Sullivan-Palatek Lubricated Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Product Overview

Sullivan Palatek M series industrial air compressor

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient sustainable compressed air solution, consider investing in our stock of M-Series compressors from Sullivan-Palatek. These small compressors can serve businesses in a variety of industries and come with many features that make them more effective and easier to use, from acoustical enclosure options to automatic dual control. Call now at 610-913-9100 or contact us online for a free estimate on our Sullivan-Palatek M-Series compressors.

M-Series Benefits and Options

The M-Series offers several features and benefits, including:

  • 115-Volt Control Power Magnetic Starter
  • 5, 7.5 and 10 HP Capabilities
  • Automatic Dual Control
  • Replaceable Air Filters
  • Hour Meter
  • Oil Temperature Gauge
  • Line Pressure Gauge
  • Open Drip Motor With 200, 208, 230, 460 and 575 Voltage Capacity
  • Microprocessor Control
  • Inlet Modulation Control
  • TEFC Motor
  • Separator and Separator Trap

Additional features for the M-Series include either a 19-inch platform mounted compressor or an 80 and 120-gallon tank mounted compressor complete with an auto drain, a choice of Pal-Extra 44, Pallube 32, food-grade or AFX 32 lubricant and an acoustical enclosure with easy maintenance options.

Industrial Applications

Due to their small size, these rotary screw compressors are best suited for low or low-medium sized industrial applications that work with vehicle tires or air power tools. M-Series industrial compressors can positively impact productivity in textile workshops, motor vehicle shops and more, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and reducing costs for your company.

Sullivan Palatek C series industrial compressor

C-Series electric rotary screw air compressors are the ultimate solution for small companies or manufacturers who need quiet, energy-efficient tools and equipment. Built to be compact and easy to use, these industrial compressors have all the ideal qualities to function in top-form for a variety of commercial needs. Most of our C-Series compressors from Sullivan-Palatek come in 5-30 HP.

C-Series Features and Options

  • Pressure and Temperature Monitoring
  • TEFC Motor
  • Multiprocessor Control
  • Motor Overload and Phase Protection
  • 208, 230, 460 and 360 Voltage Options
  • RS-485 Communication
  • Automated Maintenance Schedule

Integrated dryer packages for the C-Series come in 10-30 hp. You can also choose an ASME coded tank mounted compressor at 80, 120 or 200 gallons with an auto drain.

Industrial Applications

These air compressors are ideal for many small factories or industrial settings, thanks to their easy maintenance requirements and low noise level. Mechanics can use them for equipment in automotive repair shops, for instance, or workers can put them to use in small manufacturing facilities that require air tools.

Sullivan Palatek D series industrial air compressor

Are you looking for a reliable industrial electric compressed air solution? Your search is over thanks to the D-Series by Sullivan-Palatek. The D-Series industrial electric direct drive rotary screw air compressor offers easy maintenance and practical functionality in manufacturing facilities and more.

D-Series Features

Features and benefits of the D-Series industrial air compressor include:

  • Overload relay, phase protection, circuit breaker protection and HATD shutdown switches for overpressure and high-temperature states
  • Dry air intake filter
  • Pop Up Indicator for Filter Option
  • Microprocessor control for up to eight pieces of equipment (complete with lead-lag, sequencer and remote surveillance capacity)
  • Cooling system with thermostat capabilities
  • NEMA 1 enclosure magnetic starter with 110-voltage
  • 200, 208, 230, 460 or 575 volt motor options
  • Lubricant fill elbow and a cap to help release pressure
  • Radial thrust bearings and durable, precise rotary screws
  • One-piece housing for check valve
  • Flange-mounted and coupled compressor

When you order the D-Series air compressor, you can request Pallube 32, AFX 32, Pal-Extra 44 or food-grade lubricant. The equipment also comes with Variable Frequency Drive Electric Compressor options. Choose from an auto-draining 80, 120 or 200-gallon tank mounted system or a 19” platform mounted option for easy maintenance.

Additional options include water cooling, an acoustical enclosure, a separator trap, as well as a deluxe gauge panel that offers information about line pressure, temperature, discharge pressure, lube filters and more.

