Reciprocating Compressors

You have a number of choices when it comes to the type of air compressors to use for your business, including the reciprocating air compressor. But what does a reciprocating air compressor do — and is it the right air compressor for you? Read on for more.

How Does a Reciprocating Air Compressor Work?

A reciprocating air compressor compresses air through positive displacement. Specifically, it uses a crankshaft to control pistons which force gasses through at high pressure. The reciprocating air compressor draws air in through the intake manifold, into the compression chamber where a crankshaft drives a piston in a reciprocating motion to compress and then discharge the air.

What Are the Benefits of the Reciprocating Air Compressor?

One of the most important benefits of a reciprocating air compressor is that it is very cost-effective. It generally costs less to install than a rotary screw air compressor and has fewer maintenance costs as well.

Rotary screw air compressors can be slightly more cost-effective but are not as good as reciprocating compressors at producing both high pressure and high power. Reciprocating compressors are able to deliver 400 bar pressure and over 500 horsepower. Reciprocating compressors also do not have as much of an oil carryover issue.

What Is a Reciprocating Air Compressor Used For?

Reciprocating air compressors are used in a variety of industries — especially ones with tight budget margins and those that need to produce high-pressure air, including oil and gas, chemical, food and beverage, and refrigeration.

How Does This Type of Air Compressor Differ From Other Types of Compressors?

In reciprocating compressors, the process fluid is relatively dry compared to, for example, rotary screw air compressors. This allows you to generate a high compression ratio without comparably high flow rates. Reciprocating compressors use pistons to deliver compressed air while rotary compressors use rotating lobes or vanes. This makes rotary compressors a bit less efficient, requiring about 5 to 10 percent more energy input to deliver compressed air than reciprocating air compressors.

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