FUNKE Gasketed and Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

funke heat exchangers

Heat exchangers are an essential tool in HVAC work, power plants, chemical operations and many other industries. When your operations are looking to expand or improve their heat exchange capabilities, the FUNKE brand is an excellent place to start. With FUNKE being a leader in quality heat transfers up to 2400 square meters (m2), these heat exchangers will surely give you plenty of room for your heating and cooling needs.

What makes FUNKE heat exchangers so special is their one-of-a-kind “Off-Set” system. This system gives the exchangers asymmetrical flow gaps, improving their efficiency, performance and cost-effectiveness. Depending on the particular design you choose, you might notice an up to 17% performance improvement when using FUNKE heat exchangers over other brands.

funke gasketed heat exchanger side

Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers Series

As a leader in the industry, FUNKE knows how important it is to constantly be innovating new ways to improve. Their gasketed plate heat exchangers (PHE) do exactly that, with a new form of CFD-optimized embossing and incredible features like a bypass stop system. This series’ new design makes these machines more compact and much cheaper, whether you choose the standard design or the double-wall plate design.

The models in this series include thermally, hydraulically optimized heat transfer plates designed to replace earlier, similar models. You may experience up to 20% improvement in pressure loss and heat transfer efficiency, and these machines feature the same nominal connection diameters for DN 25 to DN 500. You’ll have options like:

  • FP2000: An updated version of the series FP10, FP16 and FP22.
  • FP4000: An updated version of the series FP206, FP31, FP40, FP50 and FP71.

funke brazed heat exchanger TPL series

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers Series

If the gasketed PHEs don’t quite hit the mark for you, consider our collection of brazed PHEs instead. The models in this series include:

  • GPL / GPLK
  • GPLS
  • TPL
  • NPL

These models were designed for high-temperature, high-pressure work in compact spaces. Even when you’re working with a low volume of material, any of these machines will produce efficient, high turbulent flows for unmatched heat and pressure transfer. Thanks to this flow, the machine is also self-cleaning, so you can spend less time maintaining your heat exchangers and more time using them for what they were made to do.

Benefits of FUNKE PHEs

Whichever version of FUNKE PHEs you decide on, you’re getting some incredible benefits you won’t find with other brands. Some of the reasons your operations might choose these series are:

  • Cost-effective: FUNKE PHEs have lower investment costs, operational needs and maintenance requirements than most heat exchangers. They’re also self-cleaning and easy to open when you need to perform maintenance.
  • Compact: They’re only about 25% of the size of other PHEs, but they still deliver K-value heat transfers three to five times greater than shell-and-tube heat exchangers.
  • Safety: PHEs are constructed with safety as the most important consideration. They have a low liquid content to maintain a low operational weight and multiple chambers to avoid mixing your media.


funke gasketed heat exchanger front

Key Technical Data

Depending on the series you choose for your operations, the technical specifications of your heat exchanger will fall between:

  • Capacity: 1 kilowatt (KW) – 30 megawatts (MW)
  • Surface / plate: 0,04 m² – 3,0 m²
  • Volume flow: 5 cubic meters per hour (m³/h) – 4500 m³/h
  • Working pressure: max. 25 bar
  • Nominal connection diameter: DN 25 – DN 500
  • Operating temperature: -20°C – +195°C

Functional Design of FUNKE PHE

At the core of every FUNKE plate heat exchanger is a collection of apertures on embossed plates. These plates are put together at an angle of 180° and have a gasket assigned to them. Together, these pieces are a plate pack, which is mounted and compressed so that media can pass through it.

While there are flow gaps between each plate, the gasket seals the gap as media passes through it, keeping the two media in the heat exchange separated. For the best heat transfer, media passes through the plate packs in a single- or multi-pass counterflow. The diagram below can give you a visual example of how FUNKE PHEs work.

funke multipass flow

Explore the Plate Heat Exchanger Up Close

design plate heat exchanger

Plate heat exchangers have a very complex design to ensure that media can pass through them safely and complete the heat exchange properly. This diagram shows you how many parts go into the exchanger. This diagram can also be helpful when you need to perform maintenance and part replacements on the PHE.