Industrial Applications

If you’re trying to operate on a lower budget, the D-Series’ accessibility and low maintenance costs make it the ideal option. Applications for this air compressor include tools and equipment for manufacturing, automotive repair, metal fabrication and more.

Sullivan Palatek DG series industrial air compressor

The DG-Series industrial electric direct gear drive air compressor offers 25-50 HP for a wide selection of small industrial and manufacturing settings. This Sullivan-Palatek air compressor is a dependable addition to your facility, increasing efficiency and productivity so you can save both money and energy.

You can use the DG-Series for up to eight separate machines thanks to its high-quality microprocessor controller with remote monitoring, lead-lag and a sequencer. It also comes with a NEMA 1 enclosure motor starter that has 208, 230, 460 and 575 voltage capacity and a magnetic full voltage starter.

DG-Series Benefits

Additional features and options of the DG-Series air compressor include:

  • 200, 208, 230, 460 or 575 volt motor that operates at 60 Hz and three-phase abilities
  • Cooling system with a thermostat to sustain oil temperature
  • Replaceable dry air intake filter components
  • Phase protection, solid state overload relay, circuit break protection and pressure and high-temperature protection
  • A lubrication fill elbow with a ventilation cap
  • Oversize radial thrust bearings and precise, durable rotary screws
  • Direct coupling between the screw and motor for positive alignment
  • One-piece housing for the check valve

Optional Features

  • TEFC motor
  • Separator trap
  • Variable Frequency Drive Potential
  • Water Cooling Option
  • Filter Pop Up Indicator
  • Choice of Wye-Delta and Solid States starters
  • Gauges for temperature, separator elements, time, discharge pressure and line pressure
  • Lubricant Filter
  • Acoustical enclosure with removable panels
  • Choice of Pal-Extra 44, Pallube 32, AFX 32 or food-grade lubricant
  • 19” Platform mounted option
  • ASME coded auto-draining tank mounted option at 120, 200 or 240 gallons
  • Low ambient package

Industrial Applications

You can apply the DG-Series air compressor to many different industrial settings. The product best suits smaller businesses and facilities in the motor vehicle, food processing, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. The improvement of efficiency in your tools and machines will help make processes run much more smoothly.

Energy efficiency is a staple of Sullivan-Palatek air compressor products, and the UD-Series industrial electric updraft model air compressor is no exception. At Fluid Aire Dynamics, we offer this product as a reliable air compressor solution for medium-sized manufacturing and repair facilities in many different industries.

At 40-60 HP, the UD-Series air compressor is powerful enough to meet all your equipment needs. This product uses updraft technology to manipulate hot air through the machine, making it more productive and energy-efficient.

UD-Series Benefits

  • 200, 208, 230, 460 or 575 voltage three-phase open drip motor
  • 120-volt full voltage magnetic starter
  • Replaceable dry air intake filter
  • T1 controller
  • One-piece housing for the check valve

Optional Features

  • Pal-Extra 44, AFX 32, Pallube 32 or food-grade lubricant
  • Filter pop up indicator
  • Deluxe gauge panel containing: temperature, line pressure and discharge pressure gauges with separator element differential gauges, lubricant filter and hour meter
  • Acoustical enclosure with removable panels
  • Water cooling
  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • TEFC motor
  • HATD shutdown switch in case of high temperatures
  • Separator Trap
  • Wye-Delta or Solid States starter options
  • Low ambient package

Industrial Applications

The UD-Series air compressor is one of many Sullivan-Patalek products we carry that is versatile enough to serve a wide variety of industries. Its level of power and durability make it suitable for most medium-sized industry settings. This product can power machines involved in industries from food processing and plastic manufacturing to woodworking and pharmaceuticals.

Sullivan Palatek SP20 series industrial air compressor

SP20 Series compressors are designed for big jobs. With 125-300 hp, these Sullivan-Palatek lubricated rotary screw air compressors have the capacity to operate in fast-paced environments and meet large industry requirements. If you’re looking for a piece of equipment with a powerful motor and oversized coolers, this is the solution for your business.

