Van Air Systems Deliquescent Air Dryers

Van Air is a leading name in deliquescent desiccant dryer technology, providing efficient, affordable solutions to compressed air and gas drying requirements.

D-Series Single Tower Deliquescent Dryers


Easily remove potentially harmful water vapors from your compressed air lines with Van Air’s D-Series of single tower deliquescent air dryers.

As wet compressed air enters the bottom of the tower vessel, it passes up through Dry-O-Lite desiccant. This desiccant acts like a sponge, absorbing the water vapor and slowly dissolving. The water and dissolved desiccant condensate drop to the bottom of the vessel to be drained, and dry compressed air exits through the top of the vessel.

D-Series deliquescent compressed air dryers automatically adjust for a dew point that is about 20° F lower than the air at the vessel inlet. As a result, the dew point is always exactly where it needs to be to meet your particular compressed air product requirements. The dew point can range from 20° F to 63° F.

Condensate liquids should be drained after eight hours of use, and new desiccant should be added several times per year. The rate of desiccant replacement will depend on how frequently or heavily you use your air dryer.

Benefits and Applications of D-Series Deliquescent Dryers

Van Air single tower dryers offer a simple, cost-effective solution to drying your compressed air. With no moving parts or electricity required, these versatile dryers are suitable for use even in hazardous or dirty environments.

D-Series dryers can be installed virtually anywhere indoors or outdoors. They protect against freeze-ups in winter and liquid in summer for year-round efficacy.

These dryers are ideal for a variety of low-pressure applications:

  • Blast rooms
  • Paint booths
  • Sawmills
  • Industrial plant air
  • Landfill gas and digester gas
  • Ready-mix, cement and asphalt plants

PDL Natural Gas Dryers


Van Air’s PDL natural gas dryers offer an easy, durable solution for removing water vapor from natural gases. These dryers work through the use of several stages. They feature no moving parts and require no electricity.

As the wet gas enters the bottom of the vessel, its velocity is reduced. It passes through a pre-bed coated in a desiccant solution that removes mist and droplets of liquid water too small to be separated mechanically. The heavier drops of water easily separate and fall into the liquid storage area at the base of the vessel.

Next, gas travels up through the desiccant. Any remaining liquid water is removed and vapors are significantly reduced, leaving dry natural gas for your application.

PDL dryers are available in several models to meet your specific requirements. The Titus Company can help find the right model PDL natural gas dryer for you.

Benefits and Applications of PDL Natural Gas Dryers

PDL natural gas dryers eliminate hydrate formation and stop freeze-ups. The desiccant and water condensate that accumulates in the claim area will not freeze above -20° F, giving you efficient gas drying capabilities year-round.

These dryers can be used for a variety of applications:

  • Dry fuel gas
  • Natural gas dehydration at wellheads
  • Inhibition of hydrate formation
  • Protection of meters, regulators and other instrumentation

Get Van Air Systems Dryers From The Titus Company

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D Series Technical Specifications

Model No.Height (in)Height (cm)Width (in)Width (cm)In/Out ConnectionMax Working Pressure - PSIGMax Working Pressure - BARGWeight Empty - lbsWeight Empty - kgDry-O-Lite Qty Per Unit - lbsDry-O-Lite Qty Per Unit - kg
D213 1/2343 5/891/2" NPT20013.84221
D432 7/8844 1/2113/4" NPT25017.230143516
D840 3/161028 5/8223/4" NPT25017.260273516
D125113012 3/4322" NPT25017.21305915068
D165514016412" NPT25017.214565250113
D205614220512" NPT20013.821095350159
D245915024612" NPT20013.8285128500227
D306416330723" NPT20013.8640290700318
D367017836 5/8933" FLG175127803531100499
D428621842 3/41094" FLG15010.312755801700771
D489123148 3/41244" FLG15010.321509752200998
D549423954 3/41394" FLG15010.32640119528001270
D609724660 3/41544" FLG15010.32850122535001588
D6610025466 3/41706" FLG15010.33200145042001905
D72110279731856" FLG1258.64500185060002722
D84124315852166" FLG1258.66000258582003719
D1021373481032628" FLG1258.690004080140006350
D120145 1/23701213078" FLG1258.6129005850200009072
D138154 3/439314035610" FLG1258.61780080752700012247


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PLD Series Technical Specifications

Model10 PSIG25 PSIG50 PSIG100 PSIG200 PSIG280 PSIG500 PSIG720 PSIG1450 PSIGPrimePeakMaxPrebed
PLD 8-2.816264275141193---25192115
PLD 8-7.215244070132181315450-63485215
PLD 8-14.51422366412016528841181957444815
PLD 12-2.8304979141263362---115889635
PLD 12-7.2294675132248340594848-19314816135
PLD 12-14.5264270120225310540770153517813614832
PLD 16-2.85080125225415570---18714315655
PLD 16-7.245751202154005509751400-30923625855
PLD 16-14.540701152003755159001300257028221523550
PLD 20-2.875120195340640875---29122224390
PLD 20-7.27011519033062085014852120-49637941390
PLD 20-14.56511017531058080014002000398046435538783
PLD 24-2.81071722804979301277---425324354130
PLD 24-7.2101163265471881120921123014-704537586130
PLD 24-14.5961552524478381150200828665714669511557119
PLD 30-2.817127544779314852038---678518565212
PLD 30-7.21612584217471398191833504783-1116853930199
PLD 30-14.5150241392695130117863119445388771039794866186
PLD 36-2.8257412672119122303061---1018778848318
PLD 36-7.225741267211912230306153467631-178113611484318
PLD 36-14.52574126721191223030615346763115213178113611484318


Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

Manufacturer Link