Atlas Copco Industrial Oil-Free Blowers

Oil-free air blowers supply required oxygen levels to industrial facilities. At Fluid Aire Dynamics, we offer an extensive array of 100% oil-free air blowers from the trusted Atlas Copco brand. These high-quality oil-free compressed air blowers are suited for pressures between 0 and 1.5 bar(e)/ 25 psig. No matter your needs, our energy consultants can recommend the solution that’s right for you.

Oil-Free Air Blowers

Atlas Copco oil-free rotary screw blowers come with a variety of benefits:

  • Range of high-quality blowers: You can optimize the efficiency and reliability of your low-pressure applications with our individualized range of products. Our vast array of high-tech blowers is built to meet your standards of quality and functionality.
  • Energy-efficient features: We’ve created various energy-efficient technologies to help you decrease your environmental footprint and save money.
  • No oil pollutants: Our air blowers come equipped with ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified magnetic bearing direct drive centrifugal blowers and oil-free screws, so you’ll never have to deal with complications caused by oil contamination.

Oil-Free Rotary Screw Blower – ZS and ZS VSD(+) Series

Atlas Copco Oil-free rotary screw blower ZS (VSD+)

Oil-free rotary screw blowers are power-saving and energy-efficient substitutes for lobe-type blowers. At Fluid Aire Dynamics, we offer ZS packages that cut down on power costs by approximately 30%.

Our ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified screw blowers help protect your most crucial equipment and operations regardless of the low-pressure application type — whether it be wastewater treatment, desulphurization or pneumatic conveying. You can adjust the motor speed and air pressure flow to fit your needs with our variable speed drive technology to save more money.

Atlas Copco has set a precedent for oil-free rotary screw blowers with the ZS 4 VSD+, ZS 4 VSD and ZS 4 models that feature many innovative features:

  • Compact: Screw blowers are highly compact and work as excellent blower unit replacements.
  • Increased uptime: Process uptime isn’t an issue when it comes to continuous or variable oil delivery with our new Atlas Copco oil-free blower models.
  • Energy saving: These oil-free screw blowers promote efficient energy use due to the joint efforts of their permanent magnet motors, screw blower elements and inlet and outlet ports.
  • Dependable: The oil pump is joined with the screw blower component, pumping oil as the element operates. Its built-in oil cooler and injection nozzles are designed to optimize lubrication and bearing and gear cooling, reducing mechanical losses and promoting high dependability.
  • Maximize performance: Atlas Copco oil-free rotary screw blowers maximize performance under a range of conditions with their specialized Elektronikon® unit controllers. They reduce energy use and maintenance time while increasing efficiency and productivity.
  • Minimize supervision: Our SMARTLINK service allows you to minimize on-site supervision time by monitoring features via mobile phone or the internet.


Oil-Free Multistage Centrifugal Blower and Exhauster – ZM Series

Whether your needs relate to gas, air, vacuum or pressure — the ZM Series oil-free blower and exhauster has the performance and quality you’re looking for. Atlas Copco’s ZM Series packages have various custom features and accessories designed to meet your individualized needs. You can minimize operating costs and maximize efficiency with our wide array of low-maintenance oil-free air blowers.

Choose Fluid Aire Dynamics for Oil-Free Air Blowers

With over 30 years of industry experience, you can trust Fluid Aire Dynamics with all your oil-free air blower needs in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Contact us for more information about our products and services today.

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    ZS Series Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

    Manufacturer Link

    ZS VSD(+) Series Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

    Manufacturer Link

    ZM Series Technical Specifications

    ModelNumber of StagesInlet FlangeDischarge FlangeFlow RangeMaximum PressueMaximum VacuumMotor Power
    ZM 311 to 11DN80 / 3"DN80 / 3"0 – 300 cfm (0 – 510 m3/hr) 7 psi (480 mbar) 10” hg (339 mbar) 1 – 20 (1 – 15kW)
    ZM 521 to 10DN175 / 6"DN175 / 5"300-1,300 cfm (510 – 2209 m3/hr) 12 psi (830 mbar) 11” hg (372 mbar)5-100 (4 – 75 kW)
    ZM 821 to 9DN200/ 8"DN200/ 8"750-3,500 cfm (1274 – 5,946 m3/hr) 15 psi (1030 mbar) 19” hg (644 mbar)5-250 (4 – 186 kW)
    ZM 881 to 12DN250 / 10"DN250 / 8"500-4,500 cfm (849 – 7,645 m3/hr)21psi (1450 mbar)18” hg (609 mbar10-400 (7 – 298 kW)
    ZM 1261 to 9DN300 / 12"DN300 / 12"1,000 - 8,250 cfm (1,699 – 14,017 m3/hr 14 psi (970 mbar)14” hg (475 mbar25-500 (19 – 373 kW)
    ZM 1431 to 8DN450 / 18" DN450 / 14" 3,500- 13,500 cfm (5,946 – 22,936 m3/hr)20 psi (1380 mbar) 17” hg (576 mbar)40 – 700 (30 – 522 kW)
    ZM 1861 to 6DN600 / 24" DN600 / 18" 2,500-30,000 cfm (4,247 – 50,970 m3/hr)21psi (1450 mbar)17” hg (576 mbar)200 - 2,500 (149 – 1,864 kW)
    ZM 2461 to 6DN800 / 30" DN800 / 24" 3,000-40,000 cfm (5,097 – 67,960 m3/hr)24 psi (1650 mbar) 19” hg (644 mbar) 250-3,000 (186 – 2,237 kW)


    Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

    Manufacturer Link