most challenging operating conditions. It’s also field-serviceable — the three-step disassembly process saves time and provides easy access to all essential internal parts and components.

EZDB2 Ball Valve Drain

This timed electric motorized ball valve drain is ideally suited for processes consisting of high viscosity condensate and pressure of up to 720 psi. It’s also easy to use, with a microprocessor-controlled electric valve and convenient touchpad that enables you to program the timing selection based on your operational requirements. You can even adjust the setup to meet a variety of compressed air system functions.

This weatherproof motorized ball valve drain can withstand the rigors of high-demand operating environments. Nickel plating on the brass valve and the stainless steel ball ensures durability. The rugged design resists clogs and reduces the risk of damage to the gear mechanism. PTFE seals and FPM O-rings contribute to a longer product lifespan.

The EZDB2 comes in seven model options (six with a maximum psi of 720 and one at 6,000 psi) and voltage choices of 115 VAC and 230 VAC. It accommodates four AA batteries to provide reliable backup power protection.

SDD200H Pneumatic No Air-Loss Drain

This pneumatically powered no air-loss drain operates without electricity, resulting in lower operating costs. It works by allowing condensate to collect in a specially designed reservoir that elevates a stainless steel float. This process activates the discharge cycle that eliminates condensate in the compressed air. The unit contains a large discharge port that helps prevent blockages, enabling it to handle heavily emulsified liquids with ease.

With its horizontal profile, the SDD200H can fit into tight spaces, giving you maximum flexibility when working in limited clearance areas. ZEKS also designed this pneumatic no air-loss drain to resist corrosion, maximizing its lifespan.

High-Pressure Stainless Steel Drains

Fluid Aire Dynamics also offers ZEKS high-pressure stainless steel drains for sale. Please contact us for product and pricing information.

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Fluid Aire Dynamics is a Morgantown, PA-based provider of high-quality compressed air solutions, serving Eastern Pennsylvania and beyond since 1986. When you select us as your ZEKS zero air-loss drain supplier, you’ll work with an experienced company that delivers reliable support for every product we sell. We will install your new drain and provide ongoing maintenance, repair and monitoring service.

To learn more about our no air-loss drain options and request a free quote, call Fluid Aire Dynamics at 610.913.9100 or contact us online today.

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    Enterprize II™ Technical Specifications

    Model No.Inlet Connection SizeOutlet Connection SizeOperating Pressure (Min./Max.)Operating Temperature (Min./Max.)Supply Voltage OptionsElectrical Protection RatingDischarge ValveInlet StrainerControlsVisual IndicatorsAlarm ContactAlarm Power OptionsMounting/Leveling
    NCC2701-D (115 VAC)
    NCC2702-D (230 VAC)
    1/2” NPT (1 Top, 2 Side)1/4” Drain comes standard with brass barb0-230 PSI35oF - 120oF115 VAC; 50/60 Hz (NCC2701-D), 6’ Power Cord, 3 Prong (w/Ground)
    230 VAC; 50/60 Hz (NCC2702-D), 6’ Power Cord, 3 Prong (w/Ground)
    IP65/NEMA 4Two-way; Direct-acting with FPM seals; 4.5 mm orifi ceIntegrated; Metal meshInternal Electronic Level Sensing
    One Push Button for TEST
    LED - Drain Operating
    LED - Discharge Valve Open
    LED - Alarm
    Voltage-free contact output switch:
    Normally Open (NO) - Closes when in alarm state
    Alarm LED illuminates when drain is in alarm state
    Max. 230VAC/4A; 1000VA or 200VDC; 100W
    DIN 43650-B Connector
    Base is threaded for 4 machine screws (M3 x .5)


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    EZDB2 Technical Specifications

    ModelConnection SizeVoltageWorking PressureWeight
    EZDB 21/2” NPT 115/1/50-60 720 psi max.3.5 lbs.
    EZDB 2-3/4 3/4” NPT 115/1/50-60 720 psi max.4.0 lbs.
    EZDB 2-1 1” NPT 115/1/50-60 720 psi max.4.0 lbs.
    EZDB 3 1/2” NPT 230/1/50-60 720 psi max.3.5 lbs.
    EZDB 3-3/4 3/4” NPT 230/1/50-60 720 psi max.4.0 lbs.
    EZDB 3-1 1” NPT 230/1/50-60 720 psi max.4.0 lbs.
    EZDB 2HP 1/8” NPT115/1/50-60 6000 psi max.3.5 lbs.


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    SDD200H Technical Specifications

    ModelInletsOutletPowerHousing PressureOperating TemperatureWeightDischargeNormal positionConstruction Materials
    SDD200H(2) ¾” NPT and ½” NPT ½” NPT Clean, dry compressed air 80-130 psi 0-250 psi 32F – 180F16 lbs. 24 ounces per cycle closed Reservoir: Aluminum and composite
    Valve: Bronze with stainless steel ball and stem
    Float: Stainless steel
    Seat: Stainless steel
    Seal: Viton


    Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

    Manufacturer Link