Heat Exchangers

Do you need heat exchangers for your business? Heat exchangers have many uses across a wide variety of industries, and there is a good chance you have applications that require them.

What Do Heat Exchangers Do?

Quite simply, a heat exchanger transfers heat from one material to another. This means you can use heat exchangers to cool down hot liquid for chilling purposes, to heat up cold liquid for heat recovery, to cool down hot air as in a condenser or to get hot air from cold air as in a heater or dryer.

How Do Heat Exchangers Work?

Different heat exchangers work in different ways. For example, finned tube heat exchangers and air-cooled heat exchangers work by flowing liquid into tubes and letting gas flow around the tubes to cool down the fluid. Shell and tube heat exchangers also pass fluid through tubes, but the tubes are encased in a metal shell, and the pumped-in gas flows around the tubes inside that shell. A plate and frame heat exchanger passes the fluids through a series of compacted side-by-side plates.

What Are Heat Exchangers Used For?

Which heat exchanger type you will use will depend in large part on what you are using the exchanger for. Finned tube heat exchangers are used most frequently when you have processes that create hot gas exhaust, for heat recovery. Air-cooled heat exchangers are popular for processes like steam cooling, textiles processing and grain drying.

Shell and tube heat exchangers tend to be found in high-pressure applications. They can also be useful in situations where the hot gasses involved in the process may be dangerous to people or the environment. The metal shell can serve as an essential containment and safety measure.

Plate and frame systems are best for liquid-to-liquid applications, especially in situations like cooling oils with water since you cannot mix the two.

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