  1. Fixed plate
  2. Movable plate
  3. Support column
  4. Carrying bar
  5. Lower plate guiding bar
  6. Carrier roller
  7. Tightening bolt and nuts
  8. Fixing bolts
  9. Rubber/metal liners
  10. Gaskets
  11. Heat transfer plates
  12. Nameplate

The Best Plate for All Your Needs

From the first look, most heat exchangers appear the same. It can be easy to think this is true and pick the cheapest or best-looking one and be done with it. However, when you’re considering buying heat exchangers, it’s what’s on the inside that really matters. Performance is determined by how the interior parts work together, and it’s about how many plates are inside, their size and, most importantly, the wave pattern.

The wave pattern refers to how the plates are situated, which is often referred to as corrugation. With an obtuse corrugation angle like you see with figure H below, you’ll have longer thermal paths. This quality provides you with better heat transfer, but higher pressure drops. Corrugation with acute angles, as demonstrated in figure L, is better situated for low-pressure operations.

funke profiles

FUNKE PHEs make the best of both worlds with their “Off-Set” corrugation, creating asymmetrical flow gaps that allow for good heat transfer and pressure when necessary. This special configuration also allows you to adjust the size of the cold and warm PHE sides up to ⅓ of their total capacity.

funke offset profile

The Power of Double-Wall Plates

funke fpdw series double wall plates

Another enhancement of FUNKE PHEs is their double-wall plate construction. This structure is part of the maximum safety design, as it prevents media from mixing in places where it shouldn’t. With laser-welded plates, the liquids can escape out the plate pair’s edges to prevent contamination in case a leak occurs.

overview of funke plate and gasket

Plate and Gasket Overview

Be sure to take a close look at the thermodynamic design of these plates, which gives you their extreme heat transfer rates. In this diagram, you can see:

  1. The “Off-Set” design that provides you with both symmetrical and asymmetrical flow gaps.
  2. Carefully made fields of entry for the best media distribution.
  3. Gaskets that allow for better maintenance access using a clip system and have a ribbed surface to better stabilize the plate pack.
  4. Leakage grooves along the double gaskets to prevent media mixing.
  5. Enhanced plate pack reinforcement, which translates to high-pressure resistance during operation.

Data and Materials

Every FUNKE PHE can be customized to suit your industry’s particular operational needs. Below are some of the technical alterations we can make so that your PHE does everything you need it to.

Plate Material

Standard FUNKE plates are made using 1.4404 / AISI 316L, chosen for its ability to resist chemical corrosion and stand up against various media types for a long time. Other plate materials you may decide will work better for you include:

  • Alloy C276: Ideal for working with media similar to concentrated sulphuric acid.
  • 1.4301 / AISI 304: A more cost-effective choice for operations that do not use critical media.
  • 1.4539 / AISI 904L: Has a higher nickel content and provides good performance for its price when working with low-acid, low-chloride media.
  • 1.4547 / 254 SMO: For operations that deal with highly corrosive media, this material is even more resistant than our standard material.
  • Titanium ASTM B265 Grade 1: Provides even more durability against corrosive media.
  • Titanium-Palladium ASTM B265 Grade 11: The highest level of corrosion resistance. It’s the only choice for working with chlorides and highly corrosive media at high temperatures.


Gaskets for these PHEs come in adhesive and nonadhesive forms, and the material mostly depends on the series you choose. Other materials may be available when requested, but the most common gasket materials are:

  • Nitrile rubber (NBR): The best choice for all water- and oil-related applications.
  • Ethylene-propylene-rubber (EPDM): Good for water and steam applications, as well as working with chemical compounds that don’t use mineral oil or grease.
  • Fluororubber (Viton): The choice for working with corrosive materials at high temperatures.


You may need specific connections to make your PHE work with your existing setup. We offer all common connection types and materials, including:

  • Threaded or flange connections
  • Loose flange connections
  • Molded rubber parts
  • Metal linings

If you have another connection type in mind, contact us to see if it’s available.

