Pressure-Lubricated Air Compressors

You know that you need an air compressor for your business and that lubricated air compressors are appropriate for your applications. But the typical air compressor is not the only kind of lubricated air compressor available. You may also want to consider a pressure-lubricated air compressor. What do pressure-lubricated air compressors do, and do you need them for your business? Read on to find out.

How Does a Pressure-Lubricated Compressor Work?

A pressure-lubricated air compressor works in much the way other lubricated air compressors work, except that they include a pressure lubrication pump driven by the crankshaft, which pumps oil to the crank, wrist pin, and other areas that need oil.

What Are the Benefits of the Pressure-Lubricated Air Compressor?

Unlike a traditional splash-lubricated air compressor, the pressure-lubricated air compressor pump makes sure oil gets everywhere the compressor needs it. This reduces the likelihood of parts wearing out too soon, especially around the wrist pin, which is subjected to high levels of heat and needs a steady supply of oil to keep it lubricated.

What Is a Pressure-Lubricated Air Compressor Used For?

Pressure-lubricated air compressors are found in any industry where you might find a traditional lubricated air compressor and are more common in areas where long-term reliability is especially vital, such as aerospace, automotive, refrigeration and similar industries. Pressure-lubricated air compressors tend to be more expensive, but they may be more cost-effective over the longer term since they last longer.

How Does This Type of Air Compressor Differ From Other Types of Air Compressors?

The typical lubricated air compressor, such as a standard reciprocating air compressor or rotary screw air compressor, is a splash-lubed compressor, meaning there is a dipping device that sits at the bottom of the piston connecting rod and which splashes oil throughout the crankcase as the crankshaft rotates.

Instead, the pressure-lubricated compressor has a pump which sends the oil throughout the crankcase and lubricates the parts of the compressor that require it.

Why Choose Fluid Aire Dynamics for Pressure-Lubricated Compressor Installation, Replacement, Repair or Service?

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