Boge Oil-Free Reciprocating Air Compressors

An oil-free compressor does not use oil on the cylinder walls. It relies on self-lubricating materials to enable the piston to slide within the cylinder. The absence of oil promotes higher air quality and eliminates harmful emissions, which minimizes your operation’s negative environmental impact.

Fluid Aire Dynamics offers the revolutionary K Series oil-free piston compressors from Boge — a leading provider of compressed air solutions for a range of industries for more than 110 years. Boge piston compressors combine impressive performance with simplified maintenance to ensure reliable operation and low operating costs. We offer Boge oil-compressors for sale in Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and beyond, along with top-notch service and support.

Piston Compressor K Series Up to 15 hp

Boge K Series

Our selection of Boge oil-free reciprocating air compressors includes the innovative K Series piston compressors. K Series piston compressors feature an oil-free pushrod drive system in a compact size, ideal for your small requirements. They offer an unbeatable price-performance ratio and are perfect for sectors that require oil-free compressed air with a maximum pressure of up to 580 psig. We offer 10 K Series piston compressor models with power output capacities ranging from 3 hp to 15 hp to meet the needs of any operating environment.

Advantages of implementing K Series oil-free piston compressors include:

  • Oil-free compressed air that improves air quality and helps you maintain a cleaner operating environment
  • Directly coupled to the power source
  • Equipped with receiver to store compressed air before it enters the piping system
  • Designed for 100% duty cycle to maximize performance

Applications of Boge Oil-Free Reciprocating Air Compressors

Oil-free piston compressors are ideal for a variety of manufacturing applications such as:

  • Food & beverage: Contributes to healthier, higher-quality, better-tasting food products
  • Automotive: Enhances the quality of paint finishes
  • Chemical manufacturing: Increases the purity of chemicals and helps create better processes, less waste and improved safety
  • Oil & gas: Improves product and process quality and helps establish trouble-free control systems
  • Electronics: Ideal for uninterrupted control systems and maintaining the clean control systems that are essential for maximum product quality
  • Pharmaceuticals: Helps reduce contamination and waste and increases product purity.
  • Textiles: Contributes to more efficient production processes, less waste and lower repair and maintenance costs

Why Purchase Oil-Free Compressors From Fluid Aire Dynamics?

Fluid Aire Dynamics has more than 30 years of experience providing high-quality air compression equipment from Boge and other leading manufacturers. We work to establish long-standing partnerships with our customers, and our goal is to offer a practical, cost-effective solution for your most challenging problems.

We provide reliable support for every product we sell, which includes our innovative four-phase approach:

  • System analysis: We’ll conduct an informal air system review or more comprehensive audit to identify the unique challenges you need your air compressor to address.
  • Design and fabrication: We’ll work with you to design and produce a system that will result in the optimal solution for your company.
  • Installation: Our highly trained technicians will come to your facility to perform a professional installation of your oil-free piston compressor.
  • Maintenance: We’ll be there to keep your air compressor in peak operating condition for as long as you own it.

Contact Fluid Aire Dynamics Today

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    K Series Technical Specifications

    ModelMax. Pressure - barMax. Pressure - psigNominal Output
    Drive Motor - kW
    Nominal Output
    Drive Motor - hp
    Effective Free
    Air Delivery - l/min
    Effective Free
    Air Delivery - cfm
    Dimensions Silenced W × D × H (in)Dimensions Super-Silenced W × D × H (in)Weight Silenced - lbsWeight Super-Silenced - lbs
    K 3101502.23.02449.040 x 32 x 3152 x 32 x 31401417
    K 4101503.04.032812.040 x 32 x 3152 x 32 x 31401417
    K 4152203.04.027910.040 x 32 x 3152 x 32 x 31401417
    K 6101504.05.546616.040 x 32 x 3152 x 32 x 31461476
    K 6152204.05.542015.040 x 32 x 3152 x 32 x 31461476
    K 8101505.57.564823.040 x 31 x 3252 x 32 x 31496511
    K 8406005.57.539014.040 x 31 x 3252 x 32 x 31511527
    K 151015011.015.0129646.059 x 35 x 3283 x 32 x 35836862
    K 151522011.015.079428.059 x 35 x 3283 x 32 x 35838864
    K 154060011.015.078027.559 x 35 x 3283 x 32 x 35838864


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