Oil-Free Air Compressors

What does an oil-free compressor do? Many industries need air compressors and there are many effective air compressors available. Most, however, have a number of moving parts and therefore require oil for lubrication. An alternative to these is the oil-free air compressor, which allows you to enjoy the benefits of air compression without the introduction of unwanted oil into your industrial environment.

How Does an Oil-Free Air Compressor Work?

An oil-free compressor draws in and compresses air in much the same way as a lubricated compressor. In an oil-free compressor, however, the machining of the moving or rotating elements is more precise to allow for much tighter tolerances between them. This in combination with specialized coatings such as PTFE (Teflon) allows for efficient compression without the need for an oil seal. Because it works without oil, the oil-free air compressor generates quite a bit of heat, so it generally requires larger or water-cooled aftercoolers to effectively reduce the compressed air temperature.

What Are the Benefits of the Oil-Free Air Compressor?

Naturally, the biggest benefit of the oil-free air compressor is that there is no possibility of liquid oil traveling downstream and contaminating delicate, expensive or critical equipment or processes. In addition, there is a reduction in routine maintenance due to not having to regularly check or maintain the lubrication level like you would with a lubricated air compressor.

Boge oil free piston air compressor unitsWhat Is an Oil-Free Air Compressor Used For?

Oil-free air compressors are appropriate for industries and situations where you need steady access to pressurized air, but you are working in a clean environment and cannot risk contamination. Examples would include the food and beverage industry, where you may be working with consumable products, pharmaceutical and chemical plants, where the right chemical composition of your product is vital, and healthcare environments.

How Does This Type of Air Compressor Differ From Other Types of Compressors?

The most notable difference of the oil-free air compressor from other air compressors is that it comes pre-lubricated. A common misconception is that the term “oil-free” or “oil-less” means the compressor does not need any oil to run. While the compressor does require oil to ensure that parts, other than the compression chamber (e.g. gear box) are lubricated properly, you won’t need to worry about regularly checking the oil like you would with oil-lubricated models. This can mean lower maintenance costs and fewer repair issues, but it also implies a greater startup cost, as oil-free compressors are generally much more expensive than those that require oil lubrication.

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