FUNKE Gasketed Frame and Plate Heat Exchangers

funke gasketed heat exchanger side

Fluid Aire Dynamics’s inventory of FUNKE gasketed heat plate exchangers (PHEs) features a number of compact, single and multipass PHEs. Despite their smaller-than-average size, these PHEs yield ample power thanks to heat exchange surfaces of up to 2,000 m².

What makes these PHEs the best choice for your company’s needs? Aside from a unique design of highly intricate embossing, these machines are easily customizable to fit your material, cost and performance desires. Our team wants you to be able to achieve all your business goals, and we know you need the best machinery available and reliable support options to meet productivity objectives. We’re here to offer you both in a convenient package so you can get back to work today.

Welcome to the FP Series

FUNKE’s gasketed PHEs use adjoining embossed plates with apertures. Gaskets are glued or secured to each plate so that when the plates are arranged at 180° angles from one another, the spaces create a flow gap that is sealed securely, preventing media mixing and outside interference in the heat exchange process.

This entire assembly gets mounted and compressed within a frame that features a fixed plate and a moveable plate. Altogether, this creates a machine that can efficiently transfer heat between media.

As with all machinery, over time, your PHE will require some maintenance. Luckily, these measures are generally easy, and you won’t have to replace parts often to keep your unit in service. Most commonly, any issue with these parts involves the loosening of bolts and gaskets, which can be retightened many times to increase your return on investment.

Build Now, Expand Later

FUNKE frame and plate heat exchangers are ready to help your operations grow alongside your business. When you order a FUNKE PHE from Fluid Aire Dynamics, we’ll discuss your needs so we can determine the number of plates and sizes that you’ll need to complete your work without spending more than you need to. You can feel confident in getting a PHE that fits your current needs, because the moment you want to expand, we’ll come right back to help you do so.

One of the biggest benefits of these plate heat exchangers is that you can add plates and build extensions right onto the original machine without affecting its performance. When you’re ready to increase your capabilities, all it takes is a few additions and reinstallations for you to expand your capabilities and get back to production.

Benefits of FUNKE PHEs

FUNKE frame and plate heat exchangers come with many capabilities you won’t find with other models and brands. Some of the most standout additions include:

  • High thermal conductivity
  • Highly efficient self-cleaning
  • Unique FUNKE “Off-Set” design
  • Optical gasket identification (color-coding)
  • Compact design
  • Highly flexible (upgrade/downgrade)
  • Ease of service and maintenance
  • Modular systems for short production times
  • Tiered plate guiding bar (easier plate installation)
  • Many connection options

Connecting your machine to other parts of your setup can be challenging when the connections don’t line up by default. With FUNKE PHEs, you can customize the connectors to fit your needs. We offer all the most common connection types, such as rubber moldings, metal liners, welding neck flanges, tri-clamps, dairy pipes and aseptic.

Technical Data

When considering these PHEs for your operations, consider their maximum specifications to ensure they’ll fit your needs:

  • Heat exchange surface per plate: 0.04 – 3 m²
  • Maximum operating pressure: 25 bar
  • Maximum operating temperature: 200°C

As safety is also one of our top priorities in providing you with new equipment, you’ll find that we offer a number of additional safety features if your operations require them, including:

  • Double gaskets at inlets and outlets to keep media from mixing.
  • Double plates with special gasket systems for PHEs that will be safety heat exchangers.
  • Stainless steel configurations to accommodate pharmaceutical and food safety needs.
  • Plate heat exchangers in a redundant configuration installed as a compact unit on the base frame, including switch-over valve, thermostat and safety valves.

FP2000 Series

funke gasketed fp2000

The FP2000 Series features DN 50 connections and serves as an upgrade to the FP10, FP16 and FP22 series. Nominal connection diameters allow connections from DN 25 to DN 500, and you’ll have new features like the bypass stop system and CFD-optimized embossing.

FP4000 Series

FUNKE FP 4000 Gasketed Heat Exchanger

With the FP400 series, you’ll have DN 100 connections and nominal connection diameters from DN 25 to DN 500. This series can replace the FP206, FP31, FP40, FP50 and FP71 lines. Benefits of this series include CFD-optimized embossing and the new bypass stop system.

