Membrane Dryers

What kind of air dryer do you need for your industrial facility? If you work with compressed air, you may be under the impression that refrigerated air dryers are the only option for keeping your compressed air safe and moisture-free. The reality is that you have many options when it comes to drying your compressed air, including membrane dryers. What are membrane dryers used for, and can they work with your applications? It may be worth it for you to look into this option.

What Do Membrane Air Dryers Do?

Just as with a refrigerated air dryer, desiccant air dryer or another air dryer, the goal of the membrane air dryer is to remove the moisture that can condense as a result of the compressed air process. Failure to remove this moisture can mean water gets into your production process which can result in corrosion, freezing and other problems.

How Do Membrane Air Dryers Work?

Membrane air dryers work by lowering the dew point of your compressed air so that humidity and condensation do not occur. They do this by using a variety of filters and a special membrane that removes water vapor and dramatically reduces the dew point and humidity, resulting in clean and dry air.

What Are Membrane Air Dryers Used For?

You can use membrane air dryers just about anywhere you can use refrigerated or desiccant air dryers, and you may find them in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturing, health care, petrochemical plants and more.

Why choose a membrane air dryer over some other kind of dryer? One reason is the action of membrane air dryers requires no electricity. This can translate into significant savings as well as offering a quiet, low-maintenance operation.

In addition, membrane air dryers are relatively compact, which makes them a great option when space is limited. Membrane air dryers can fit almost anywhere, including tight spaces and corners.

Why Work With Fluid Aire Dynamics for Membrane Air Dryer Installation, Service and Repair?

Nobody knows membrane air dryers like Fluid Aire Dynamics. We make our own membrane air dryers, including the:

  • TMD simple, fixed purge dryers
  • TME purge saving dryers
  • TDX complete field expandable cabinet dryer systems
  • TMD/EB simple, pre-packaged wall or floor mount filter and dryer packages

Because we make high-quality membrane air dryers, we are also the most reliable source for your membrane air dryer installation, repair or other service needs. Our highly trained expert technicians can install your membrane dryers quickly and effectively and handle any maintenance or repair issues you may encounter.

If you’re unsure whether you can rely on a membrane air dryer to meet your air-drying needs, one of our experts will be happy to walk through it with you. Just call us at 610.913.9100 to talk to one of our compressed air and air dryer experts about your situation. You can also get in touch with us online.