Fluid Chillers

If your industry requires rapid and effective cooling, you need an industrial fluid chiller that can do the job. Read on to learn more about this valuable piece of technology that can dramatically benefit your company with respect to your cooling needs.

What Do Fluid Chillers Do?

MTA air cooled industrial chillers

Fluid chillers cool machinery, materials and products quickly and efficiently, usually as a part of a manufacturing or packaging process. You often see fluid chillers used to cool down metal in die casting or welding, to get elements down to

 workable temperatures in chemical processing and pharmaceutical development or in large-scale air conditioning.

How Do Fluid Chillers Work?

Fluid chillers typically use heat-absorption or vapor-compression to cool the air. With a vapor-compression chiller, the machine compresses refrigerant vapor, pressurizing it and sending it through a series of coiling tubes with air or water circulating around it, called a condenser.

This cools the vapor into a very cold liquid. The liquid then moves to an expansion valve for depressurization and evaporation in a heat exchanger. Heat-absorption fluid chillers use a heat source rather than pressurization to drive the vapor through the refrigeration cycle leading to the condenser phase.

Manufacturers have been using fluid chilling technology to cool the air with liquid for many years, as your home air conditioning system can probably attest to. Our fluid chillers utilize this technology on a much larger scale for industrial purposes.

What Are Fluid Chillers Used For?

Many industries require effective water-cooling and air-cooling technology for their applications. Some of the many industries that make use of fluid chillers include food and beverage processing, health care applications like MRI scanning, plastics manufacturing, cutting and welding, HVAC, the pharmaceutical industry, chemical plants and many more.

If you do not see your industry listed here and want to know if we have fluid chillers to suit your company’s needs, just give us a call at 610.913.9100.

Why Trust Fluid Aire Dynamics for Fluid Chiller Installation, Service and Repair?

The best source for air compression systems and equipment is also the best source for fluid chillers and fluid chiller service. There are many different types of fluid chillers with different features and benefits, and it is critically important to the success of your business that you find the right one for your particular applications. Fluid Aire Dynamics can make that happen.

We have an extensive range of fluid chillers and the expertise to match you up with the ones you need. We have energy-saving fluid chillers as small as ½ ton cooling capacity and major industrial systems that can accommodate up to 500 tons. Contact Fluid Aire Dynamics for standard water-cooled chillers, energy-saving packaged air-cooled chillers, split unit air-cooled chillers and semi-hermetic air or water-cooled chillers.

Our expert technicians are ready, willing and able to install your new fluid chiller and handle all your maintenance and repair needs. For top quality fluid chiller service, contact us today.