Gasket and Plate Combinations

You’ll find a variety of options in our selection of FUNKE plates and gaskets, letting you find the most cost-effective, compact solutions for your PHE. All of FUNKE’s plates feature embossing that’s been optimized for maximum thermodynamics and hydraulics, regardless of the materials and attachments you choose. Take a look at some of the most common plate and gasket configurations we supply.

funke combination of plates and gaskets

Standard Plate Materials

  • 1.4301 (AISI 304)
  • 1.4404 / 1.4401 (AISI 316L/AISI 316)

Special Plate Materials

Depending on your applications, you may need plates made from more durable materials. Alternatively, you might also be able to get away with less robust options if you don’t work with corrosive media. Other popular plate materials include:

  • 1.4539 (N08904 / 904L)
  • 1.4547 (254 SMO / S31254)
  • 2.4066/2.4068 (Nickel 200 / Nickel 201)
  • 2.4602 (Alloy C-22)
  • 2.4819 (Alloy C-276)
  • 2.4605 (Alloy 59)
  • 3.7025 (titanium Gr. 1) / 3.7225 (TiPd, titanium Gr. 11)
  • Tantal

Gasket Materials

  • NBR in various qualities
  • EPDM in various qualities
  • Chloroprene
  • Butyl
  • FPM (Viton) in various qualities
  • Other materials upon request

Gasket Attachments

  • Mechanically secured gaskets (standard)
  • Glued gaskets

PHE Design

This diagram gives you an up-close view of all the parts that make your PHE function, with the numbered components highlighting how many pieces come together to give you a working heat exchange solution. This resource is also helpful for performing occasional maintenance and replacements if you’re interested in completing these yourself. However, when you buy your FUNKE PHEs from Fluid Aire Dynamics, we can take care of the preventative maintenance and repairs for you.

The diagram shows these parts:

FUNKE design of heat exchanger

  1. Fixed plate
  2. Movable plate
  3. Support column
  4. Carrying bar
  5. Lower plate guiding bar
  6. Carrier roller
  7. Tightening bolt and nuts
  8. Fixing bolts
  9. Rubber/metal liners
  10. Gaskets
  11. Heat transfer plates
  12. Nameplate

Media Flow Diagrams

Plate heat exchangers usually feature one of two configurations:

  • Single-pass: Single-pass configurations are the more common option. In this case, the outlet and inlet pipes are all connected to the fixed plate, so the media only has to pass through once to complete the heat transfer. A major advantage to this configuration is that taking it apart for servicing is much easier.
  • Multiple-pass: In multiple-pass PHEs, the connection pipes are attached to both the fixed and movable plates, which are on opposite sides of the configuration. Because of that, media has to pass through the plate package more than once to achieve the proper heat transfer. Multiple-pass PHEs are a better option when working with media that only has a slight difference in temperature.

For a visual example of how these configurations differ, take a look at the associated figures.

Flow Diagram

Single-pass flow diagram
funke gasketed single pass flow diagram

All connections are located on the fixed plate

Multiple-pass flow diagram

funke gasketed multi pass flow diagram

The connections are located on the hard plate and the movable plate

Media Flow


funke gasketed single pass


funke gasketed 2 pass


funke gasketed 3 pass

Industry Applications

FUNKE PHE devices are used in all kinds of industries, and they especially shine with HVAC manufacturers, automotive producers, power plants, chemical industries and renewable energy plants. If your industry deals with any of these processes, it’s likely you need a solid plate heat exchanger:

  • Energy recovery
  • Cooling, heating and temperature control
  • Condensing operations, including steam-condensators
HVACIndustryPower PlantsChemistryRenewable
District heating/
HydraulicCentral coolingBasic chemistry
(Acids, alkalines, etc.)
) Geothermal Power
Thermal power
Automotive industryLubricating oil
Special chemistry
(Adhesives, coating, etc.)
Solar power plants
swimming pool
Process Technology:
thermal plants, plastics
generator coolingFine chemistryWater power plants
supply technologySurface treatmentAuxiliary system coolingPharmaceutical industryBioenergy
and othersCompressor Systems

Request Your Estimate Through Fluid Aire Dynamics

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If your base is in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Maryland or Delaware, we’ll be there whenever you need us. Get started today by requesting an estimate on your next PHE.

