Rotary Vane Air Compressors

Rotary vane compressors are compact air compressors made up of a cylinder with an opening for suction and one for discharge, with a rotor inside positioned eccentrically. This type of compressor is a positive displacement compressor that takes in air from the suction port, compresses it through the eccentric motion of the rotor and its attached blades, separates the oil that lubricates the system and discharges the compressed air through the discharge port.

Features and Benefits of Rotary Vane Air Compressors

Consider these beneficial features of a rotary vane compressor:

  • Simple, compact design: Ideal if you have limited space.
  • Cost-effective: More affordable than compressors that are larger or work with oil-free operation.
  • Low maintenance: Features fewer moving parts than other types of compressors.
  • Efficient: Relatively easy to install and has low rotational speeds.

What Are Rotary Vane Air Compressors Used For?

Rotary vane compressor applications tend to favor budget and space considerations. As a result, this type of air compressor is often used in low capacity home applications such as refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners.

How Do Rotary Vane Air Compressors Differ From Other Types?

If your compressor will undergo heavy use, you may opt for a rotary screw compressor for its energy efficiency. Rotary vane compressors are not appropriate for situations where you need a clean environment, as some oil may carry over into the air. This distinguishes rotary vane compressors from oil-free reciprocating compressors or centrifugal compressors, which offer completely lubricant-free compressed air delivery.

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