Atlas Copco Lubricated Reciprocating Air Compressors

Atlas Copco is a well-known international leader in compressed air services and solutions. At Fluid Aire Dynamics, we work with this manufacturer to bring you the most reliable products at a cost-effective price. Our piston compressors from Atlas Copco are designed to uphold strict standards of efficiency and performance in a variety of work environments while helping you implement the latest technology in every operation.

Fluid Aire Dynamics carries a wide range of air compressors from Atlas Copco’s AR Series, LE/LT Series and LS/LP Series product lines. If you’re looking for air compressor products with low maintenance requirements and improved durability, these could be the industrial-grade solutions you need.

We’ve spent over three decades building relationships with companies throughout New Jersey, Delaware and other regions near the East Coast. We serve as a reliable source of compressed air and gas equipment, while our inventory of Atlas Copco compressors allows us to reach a broad base of customers in need. Our products will provide long-lasting strength and flexibility in your most challenging industrial applications.

Atlas Copco AR series commercial piston compressor

Our Inventory of Reciprocating Air Compressors

At Fluid Aire Dynamics, we supply three main categories of Atlas Copco’s lubricated air compressors. The AR, LE/LT and LS/LP Series compressors each have unique characteristics and features, which makes them suitable for a range of industrial and commercial applications.

AR Series

The AR Series is an extensive product line of piston compressors designed for energy-efficiency, low operational costs and flexibility. Some of the AR Series products we have in stock include:

  • Two-Stage Pistons: Two-stage pistons operate between 5 and 20 horsepower with both single and three-phase motors. These piston compressors from Atlas Copco come with start-stop pressure switch control, magnetic starters, high-performance air filters and multi-blade flywheels. Complete with flexible configuration options and ASME tanks, two-stage pistons are designed to uphold standards on quality, safety and noise levels.
  • Packaged Horizontal and Vertical Mounted Two-Stage: Our equipment sets a high bar for oil-lubricated air compressors by reducing maintenance requirements and providing multiple security features. The packaged horizontal and vertical compressor sets itself apart with its own condensate drain, which allows you to operate without having to drain the tank every day. It also has a switch that can detect whether your oil levels are sufficient for the job. Several of our units even come with highly efficient aftercoolers to help remove moisture.

    Atlas Copco AR duplex commercial piston compressor

  • Duplex Horizontal Mounted Two-Stage: Duplex horizontal compressors are ideal for operators who need a solution that provides an additional layer of power and durability. These
  •  Atlas Copco air-cooled compressors offer enhanced efficiency with lead-lag controls and dual compressor pumps. Both pumps are equally strong, capable of operating at full capacity while delivering an output of up to 20 horsepower.
  • Gas-Driven Tank-Mounted Two-Stage: The main benefit of the gas-driven AR Series unit is that it maximizes energy efficiency and reduces noise levels by using pilot valve control to manage engine speed. Whatever the working conditions, this reciprocating compressor can offer long-lasting reliability. The unit starts at 12 volts, comes with an engine oil monitor and protects users with ASME safety valves and an enclosed belt guard.
  • Block Compressors – Two-Stage: Our two-stage block compressors provide capability options between 5 and 10 horsepower, and every product comes with a durable air filter designed to keep all your operations clean. This compressor boasts a multi-blade flywheel for noise reduction and driver flexibility for your convenience. In addition, the block compressor maintains a cooler usage temperature thanks to its finned head and cylinder.
  • Contractor Series: Contractor Series reciprocating air compressors have the strength of large industrial units while maintaining the small size and flexibility necessary for more limited applications. We offer multiple Contractor Series options, including those with gas and electric drive compatibility. The main features of this Atlas Copco compressor include the semi-pneumatic wheel and the heavy guard wire belt guard.

LE/LT Series

The LE/LT Series from Atlas Copco is a group of lubricated piston compressors designed for manageability and ease of use. Although these compressors are best suited for large industrial applications, they can help you cut down on maintenance costs and establish a safe operating temperature in almost any environment.

Thanks to its start-stop system and a cooling fan built to maximize airflow, you can count on one of our LE or LT compressors for long-term service. Some of the individual features and benefits of these product lines include:

  • LE Series: LE Series compressors can range from 2 to 20 horsepower depending on the model, while their maximum working pressure reaches 10 bars (or 145 psig). These units are robust, energy-efficient and built to support a long service life for your equipment.
  • LT Series: The LT Series models offer similar performance and accessibility to that provided by LE compressors. The most pronounced difference between these two product lines is that the LT Series is designed for higher-pressure applications. These compressed air solutions can handle 15-30 bars of operating pressure, which makes them excellent for users who need to meet large project demands.

LS/LP Series

If you’re looking for a safe, rugged air compressor solution that offers a technologically advanced design and a pressure maximum of 175 psig, an LS or LP Series model could be the product for you. These models have lead-lag control and dual compressor heads for improved versatility along with equipment longevity, while their cast-iron build gives them an edge over compressors made from lesser materials. Here are a few of the LS and LP Series specifics:

  • LS Series: These oil-lubricated aluminum piston compressors are made with stainless steel valves, reliable oil gauges and durable components for increased dependability. You can choose from a variety of simplex, duplex and base-mounted models if you’re ready to invest in one of these compressors.
  • LP Series: Like the LS models, LP air compressors are reinforced with intercoolers, safety valves and strong metal designs. These are high-pressure, low-maintenance compressors with impressive functionality that will support some of your most challenging commercial and industrial applications.

Industry Applications and Uses of Reciprocating Compressors

Reciprocating air compressors play a part in a wide variety of industries and applications. Compressed air and gas solutions may be used in:

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Automotive shops
  • Chemical plants
  • Energy production and delivery
  • Machine and woodworking factories
  • Farming applications
  • Cleaning applications
  • Food, beverage and pharmaceutical product handling

Whatever your commercial or industrial project, we have an Atlas Copco air compressor that meets your specifications.

Maintenance and Support From Fluid Aire Dynamics

Fluid Aire Dynamics has years of experience delivering compressed air and gas equipment to companies of all sizes and backgrounds. Our goal is to do more than sell you a product — we’re also committed to supporting you during and after the purchasing process.

If you require ongoing support, we offer installation, product monitoring, repairs and preventive maintenance for all our Atlas Copco water-cooled air compressors and oil-lubricated rotary screw compressors. With our maintenance and prevention services, we’ll help you reduce the risks of costly repairs and keep operations moving every day.

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