Atlas Copco Industrial Blowers

Oil-free air blowers

Atlas Copco‘s comprehensive range of 100% oil-free air blowers for pressures between 0 and 1.5 bar(e)/ 25 psig. Whatever your low pressure compressed air needs, our energy consultants can always recommend you the right solution.

A blower solution for all your needs

Unique range of products to optimize the reliability and efficiency of your low pressure applications. Our broad range of technologies ensures we have the right products to meet your requirments.

Our continuous drive for energy efficiency

As energy represents the major cost in the lifecycle of air blowers, we develop the most energy-efficient and innovative technologies, helping you save money and reduce your environmental impact.

No risk of oil contamination

Our oil-free screw and magnetic bearing direct drive centrifugal blowers are ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified: no oil from our products will ever contaminate your production process.

Oil-free rotary screw blower – ZS & ZS VSD(+) Series

Rotary screw technology has now established itself as the energy efficient alternative to lobe type air blowers. Our ZS packages reduce your energy costs by an average of 30%. No matter which low pressure application (such as Waste Water Treatment, pneumatic conveying, desulphurisation), our ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified positive displacement screw blowers protect all your critical processes and products. Variable speed drive technology helps you save even more money by adjusting the air pressure flow and motor speed to your specific needs.

Setting a new standard for oil-free screw blower technology with our ZS 4, ZS 4 VSD & ZS 4 VSD+

  • The ZS 4, ZS 4 VSD & ZS 4 VSD+ are among the most compact screw blowers on the market, making them the ideal choice for the replacement of your existing blower units.
  • Whether your process requires constant or variable air delivery, with our newest generation of rotary screw blowers you don’t need to worry about your process uptime.
  • The joint forces of our highly efficient Permanent Magnet Motor and our newest screw blower element with optimized inlet- and outlet ports result in a more efficient energy use.
  • The oil pump is integrated into the oil-free screw blower element. Whenever the element is running, oil is being pumped around. The oil-injection nozzles and built in oil cooler ensure optimal lubrication and cooling of bearings and gears, resulting in the low mechanical losses and high reliability.
  • The Elektronikon® unit controller is specially designed to maximize the performance of your blowers under a variety of conditions. Key benefits are increased energy-efficiency by lowering energy consumption, reduced maintenance time and increased productivity. Moreover, the SMARTLINK service helps you monitor your features from a distance via mobile or internet and therefore helps you to minimize on-site supervision time.

Atlas Copco Oil-free rotary screw blower ZS (VSD+)


Oil-free multistage centrifugal blower and exhauster – ZM Series

Whether you need air, gas, pressure or vacuum, the ZM multistage centrifugal blowers and exhausters provide you with the quality you need. In thousands of installations around the world, our oil-free multistage centrifugal blowers and exhausters are a reliable compressed air source.

ZM packages are customized and adapted with different kinds of features and accessories to meet your individual needs. Minimize your operational costs with the easy maintenance and maximizes your efficiency with many available options.


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ZS Series Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

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ZS VSD(+) Series Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

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ZM Series Technical Specifications

ModelNumber of StagesInlet FlangeDischarge FlangeFlow RangeMaximum PressueMaximum VacuumMotor Power
ZM 311 to 11DN80 / 3"DN80 / 3"0 – 300 cfm (0 – 510 m3/hr)7 psi (480 mbar)10” hg (339 mbar)1 – 20 (1 – 15kW)
ZM 521 to 10DN175 / 6"DN175 / 5"300-1,300 cfm (510 – 2209 m3/hr)12 psi (830 mbar)11” hg (372 mbar)5-100 (4 – 75 kW)
ZM 821 to 9DN200/ 8"DN200/ 8"750-3,500 cfm (1274 – 5,946 m3/hr)15 psi (1030 mbar)19” hg (644 mbar)5-250 (4 – 186 kW)
ZM 881 to 12DN250 / 10"DN250 / 8"500-4,500 cfm (849 – 7,645 m3/hr)21psi (1450 mbar)18” hg (609 mbar10-400 (7 – 298 kW)
ZM 1261 to 9DN300 / 12"DN300 / 12"1,000 - 8,250 cfm (1,699 – 14,017 m3/hr 14 psi (970 mbar)14” hg (475 mbar25-500 (19 – 373 kW)
ZM 1431 to 8DN450 / 18"DN450 / 14"3,500- 13,500 cfm (5,946 – 22,936 m3/hr)20 psi (1380 mbar)17” hg (576 mbar)40 – 700 (30 – 522 kW)
ZM 1861 to 6DN600 / 24"DN600 / 18"2,500-30,000 cfm (4,247 – 50,970 m3/hr)21psi (1450 mbar)17” hg (576 mbar)200 - 2,500 (149 – 1,864 kW)
ZM 2461 to 6DN800 / 30"DN800 / 24"3,000-40,000 cfm (5,097 – 67,960 m3/hr)24 psi (1650 mbar)19” hg (644 mbar)250-3,000 (186 – 2,237 kW)


Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

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