Lontra LP2 Oil-Free Rotary Blade Compressor Blower

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A new blower technology that is quiet, smooth, with proven reliability and cost savings.

  • For low and high-pressure applications
  • Flow rate from from 350cfm to 1550cfm
  • Pressure range from 4psi to 15psi
  • State of the art controller with remote monitoring capabilities
  • Best in class warranty
  • Sound attenuating enclosure with no grilles and unique airflow design


Lontra’s Blade Compressor® blower technology is a completely new form of air, gas, refrigeration compressor or vacuum pump.

The Blade Compressor has a number of features that are of great interest to the air compression market including a novel, oil-free compressor geometry and exclusive patented air end.

The complete package also features the Lontra WEG ultra-premium motor, Yaskawa VSD inverter which are all secured within the unique, sound attenuating enclosure designed jointly with Universal Wolf.



Reliability is a fundamental value of Lontra’s air-ends. The LP2 air-end is a very robust unit with unique tolerance to extreme duty and difficult conditions. 

In normal use, the Lontra LP2 Blower will provide high efficiency for many years, and, while we advise against abuse, in unforeseen conditions where other designs may suffer major damage, the LP2 air end is expected to continue supporting your process.

The Lontra LP2 Blower is of great interest to many industries, as energy restrictions, noise and reliability become ever more challenging. The energy savings and maintenance benefits of the technology have already been proven in the wastewater industry, where Lontra’s blowers work around the clock to aerate wastewater.

Why use Blade Compressor Blower Technology?

This is a new blower technology that is quiet, smooth, with proven reliability and cost savings.

  1. The unique and patented Lontra Rotary Blade air end provides oil-free air more efficiently than other blower designs while also providing greater reliability and lower maintenance.
  2. The Lontra WEG motor is mounted directly onto the compressor shaft with no coupling to reduce losses and further increase efficiency at all operating points. No gears or drive belts and meets proposed ultra-premium standard.
  3. Lontra has designed silencers that, while reducing the noise level, also reduce pressure drop which contributes to additional power savings.


Engineering, Efficiency, Excellence – the Patented Lontra Rotary Blade Air End

Blade Compressor Air End

The unique, patented and proven Lontra Blade Compressor air end provides oil-free air with high efficiency and greater reliability.


The blade in the compressor rotates constantly through the compression chamber. Air enters the compression chamber through our constantly open inlet port, drawn behind the blade. A large port and minimal restrictions mean high intake efficiency.

The blade passes through the disc and traps air in front of it.

The air compression now happens in front of the blade. Wide sealing areas ensure there is minimum air leakage and maximum efficiency.

The discharge ports align and the compressed air exits the machine.



Lontra / WEG Permanent Magnet Motor

Ultra-premium efficiency motor, using the latest permanent magnet technology so that efficiency is maintained over a wide speed range. 

Direct drive to compressor means there are no flexible couplings to replace or drive belts to service.


Lontra Inlet & Outlet Mufflers/Silencers

Lontra developed and AI optimized mufflers/silencers for reduced pressure drop and reduced compressor power consumption. (shown in above image at top of bottom)

The LP2 Enclosure

Our unique, sound attenuating enclosure, is designed with smooth, clean sides, with no grilles or louvers. 

  • Lockable, easy to lift off panels
  • Robust fixings to prevent damage and for long service life
  • Panels allow for clearer access than doors
  • In-built compression seals prevent moisture ingress
  • 75” High, 49” Wide, 89” Long

Lontra Quiet Corners

All airflow enters the enclosure through foam-lined, diverting corners. This helps control noise while preventing a direct path for rain or other contamination.


Clear “Traffic Light Status Indicators

Visible at a glance, at distance, for ease of management


Electricity Savings

Recent independent testing has shown electricity savings of up to 34% against market-leading competitors.


Ease of Service & Installation

All fluid and filter service items (left), electrical and data/SCADA connections (right) are easily accessed behind single panels.

VSD and IoT

The electrical panel includes IoT hardware from Beckhoff Automation and a high-efficiency variable speed drive (VSD) from Yaskawa. (shown in image above, right panel)


Standard Output Flange

USA 6-inch ANSI 16.5 (ASA 150), Continental Europe DN 150 (PN 16) Integrated flexible coupling for simplified installation and alignment.