Special Equipment

In certain cases, these additions to your PHE may be useful in your applications:

  • Stainless steel cladding and frames
  • A switch-over valve and thermostat so your PHE can also function as a double cooler


Other accessories you may find useful include:

  • Insulation
  • Shroud trays or drip trays
  • Resistant paint coatings
  • Inline filters
  • CIP cleaning systems
  • Earthing lugs

Talk with us before placing your order to see which options we have available.

funke dimensions

Typical Industry Uses

You’ll find FUNKE plate heat exchangers in all kinds of industries. Most commonly, our clients work in these fields:

  • HVAC
  • Power plants
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Renewable energy processing
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Swimming pool technology
  • Compressor systems
  • Surface treatment
  • Hydraulics
HVACIndustryPower PlantsChemistryRenewable
District heating/
HydraulicCentral coolingBasic chemistry
(Acids, alkalines, etc.)
) Geothermal Power
Thermal power
Automotive industryLubricating oil
Special chemistry
(Adhesives, coating, etc.)
Solar power plants
swimming pool
Process Technology:
thermal plants, plastics
generator coolingFine chemistryWater power plants
supply technologySurface treatmentAuxiliary system coolingPharmaceutical industryBioenergy
and othersCompressor Systems

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    Technical Specs

    frame/pressure ratingmax. pressure range barmax. number of platessurface/plate m²A
    connectionsmax. surface m²
    FP04161250,044601603366585150-600 pcs. x 2,41"5
    FP08161500,088001606756585150-600 pcs. x 2,41"12
    FP14162000,14837310590135132250-1000 pcs. x 2,42"28
    FP20162000,201066310819135132250-1000 pcs. x 2,42"40
    FP05251500,045322003817045250-1000 pcs. x 2,71"6
    FP09251500,088272006767045250-1000 pcs. x 2,71"12
    FPDW05161500,045322003817045250-1000 pcs. x 2,91"6
    FP10252000,10733310494126128250-1000 pcs. x 2,92"20
    FP16252000,16933310694126128250-1000 pcs. x 2,92"30
    FP22252000,211182310894126128250-1000 pcs. x 2,92"45
    FPDW16252000,16933310694126128250-1000 pcs. x 3,12"30
    FP19165000,191080440650202200500-2500 pcs. x 3,1DN 80100
    FPDW19165000,191080440650202200500-2500 pcs. x 3,1DN 80100
    FP205255000,211160480719225204500-2500 pcs. x 3,1DN 100105
    FP31255000,301332480894225204500-3000 pcs. x 3,1DN 100150
    FP40255000,4015794801141225204500-3000 pcs. x 3,1DN 100200
    FP50255000,5018264801388225204500-3000 pcs. x 3,1DN 100250
    FP71255000,7023204801882225204500-3000 pcs. x 3,1DN 100350
    FPDW205165000,211160480719225204500-3000 pcs. x 3,3DN 100105
    FPDW31165000,301332480894225204500-3000 pcs. x 3,3DN 100200
    FPDW50165000,5018264801388225204500-3000 pcs. x 3,3DN 100250
    FP41257000,401470620941290225500-4000 pcs. x 3,3DN 150280
    FP60257000,6018356201306290225500-4000 pcs. x 3,3DN 150420
    FP80257000,8022006201671290225500-4000 pcs. x 3,5DN 150560
    FPDW80167000,8022006201671290225500-4000 pcs. x 3,7DN 150560
    FP42257500,401470620941290225500-4000 pcs. x 3,1DN 150315
    FP62257500,6018356201306290225500-4000 pcs. x 3,1DN 150450
    FP82257500,8022006201671290225500-4000 pcs. x 3,1DN 150600
    FP112257501,1526876202157290225500-4000 pcs. x 3,1DN 150840
    FP405257000,411380760770395285500-4000 pcs. x 3,1DN 200300
    FP70257000,7017407601130395285500-4000 pcs. x 3,1DN 200355
    FP100257001,0021007601490395285500-4000 pcs. x 3,1DN 200700
    FP130257001,3024607601850395285500-4000 pcs. x 3,1DN 200910
    FPDW100167001,0021007601490395285500-4000 pcs. x 3,3DN 200700
    FP81258000,80193098011004803651780-5280 pcs. x 3,8DN 300640
    FP120258001,20232098014904803651780-5280 pcs. x 3,8DN 300960
    FP160258001,60271098018794803651780-5280 pcs. x 3,8DN 3001280
    FP190258001,90310098022674803651780-5280 pcs. x 3,8DN 3001520
    FP150258001,502500137014666724801980-5980 pcs. x 4,1DN 5001600
    FP200258002,002855137018226724801980-5980 pcs. x 4,1DN 5001600
    FP250258002,503211137021786724801980-5980 pcs. x 4,1DN 5002000
    FP300258003,003567137025346724801980-5980 pcs. x 4,1DN 5002400

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