Sullivan-Palatek Lubricated Reciprocating Air Compressors

Sullivan Palatek lubricated reciprocating air compressor

Lubricated reciprocating air compressors rely on lubricating oil to ensure the smooth operation of the rotary element or piston. The oil also maximizes air compression efficiency and helps dispel heat that could damage the equipment. Both electric motor and gas-driven piston compressors are available.

Fluid Aire Dynamics is your one-stop headquarters for a wide variety of Sullivan-Palatek lubricated reciprocating air compressors. Sullivan-Palatek has been designing and manufacturing innovative air compression products since 1984. We also provide comprehensive installation, repair and maintenance service for all the Sullivan-Palatek equipment we sell.

Sullivan-Palatek’s horizontal and vertical 60, 80, and 120-gallon tank-mounted gas-driven piston and electric compressors are ranked among the industry’s top industrial air compressors. They come with a wide range of options, so you can get the most out of your equipment:

  • Magnetic Starter
  • Dual Control
  • Water Cooled Aftercoolers
  • Air Cooled Aftercoolers
  • 4906 Automatic Tank Drain
  • 6532 Y-Strainer
  • 6304 Low Oil Control
  • Vibration Isolator Pads
  • Crankcase Heater
  • Flex Hose Air Intake Muffler
  • Oil Bath Intake Filter Assembly
  • Spin-On Oil
  • Filter Pressure Regulator Valve
  • Massachusetts Specification Fittings
  • Pedestals

Typical Applications

Lubricated reciprocating air compressors are an ideal choice for industrial applications such as:

  • Automotive:Meets the needs of auto and truck repair shops and body shops
  • Paper and pulp: Helps improve air quality and prevent moisture damage
  • Chemical plants:Increases safety and efficiency when working with toxic chemicals and combustible gases
  • Plastics: Provides the consistent, reliable and precise power required for various plastics and injection molding manufacturing processes

Choose From Several Types of Lubricated Reciprocating Air Compressors

Fluid Aire Dynamics has several series of Sullivan-Palatek lubricated reciprocating air compressors to meet the requirements of any industrial application.

SPHT Series

The SPHT Series consists of six models with power outputs ranging from 5 to 10 hp. Available airflow options are 17.3, 26.9 and 34.4 cfm.

  • Horizontal Tank
  • Electric Motor Driven
  • 80 or 120 Gallon Tank

SPVT Series

The SPVT Series consists of vertical tank lubricated reciprocating air compressors that come in four model options while offering the same tank sizes and cfm capacities as their SPHT counterparts.

  • Vertical Tank
  • Electric Motor Driven
  • 80 or 120 Gallon Tank

SPDO Series

The compressors in the SPDO Series feature powerful yet efficient Dura-Line motors and come in horizontal and vertical tank options. Horsepower choices include 5 and 7.5 hp and available cfm capacities are 16 and 25.5.

  • Horizontal & Vertical Tank
  • Dura-Line
  • 80 Gallon Tank

SPUL Series

The SPUL753 is an engine-driven air compressor with an 11 hp gas motor and a capacity of 18.8 cfm. The 705 pump model products 900 rpm.

  • Horizontal Tank
  • Engine Driven
  • 30 Gallon Tank

Why Choose Us for Sullivan-Palatek Lubricated Air Compressors?

Fluid Aire Dynamics is a Morgantown, PA-based supplier of high-quality air compression equipment, air dryers, gas generators, blowers, vacuums and related products. Since 1986, we’ve been partnering with companies of all sizes throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and beyond to provide reliable, cost-effective compressed air and gas solutions like Sullivan-Palatek lubricated air compressors.

We support our air compressors and other products with a host of services:

  • System installation: Our highly trained technicians will install your compressor to comply with Sullivan-Palatek’s specifications.
  • Repairs: We’re available around the clock to provide prompt repair service. Our goal is to minimize unproductive downtime resulting from an air compressor issue.
  • Preventative maintenance: With scheduled maintenance from Fluid Aire Dynamics, your equipment will remain in peak operating condition and you’ll have fewer worries about unexpected mechanical breakdowns.

Contact Fluid Aire Dynamics Today

For more information about the Sullivan-Palatek lubricated reciprocating air compressor lineup and to receive a free quote, give us a call at 610.913.9100 or contact us online today.

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    SPHT Series Technical Specifications

    ModelTypeTank SizeMotor HPPump RPMCapacity (CFM)Pump ModelDimensionsShipping WeightBoltdown
    SPHT 735-80Electric Motor80 Gallon Horizontal5 HP84517.370563x21x4766840x19
    SPHT 735-120Electric Motor120 Gallon Horizontal5 HP84517.370569x24x5179440x19
    SPHT 745-80Electric Motor80 Gallon Horizontal7.5 HP65526.970763x21x4777040x19
    SPHT 745-120Electric Motor120 Gallon Horizontal7.5 HP65526.970769x24x5187540x19
    SPHT 755-80Electric Motor80 Gallon Horizontal10 HP84534.470763x21x4779040x19
    SPHT 755-120Electric Motor120 Gallon Horizontal10 HP84534.470769x24x5191540x19


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    SPVT Technical Specifications

    ModelTypeTank SizeMotor HPPump RPMCapacity (CFM)Pump ModelDimensionsShipping WeightBoltdown
    SPVT 735-80Electric Motor80 Gallon Vertical5 HP84517.370534x29x7468826x26
    SPVT 735-120Electric Motor120 Gallon Vertical5 HP84517.370534x30x7784026x26
    SPVT 745-120Electric Motor120 Gallon Vertical7.5 HP65526.970744x30x7595526x26
    SPVT 755-120Electric Motor120 Gallon Vertical10 HP84534.470744x30x7597526x26


    Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

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    SPDO Technical Specifications

    ModelTypeTank SizeMotor HPPump RPMCapacity (CFM)Pump ModelDimensionsShipping WeightBoltdown
    SPDO5801HDura Line80 Gallon Horizontal5 HP99516.0 DOT563x21x4752540x19
    SPDO7803HDura Line80 Gallon Horizontal7.5 HP99525.5 DOT763x21x4762840x19
    SPDO5801VDura Line80 Gallon Vertical5 HP99516.0 DOT534x29x7452526x26
    SPDO7803VDura Line80 Gallon Vertical7.5 HP99525.5 DOT734x29x7462826x26
    SPDO1330GHEngine Driven30 Gallon Horizontal13GAS99516.0 DOT545x19x43440 28x14


    Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

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    SPUL Technical Specifications

    ModelTypeTank SizeMotor HPPump RPMCapacity (CFM)Pump ModelDimensionsShipping WeightBoltdown
    SPUL753Engine Driven30 Gallon Horizontal11GAS90018.8 70545x19x43583 28x14


    Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

    Manufacturer Link