Fluid Aire Dynamics Membrane Dryers

Those who use compressed air know that dry air is a superior resource. It improves production and process efficiency, prevents products from spoiling or getting contaminated, reduces downtime and extends the longevity of your tools and components.

While there are many types of air dryers available on the market, they pale in comparison to the benefits offered by membrane air dryers.

Membrane dryers work by reducing the dew point of your compressed air and filtering it through a semipermeable hollow fiber air dryer membrane. This process produces an uninterrupted flow of dry compressed air without any extra noise, moving parts, electrical power, desiccants or environmentally unfriendly liquids.

Superior Membrane Air Dryer Technology

Since 1987, Titus has been one of the leading names in compressed air drying systems.

Without Titus membrane air dryers, compressed air operators’ options for air drying were limited to +40°F dew point from refrigerated dryers or -40°F and lower from desiccant dryers.

Our air dryers can produce air to dewpoints from +40°F to -40°F pressure with the lowest associated purge loss of any membrane dryer on the market. You can adjust the dew point to the optimal level for your specific production process.

Titus membrane air dryers are safe to use in all industrial environments because of their simple design and functionality. They don’t have any moving parts or electricity, and they’re free of any potentially harmful desiccant dust, CFCs or liquids.

Making dry compressed air does add cost to your production, so we recommend you produce exactly the amount of dry air you require. At Fluid Aire Dynamics, we offer a range of membrane air dryer models designed to meet the specific needs of your business.


Titus TMD Series membrane air dryers are simple, fixed purge dryers. They’re small and easy to install, so you can get right back to work with minimal downtime. TMD dryers are available in six varieties, each with a different standard cubic feet per minute (scfm) outlet flow capacity.

The TMD series of dryers is ideal for smaller applications that require less than 48 scmf.

Fluid Aire Dynamics Membrane Dryers - TMD Series


The Titus TME Series of air dryers is made up of purge saving dryers. The TME series includes seven different membrane dryers to fit your specific needs. Each has different ratings for standard cubic feet per minute (scfm) outlet flow capacity.

These membrane air dryers are recommended for applications that require less than 98 scmf.

Fluid Aire Dynamics Membrane Dryers - TME Series


Titus TDX is a complete, field expandable cabinet membrane air dryer system designed to grow along with your needs. You can purchase the system as you need it now for a lower upfront cost and easily expand it when your business has grown to require more.

This easy-access cabinet system offers internal filters featuring PRISM air dryer membranes. PRISM is the premier name in hollow-fiber membrane technology. Their membranes have proven reliable and innovative for more than 25 years over a wide range of applications.

Additionally, TDX air dryer systems can be equipped with our optional premium electrical package (PEP). This package provides optimal levels of control, monitoring and information in a programmable logic controller (PLC)-based program. With the PEP, users can select a fixed dew point or program their system to adjust automatically to seasonal changes.

Fluid Aire Dynamics Membrane Dryers - TDX Series


Every business has different requirements for dry compressed air, and Fluid Aire Dynamics wants to help you find the exact membrane dryer system you need. Our TMD/EB system offers a simple, prepackaged wall or floor mount filter and dryer package featuring TMD series dryers.

This system is versatile and easy to use. We can help you install it wherever it makes the most sense in your facility for seamless functionality and an uninterrupted stream of dried compressed air.

Applications for Membrane Air Dryers

For more than 30 years, Titus membrane air dryers have been in use across countless industries. They have repeatedly proven their exceptional performance in every imaginable application.

Businesses in industries of all kinds rely on Fluid Aire Dynamics for dependable, easy-to-use membrane air dryers for applications that require dry air, including:

  • Pharmaceutical processing.
  • Chemical processing.
  • Laboratory air.
  • Dental air.
  • Spray painting.
  • Dust collection.
  • Instrument air.
  • Conveyor systems.
  • Braking systems.
  • Blanketing.
  • Material transportation.
  • Pigging/cleaning.
  • Purging.
  • Mixing.
  • Volumizing.
  • Cable pressurization.
  • Welding purge.
  • Laser cutting.
  • Energy conversion.
  • Ozone generation.
  • Plasma generation.
  • Diesel start.
  • Analyzer supply.
  • Valve actuation.
  • Freeze-up prevention.

Get Started With Fluid Aire Dynamics

Fluid Aire Dynamics is a family-owned and -operated business dedicated to providing you with exceptional support and service every step of the way — from purchase and installation to ongoing maintenance and repairs. We also offer 24/7 emergency repair services.

We’ve spent the past several decades learning about air compressors and creating an inventory of the most prominent and performance-driven products on the market. When you purchase a Titus membrane air dryer, you can feel confident you’re getting the best possible equipment available.

Contact us online or give us a call at 610-913-9100 to speak with a professional and get a free, no-obligation estimate.

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    TMD Series Technical Specifications

    ModelFlow @ +40°F PDP - InletFlow @ +40°F PDP - OutletFlow @ +20°F PDP - InletFlow @ +20°F PDP - OutletFlow @ 0°F PDP - InletFlow @ 0°F PDP - OutletFlow @ -20°F PDP - InletFlow @ -20°F PDP - OutletFlow @ -40°F PDP - InletFlow @ -40°F PDP - Outlet


    Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

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    TME Series Technical Specifications

    ModelFlow @ +40°F PDP - InletFlow @ +40°F PDP - OutletFlow @ +20°F PDP - InletFlow @ +20°F PDP - OutletFlow @ 0°F PDP - InletFlow @ 0°F PDP - OutletFlow @ -20°F PDP - InletFlow @ -20°F PDP - OutletFlow @ -40°F PDP - InletFlow @ -40°F PDP - Outlet


    Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

    Manufacturer Link

    Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

    Manufacturer Link