Centrifugal Air Compressors

If you are in an industry that uses air compressors, you will often find yourself looking for or using positive displacement air compressors such as rotary screw compressors or reciprocating air compressors. However, some applications may call for a centrifugal air compressor. If you have never used centrifugal air compressors before, you may have some questions about them, such as “what does a centrifugal compressor do” and “how does it work?” You’ve come to the right place to find out.

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How Does a Centrifugal Air Compressor Work?

Most air compressors you are familiar with are probably positive displacement air compressors. This means they have a mechanism such as a crankshaft-driven piston or rollers that force the air through it in order to compress it.

A centrifugal air compressor is a different type of compressor called a dynamic compressor. Dynamic compressors use an impeller to accelerate the air, then slow the air back down with a diffuser and volute system. This process allows the compressor to turn kinetic energy into increased air pressure.

What Are the Benefits of the Centrifugal Air Compressor?

One big advantage of the centrifugal air compressor is that it does not have the moving parts of a positive displacement air compressor and therefore can be oil-free, with fewer parts that can wear out, which means they can be used in clean environments and have fewer maintenance and repair needs. They also offer a wide rotational speed range and can provide a continuous supply of compressed air.

What Is a Centrifugal Air Compressor Used For?

You will frequently find centrifugal air compressors and other dynamic air compressors in industries and applications that require very high air volumes, such as aerospace, automotive, petrochemical, steel manufacturing, fertilizer plants and power plants.

How Does This Type of Air Compressor Differ From Other Types of Compressors?

The centrifugal air compressor differs from rotary screw and reciprocating air compressors in that they are dynamic compressors and therefore do not require the mechanisms that positive displacement compressors require to compress your air.

Why Choose Fluid Aire Dynamics for Centrifugal Air Compressor Installation, Replacement, Repair or Service?

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