Sauer Reciprocating High-Pressure Air Compressors

Because compressed air plays a crucial role in so many types of industrial applications, we know the importance of delivering high-quality air compressors to every business in need. At Fluid Aire Dynamics, we work with multiple equipment manufacturers, including Sauer Compressors, to present a broad range of affordable, timely solutions.

Sauer Compressors is an international source of air compression products for power, oil and gas, military, processing and shipping industries. We supply Sauer reciprocating air compressors from many of the manufacturer’s most dependable product lines, ensuring that they all meet the highest standards of quality and safety before we send them out to our customers. Regardless of the size or scale of your applications, we’ll deliver a product that offers the optimal levels of efficiency and growth potential.

Which Sauer High-Pressure Compressors Do We Carry?

Our inventory includes both air compressors and high-pressure air and gas boosters from Sauer product lines. Whether you’re looking for a compressor that can withstand tough work environments or a solution that operates without the use of oil lubrication, we have a piece of Sauer equipment that’s fit for the task. Take a look at the Sauer air compressor products we have in stock below.

Mistral Series

The Sauer Mistral Series is a family of two-stage air-cooled compressors that can operate at pressures of 100-580 psi. These compressors offer long-term reliability in harsh conditions while keeping installation and maintenance costs low. Mistral products take up less space than some of the other types of industrial compressors thanks to their compact, lightweight designs.

The Mistral Series also includes a variety of nitrogen gas boosters. With a power range of 5-30 horsepower and a full selection of standard and optional features, this product is suited for smaller and larger applications alike. Features that come with every booster include air-blast cooling fans, automatic drain valves, start-stop pressure sensor control and more.

Passat Series

Strict operating conditions call for unique, versatile solutions. Passat Series three-stage compressors offer:

  • Up to 4,000 hours of valve life
  • Corrosion and leak resistance
  • A pressure maximum of up to 1,160 psi
  • Simple, easy-to-use controls
  • Reliable performance without the use of a water cooling system
  • Lower cylinder compression temperatures

The Passat Series also boasts a line of oil-lubricated air and gas boosters, which are designed to work with both noble and hazardous gases. Our Passat boosters provide safety features to help prevent gas leaks and maintain constant pressure and temperature levels. Automated oil regulation and control sensors ensure a smooth, reliable job every time.

Hurricane Series

The Hurricane Series of Sauer reciprocating high-pressure air compressors is just as powerful as its title. Four-stage Hurricane compressors work with multiple types of gases, including air, bio-methane, nitrogen and natural gas. You can rely on the Hurricane product family for:

  • Design and construction superiority
  • Continued functionality in heavy-duty industrial applications
  • Reliable service under pressures of up to 5,000 psi
  • Decreased noise and maintenance requirements

You can also choose from our selection of Hurricane Series boosters, which includes multiple four-stage piston compressors. These make major air and nitrogen compression projects simple with benefits such as regulated oil injection, pressure sensor controls and high-performance safety valves.

Tornado Series

Sauer air compressor products from the Tornado Series offer similar specifications and features to the Hurricane series. Aside from incredible application flexibility and highly efficient four-cylinder support, Tornado series compressors have a multitude of benefits, including:

  • An operating pressure range of 2,000-6,000 psi
  • A durable design, which maximizes cost-effectiveness and long-term efficiency
  • Compatibility with air, natural gas and nitrogen
  • Air cooling system for improved temperature management

Typhoon Series

Is your facility or job site lacking the airflow or temperature requirements it needs to support an air-cooled reciprocated air compressor? If so, consider looking into Sauer’s Typhoon Series, which is a product family of water-cooled compression solutions.

Our Typhoon Series compressors are designed to operate between pressures of 150 psi and 1,500 psi. These compressors help their users streamline and improve operations by promoting efficiency, fostering sustainable production strategies and more.

5000 Series

A water-cooled compressor from the 5000 Series could be just the solution you need if you work in a highly competitive industry. 5000 Series compressors are rugged machines that are designed to provide the speed and convenience of water cooling without sacrificing performance or end-product quality.

Capable of reaching pressure highs of 5,000 psi, our 5000 Series products can handle almost any air compression application.

6000 Series

At Fluid Aire Dynamics, we supply 6000 Series water-cooled compressors and 6000 Series boosters. Our four-stage 6000 Series compressors are some of the most efficient heavy-duty products we have in stock thanks to their ability to withstand extremely high pressures. For example, our WP6550 model is effective at pressures of up to 7,000 psi.

Meanwhile, 6000 Series boosters deliver high-performance direct-drive and flexible coupling with six-cylinder support. With these boosters, you can:

  • Easily dismantle coolers and cylinders for maintenance
  • Maintain operating pressures of up to 7,250 psi
  • Optimize dependability with a pressure-tight crankcase and oil lubrication

Harmattan Series

If you’re looking for a smarter, more cost-effective Sauer reciprocating air compressor solution, the Harmattan Series adds an innovative new option to your list. These compressors can operate between 12 and 56 horsepower at pressure ranges that extend up to 217 psi.

Harmattan Series air compressors are unique because they’re completely oil-free, which is excellent for business leaders who are interested in reducing their expenses and environmental impact. Oil-free compressors are safer, more energy-efficient and easier to maintain, all of which can cut down on financial losses in the long run.

Industry Uses of Sauer Air Compressors

Sauer high-pressure compressors can be used for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Some of these applications may include powering tools, delivering clean air to control systems or filling up gas storage tanks. Compressors can serve any number of industries, including:

  • Food and beverage
  • Automotive
  • Medicine
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Electronics
  • Manufacturing
  • Chemical processing
  • Agriculture

How Fluid Aire Dynamics Supports Your Business

If you choose Sauer air compressors from Fluid Aire Dynamics, you can rely on us to deliver a product that’s been verified for performance and job quality. We make it easy to buy the specific unit you need by guiding you through the entire purchase process. We’ll even offer installation services to save time and resources.

Our long-term support will make your operations more sustainable and economical. We provide everything from performance monitoring to preventive maintenance so you can improve equipment management.

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