Air-Fluid Coolers

While fluid chillers can be very effective for a wide variety of industrial liquid cooling needs, some highly-sensitive equipment may need a more specialized cooling solution. For these situations, we recommend our air fluid coolers.

What Do Air Fluid Coolers Do?

Like fluid chillers, air-fluid coolers can serve as a cooling source for industrial processes and equipment like hydraulic presses, welding machines and air compressors. However, air-fluid coolers are closed-loop machines. This means it is very difficult for outside contaminants to get into them and damage your equipment or products. If it is of critical importance that your equipment is kept free of sludge, debris and other contaminants that may accrue in an open system, you may want to opt for an air-fluid cooler.

How Do Air Fluid Coolers Work?

Air-fluid coolers are systems made up of a series of fans and coils that are organized so that the fluid runs through the coils multiple times. This gives air the opportunity to flow over the complete exterior of the coil, cooling the fluids inside, which are usually water or a water/glycol mixture. Because the water stays trapped within the coils in a closed loop, there is no need for special water treatments to avoid contamination.

What Are Air Fluid Coolers Used For?

If your company is part of an industry that requires industrial-grade cooling for any of your applications or processes and you can see how the benefits of a closed-loop system can work for your business, air-fluid coolers may well be right for your organization.

You can find air fluid coolers in HVAC, metalworking, pharmaceuticals, plastics manufacturing and many other industries. If you don’t see your industry mentioned here and want to know if air fluid coolers can be an effective solution for your business, you can call us at 610.913.9100 to discuss the issue.

Trust Fluid-Aire Dynamics for Air Fluid Cooler Installation, Service and Repair

Fluid-Aire Dynamics is well-known as a leader in air compression, air drying and air cooling systems. We work with some of the best brands, including our own, and our knowledge of compressed air equipment and air cooling equipment is unmatched.

When you are looking for an air-fluid cooler, you’ll want to know you are buying your equipment from a company that understands your industrial cooling requirements and the equipment that can meet those needs. You can be sure Fluid-Aire Dynamics can find you the right air fluid cooler as well as install it and maintain it to make sure it works for you optimally at all times. We are also the trusted experts when it comes to air fluid cooler repair.

We’re ready to help you find the right air fluid cooler for your business. For a reliable air fluid cooler or for air fluid cooler maintenance and repair, contact us today.