SP20 Series Benefits

  • Dry air intake filter with replaceable parts
  • 460/575 voltage or 200/208/230 voltage three-phase open drip motor
  • One-piece housing for check valve
  • Full magnetic voltage with 115-volt control
  • Display Q1 microprocessor
  • Microprocessor controller
  • Flange mounted compressor

Optional Features

  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • Pop Up Indicator for Filter
  • TEFC Motor
  • Water Cooling
  • Low ambient package
  • Gauge Panel complete with lubrication filter, hour meter, temperature gauge, discharge pressure gauge, separator element differential gauges and line pressure gauge
  • HATD shutdown switch for high temperatures
  • Separator Trap
  • The option of Wye-Delta or Solid States starter

Industrial Applications

Small rotary screw air compressors play a large role in light-duty industry manufacturing and maintenance. But there are times when businesses need something a little more powerful.

For instance, aerospace, chemical, machinery and power industries need heavier-duty solutions. The SP20 Series compressor can make a significant impact on efficiency while remaining an economical and energy-saving option.

SP32 Series compressors are built to last and offer strength suited for fast-paced, challenging environments. Since it has a horsepower range of 300-450, you can expect this type of air compressor from Sullivan-Palatek to assist in major production, repair and maintenance jobs. High-quality air ends make the SP32 Series a reliable compressor solution for businesses across industries.

SP32 Series Benefits

  • A 460/575 volt three-phase open drip motor
  • Control starter, 115 volts
  • Dry air intake filter
  • Q1 Microprocessor
  • Capable of sequencing 12 air compressors
  • Positive alignment between the compressor and motor

Optional Features

  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • Acoustical enclosure with removable panels
  • Starter Choices: Wye-Delta and Solid States
  • Filter pop up indicator
  • Water cooling
  • TEFC Motor
  • Low ambient package
  • Separator trap
  • HATD shutdown switch in case of high discharge temperatures
  • Lubricant Choices of Pallube 32, AFX 32, Pal-Extra 44 or food-grade
  • Gauge panel containing line pressure gauge, hour meter, temperature gauge, separator element differential gauges, discharge pressure gauge

Industry Applications

The SP32 Series compressor has the most potential in large manufacturing industries due to its high level of power and stability. This product can handle almost all manner of industrial environments, which makes it ideal for dealing with heavy products or metal fabrication, as well as food and beverages and nuclear power generation. Whatever your industry, this air compressor can apply to all your heavy-duty air power tools and machinery.

Sullivan Palatek LSC series industrial air compressor

LSC Series compressors from Sullivan-Palatek are designed to meet a wide variety of industry needs. As oil-flooded air compressors complete with dry air intake filter and Palasyn-45 lubricant, the LSC Series products operate on 15-30, 40-50 and 50-60 horsepower and work well for contributors to the manufacturing business.

Line Shaft LSC Series Benefits

By investing in an LSC Series sustainable compressed air solution, you will have access to many benefits and features, including:

  • Steel frame built to endure harsh environments
  • Alignment between the pillow block and compressor shaft
  • Tank-mounted option
  • Platform mounted option
  • Efficient cooling system
  • Direct coupling of the frame and compressor
  • ASME coded 200 PSIG sump tank
  • Check valve and relief valve
  • Oil separator
  • Temperature gauge and fluid level indicator
  • HATD shutdown switch for high temperatures
  • Pneumatic modulating control valve
  • Pilot unloader valve
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Microfiber oil filter

Industry Applications

You can use LSC Series air compressors to power tools and machinery. Their force allows you to create a work environment that is both productive and energy-efficient. This piece of equipment can function in industries from pharmaceuticals and food and beverage processing to chemical and automotive companies. The LSC Series is a versatile type of compressor with easy-to-integrate controls and low maintenance needs.

Are you looking for a new industrial electric compressed air solution to power the air tools and equipment at your manufacturing facility? Then you could benefit from Sullivan-Palatek’s VFD Series air compressors, which are designed to protect energy and finances. Variable Frequency Drive technology allows these air compressors to adjust their voltage and frequency according to the requirements of the motor.