FP2000 Series Technical Specifications


funke fp2000 dimensions

Max. Area0,41-200,75-371,05-52
W x H230x596230x796230x996mm
Plate StructureH/LH/LH/L
Max. Pressure252525barg
Max. Temp200200200°C


PlatesMaterial ThicknessGaskets
1.4404 / AISI 316L0,35 / 0,50 / 0.60 mmNBR-HT
Titan / 3.70250,50 / 0,60 mmEPDM-HT
254 SMO / 1.45470,50 / 0,60 mmViton I
Alloy C276 / 2.48190,60 mmViton S
Alloy 904L / 1.45390,60 mmViton G

Design Codes & Standards

  • AD2000/PED 2014/68/EU
  • EN13445
  • ASME VIII Div 1 & U-Stamp
  • API662, NACE MR0175 & MR0103

Special Design

  • Double wall plates (FPDW; 2 x 0,35 mm, 1.4404) for FP2016 and FP2022 possible
  • Multipass Design
  • horizontal units
  • 2-Section Cooler for three-fluid circle

Special Features

  • Opti Flow: Optimized inlet area, best distribution of the fluid over the entire width of the
    heat transfer plate for optimum utilization of the surface area
  • Best Wave: CFD optimized plate design for best possible ratio of pressure loss and heat transfer
  • Clip-On gaskets for best fit even after repeated opening
  • Bypass-Stop Design: Minimized bypasses for optimal heat transfer
  • Double gaskets with leakage grove


Design pressure10, 16, 25 bar // 150 lbs
MaterialC-Steel S355J2+N, DIN 10025, painted, solid stainless steel, 1.4401
PaintingStandard-painting Funke : 1 x 80 μm Water based paint, RAL 5012
others e.g. other RAL, acc. Munsell, ISO 12944-5, ATEX, Hight temperature, agains extra costs
ConnectionStandard: threaded pipe male G2“
ThreadsThreads threaded pipe female G2“
Welded neck flangesDN 50 / 2“, stainless steel, C-Steel C22 - DIN EN 1092-1, ANSI B16.5 u.a.
RubberlinerDN 50 / 2“, NBR, EPDM, Viton I, for Flange - DIN EN 1092-1, ANSI B16.5 u.a.
Metal insertsDN 50 / 2“, stainless steel, Titanium - DIN EN 1092-1, ANSI B16.5 u.a
Tri-ClampDN 50, DIN 32676, 1.4404 / 1.4435, Pipe DIN 11866-A,
2” ASME BPE, 1.4404 / 1.4435, Pipe DIN 11866-C
Hygienic connection,DIN 11851, DN 50,1.4404/1.4435, Pipe DIN 11866-A

Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

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FP4000 Technical Specifications

FUNKE FP 4000 Gasketed Heat Exchanger dimensions

Max. Area1-831,4-1111,9-1882,4-2383,4-337
W x H380x875380x1050380x1297380x1544380x2038mm
Plate structureH / LH / LH / LH / LH / L
Max. pressure2525252525barg
Max. Temp. 200200200200200°C


PlatesMaterial thicknessGaskets
1.4404 / AISI 316L0,35 / 0,50 / 0.60 mm NBR-HT
1.4301 / AISI 304 0,50 / 0,60 mm HNBR
Titan / 3.7025 0,50 / 0,60 mm EPDM-HT
254 SMO / 1.4547 0,50 / 0,60 mm Viton I
Alloy C276 / 2.4819 0,60 mm Viton S
Alloy 904L / 1.4539 0,60 mmViton G

Special Design

  • Double wall plates (FPDW; 2 x 0,35 mm, 1.4404) möglich für FP4206, FP4031 und FP4050
  • Multipass Design
  • horizontal units
  • 2-Section Cooler for three-fluid circle

Special Features

  • Opti Flow: Optimized inlet area, the best distribution of the fluid over the entire width of the
    heat transfer plate for optimum utilization of the surface area
  • Best Wave: CFD optimized plate design for the best possible ratio of pressure loss and heat transfer
  • Clip-On gaskets for best fit even after repeated opening
  • Bypass-Stop Design: Minimized bypasses for optimal heat transfer
  • Double gaskets with leakage grove

Design Codes & Standards

  • AD2000/PED 2014/68/EU
  • EN13445
  • ASME VIII Div 1 & U-Stamp
  • API662
  • NACE MR0175 & MR0103

Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

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