Breathing Air Purifiers

If you have been focusing on the quality of air when it comes to compressed air for product processing at your facility but have been neglecting the quality of the air your employees are actually breathing, you are committing a potentially grave oversight. Nothing is more important than the quality of the air your employees breathe on a daily basis, as without quality air, they may not be able to perform their jobs at an optimal level and may even face threats to their long-term health.

What Do Breathing Air Purifiers Do?

Quite simply, breathing air purifiers filter the air that flows through your facility, which your workers inhale. This makes sure any major contaminants in the air that may otherwise enter your employees’ lungs end up trapped in the purifier for safe removal while your workers enjoy clean, healthy air.

Diagram of breathing air filtration steps

How Do Breathing Air Purifiers Work?

Breathing air purifiers can work with compressed air machines to clean the air and make it suitable for breathing through methods such as multiple levels of filtration and adsorption of contaminants using media like activated alumina, similar to the way a desiccant air dryer removes moisture to purify the air.

What Are Breathing Air Purifiers Used For?

Breathing air purifiers are commonly found in and are strongly recommended for manufacturing plants, factories and other industrial installations where contaminants can be easily released into the air through product processing or cleaning. This can include places where activities such as paint spraying, sandblasting and cleaning using harsh chemicals are taking place.

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