VFD Series Benefits

  • Voltage: 208, 230, 460 and 575
  • Multiple digital input and output options
  • Motor speed control capabilities
  • Unlimited number of starts per hour
  • Compliant with Electro-Magnetic Compatibility standards
  • UL and CSA approved
  • DC bus voltage with a thermal sensor

In addition, Variable Frequency Drive air compressors have been engineered in a way that saves a large amount of power in comparison to other compressors. It also uses soft start, which helps increase the life span of your equipment and uses less energy.

Optional Features

  • Choice of food-grade, AFX 32, Pallube 32 or Pal-Extra 44 lubricants
  • TEFC motor
  • Acoustical enclosure
  • Water cooling options
  • Low ambient package
  • Separator package
  • Tank-mounted option

Industrial Applications

Variable Frequency Drive electric compressors are a popular choice among almost all industries thanks to their durability and high efficiency. Whether you need power tools and machinery to develop, maintain or repair products, these air compressors can do the job you need. Nuclear power generation, infrastructure, food processing, chemical industries and more can benefit from this cost-effective business solution.

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    Industry Uses of Sullivan-Palatek Lubricated Rotary Screw Air Compressors

    Among our inventory of Sullivan-Palatek air compressors, you will find a diverse selection of products built to function in many different facility settings. Size and horsepower can indicate which product you need — whether it’s for a small textile workshop or a nuclear power plant.

    Air-powered tools and machinery play a significant role in dozens of industries, including but not limited to:

    • Pharmaceutical
    • Food and Beverage
    • Automotive
    • Chemical Processing
    • Hydraulics
    • Plastic Manufacturing
    • Product Packaging
    • Power Generation

    As a leader in any of these industries, you can use Sullivan-Palatek air compressors to power large or small machinery that assembles or repairs products and equipment. With the cost-effective, energy-saving nature of these air compressors, you can enhance your industrial operations and build a more successful business than ever before.

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    Thanks to our 30 years of experience working with air and gas systems, Fluid Aire Dynamics is equipped to deliver, maintain and repair a wide variety of products. We do more than simply install the product at your facility. We also offer preventative maintenance to give you the most years of reliable service possible. Our expert team is always ready to provide emergency repairs for your air compressor system if needed.

    Contact us today for a free quote and more information on our selection of Sullivan-Palatek industrial compressors.

    M Series Technical Specifications

    Compressor DataUnitsM5HM5HHM5M7.5HM7.5HHM7.5M10HM10HHM10
    Pressure @ Full Loadpsig (bar)125 (8.6)150 (10.3)175 (12.1)125 (8.6)150 (10.3)175 (12.1)125 (8.6)150 (10.3)175 (12.1)
    Minimum Pressurepsig (bar)60 (4.1)60 (4.1)60 (4.1)60 (4.1)60 (4.1)60 (4.1)60 (4.2)60 (4.2)60 (4.2)
    Motor Output (60 Hz)hp (kW)5 (3.7)5 (3.7)5 (3.7)7.5 (5.6)7.5 (5.6)7.5 (5.6)10 (7.5)10 (7.5)10 (7.5)
    Motor Speedrpm175517551755353035303530351535153515
    Motor Output @ Full Loadhp (kW)4.6 (3.4)5.0 (3.7)5.2 (3.9)10.5 (7.8)8.2 (6.1)7.7 (5.7)10.9 (8.1)9.7 (7.2)11.2 (8.4)
    Motor Output @ 100 psighp (kW)4.3 (3.2)3.9 (2.9)3.3 (2.5)7.2 (5.4)5.6 (4.2)5.3 (3.9)9.8 (7.3)8.2 (6.2)8.2 (6.2)
    Driven Pulley2.652.803.003.353.654.124.755.305.60
    Drive Ratio2.
    Rotor Diametermm606060606060757575
    Fan Airflowcfm110011001100110011001100110011001100
    After Cooler Approach°F (°C) 220 (11)20 (11)20 (11)20 (11)20 (11)20 (11)20 (11)20 (11)20 (11)
    Fluid Capacitygallons (L)1 (3.8)1 (3.8)1 (3.8)1 (3.8)1 (3.8)1 (3.8)1.50 (5.7)1.50 (5.7)1.50 (5.7)
    Air-Cooled (Open)dba @ 1m727272828282828282
    Air-Cooled (Enclosed)dba @ 1m686868757575747474
    Air-Cooled (Base-Mounted)NPT3/43/43/43/43/43/43/43/43/4
    Tank-Mounted (Tank End)NPT222222222
    Motor FLA @ 575V (3-Phase)amps5.
    Motor FLA @ 460V (3-Phase)amps6.
    Motor FLA @ 230V (3-Phase)amps13.
    Motor FLA @ 230V (1-Phase)amps20.520.520.5333333464646
    Motor FLA @ 208V (3-Phase)amps14.714.714.719191924.524.524.5
    Motor FLA @ 208V (1-Phase)amps22.722.722.736.536.536.550.950.950.9
    Motor FLA @ 200V (3-Phase)amps15.315.315.319.819.819.825.525.525.5
    Starter Enclosure RatingNEMA111111111
    Control Voltagevolts115115115115115115115115115
    Motor Insulation ClassNEMAFFFFFFFFF
    Motor Service FactorNEMA1.
    Motor Maximum Starts/Hour15151512121212121212

    Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

    Manufacturer Link

    C Series Technical Specifications

    Capacity @ 125 PSI*
    (*100 psi and 145 psi also available)
    Motorhp (kW)5 (3.7)7.5 (5.6)10 (7.5)
    Motor Speedrpm351035103510
    Sump Capacitygallons (liters).5 (1.89).5 (1.89).5 (1.89)
    Discharge NPTinches1/2 inch1/2 inch1/2 inch
    Length inches (mm)25 (635)25 (635)25 (635)
    Width inches (mm)25 (635)25 (635)25 (635)
    Heightinches (mm)45 (1143)45 (1143)45 (1143)
    Weightpounds (kg)465 (211)465 (211)465 (211)

    Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

    Manufacturer Link

    D Series Technical Specifications

    Capacity @
    125 psi
    150 psi (H)
    175 psi (HH)







    Motorhp (kW)15 (11.2)20 (14.9)25 (18.6)25 (18.6)30 (22.4)40 (29.8)
    Motor Speedrpm1,7501,7503,5501,7503,5503,550
    Sump Capacitygallons (liters)3 (11)3 (11)3 (11)3 (11)3 (11)3.5 (13)
    Discharge NPTinches1"1"1"1"1"1 1/4"
    Length inches (mm)56 (1,422)58 (1,473)58 (1,473)61 (1,549)58 (1,473)61 (1,574)
    Length (Tank Mounted)inches (mm)72 (1,828)72 (1,828)72 (1,828)72 (1,828)72 (1,828)73 (1,854)*
    Width inches (mm)26 (660)26 (660)26 (660)26 (660)26 (660)30 (762)
    Width (Tank Mounted)inches (mm)29 (736)29 (736)29 (736)29 (736)29 (736)30 (762)
    Heightinches (mm)34 (863)34 (863)34 (863)34 (863)34 (863)37 (939)
    Height (Tank Mounted)inches (mm)64 (1,625)64 (1,625)64 (1,625)64 (1,625)64 (1,625)71 (1,803)*
    Weightpounds (kg)580 (263)625(283)625(283)790 (358)770 (349)925 (419)
    Weight (Tank Mounted)pounds (kg)905 (410)950 (430)950 (430)1,115 (505)1,095 (496)1,400 (635)*

    Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

    Manufacturer Link

    DG Series Technical Specifications

    ModelUnit25 DG30 DG40 DG50 DG
    Capacity @ 125 psi
    Motorhp (kW)25 (19)30 (22)40 (30)50 (37)
    Motor Speedrpm1,7501,7501,7501,750
    Sump Capacitygallons (liters)6 (22)6 (22)6 (22)6 (22)
    Discharge NPTinches1"1"1 1/4"2"
    Length (A)inches (mm)64 (1,626)64 (1,626)65 (1,651)65 (1,651)
    Width (B)inches (mm)33 (838)33 (838)35 (889)34 (864)
    Height (C)inches (mm)37 (940)37 (940)37 (940)43 (1092)
    Weightpounds (kg)950 (431)990 (449)1,220 (553)1,320 (599)

    Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

    Manufacturer Link

    UD Series Technical Specifications

    ModelUnit40 UD50 UD60 UD
    Capacity @ 125 psi
    Motorhp (kW)40 (30)50 (237)60 (45)
    Fan Motor Outputhp (kW)1 (.7)1 (.7)1.5 (1.1)
    Sump Capacitygallons (liters)3.5 (13.2)3.5 (13.2)6 (22.7)
    Discharge NPTinches1 1/4"1 1/4"1 1/4"
    Length inches (mm)66 (1,676)66 (1,676)66 (1,676)
    Widthinches (mm)34 (864)34 (864)34 (864)
    Height inches (mm)48 (1,219)48 (1,219)48 (1,219)
    Weightpounds (kg)1,050 (476)1,215 (551)1,460 (662)
    Weight/Enclosedpounds (kg)1,350 (612)1,515 (687)1,760 (798)

    Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

    Manufacturer Link

    SP20 Series Technical Specifications

    Capacity @ 125 psi
    Motorhp (kW)125 (93)150 (112)200 (149)250 (186)300 (224)
    Fan Motor Outputhp (kW)5 (3.7)5 (3.7)10 (7.5)10 (7.5)15 (7.5)
    Sump Capacitygallons (liters)25 (94.6)25 (94.6)25 (94.6)25 (94.6)25 (94.6)
    Discharge NPTinches2"2"3"3"3"
    Length inches (mm)113 (2,870)113 (2,870)113 (2,870)113 (2,870)113 (2,870)
    Widthinches (mm)58 (1,473)58 (1,473)58 (1,473)58 (1,473)58 (1,473)
    Height inches (mm)72 (1,829)72 (1,829)72 (1,829)72 (1,829)72 (1,829)
    Weightpounds (kg)5,825 (2,642)6,050 (2,744)6,275 (2,846)6,500 (2,948)7,000 (3,175)
    Weight/Enclosedpounds (kg)6,475 (2,937)6,700 (3,039)6,925 (3,141)7,150 (3,243)7,620 (3,456)

    Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

    Manufacturer Link

    SP32 Series Technical Specifications

    Capacity @ 125 psi
    Motorhp (kW)300 (223)350 (261)400 (298)450 (336)
    Fan Motor Outputhp (kW)15 (11.2)15 (11.2)20 (15)20 (15)
    Sump Capacitygallons (liters)45 (170.3)45 (170.3)45 (170.3)45 (170.3)
    Discharge NPTinches3"3"3"3"
    Length inches (mm)135 (3,429)135 (3,429)135 (3,429)135 (3,429)
    Widthinches (mm)58 (1,473)58 (1,473)58 (1,473)58 (1,473)
    Height inches (mm)72 (1,829)72 (1,829)72 (1,829)72 (1,829)
    Weightpounds (kg)10,500 (4,763) 10,900 (4,944)13,400 (6,078)13,900 (6,305)
    Weight/Enclosedpounds (kg)11,600 (5,262)12,000 (5,443)14,500 (6,577) 15,000 (6,804)

    Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

    Manufacturer Link

    Line Shaft LSC Series Technical Specifications

    Capacity, ACFM55-115165-210215-265
    Maximum full load/unload, psig125125125
    Minimum full load, psig606060
    Minimum required driver HP20-3547-6065-70
    Compressor RPM1750-35503550-45004250-5250
    Driven pulleyC/FC/FC/F
    Rotor diameter108 mm108 mm108 mm
    Fan air flow, CFM1000-25003500-50005500-6500
    Aftercooler approach degree F151515
    Oil sump, fluid capacity2.5 gal3 gal3/5 gal
    SOUND DATA (dba @ 1m)
    Air cooled, open75-818487-90

    Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

    VFD Series Technical Specifications

    ModelHorsepower (hp)Capacity (cfm) @ 100 Pressure (psi)Capacity (cfm) @ 125 Pressure (psi)Capacity (cfm) @ 150 Pressure (psi)
    D-15VFD 156356.343

    Manufacturer Link