ZEKS Eclipse Desiccant Air Dryers

Water vapor is an unavoidable byproduct of the air compression process. When that moisture stays in your compressed air, it can cause problems with tools, products and processes. Eclipse desiccant air dryers from ZEKS dry your compressed air for use in applications where no amount of moisture can be tolerated.

Desiccant dryers operate using a two-tower design. The towers are each filled with high-quality desiccant beads that absorb moisture as air passes through. When the desiccant in one tower becomes saturated, specially-designed switching valves reliably alternate between towers for simultaneous drying and regeneration to provide a continuous flow of dry compressed air for your application.

ZEKS purge desiccant dryers are made with durable materials and assembled in the U.S. Their smart, simple designs make them low-maintenance. When maintenance is required, all serviceable parts are easily accessible to ensure quick repairs and minimal downtime.

Heatless Desiccant Dryers

ZEKS-Heatless Purge Desiccant Dryer ZPB Eclipse™

ZPB Eclipse heatless purge desiccant air dryers rely on purge air to regenerate the saturated desiccant. These simple dryers remove moisture from your compressed air, achieving dew points from -40 °F to as low as -100 °F depending on your particular model.

High-quality switching valves are automatically controlled by solid-state controllers or optional digital controllers able to connect for remote communications. There are 19 ZPB dryer models available, ranging in ability from 90 to 5,000 SCFM, so you can select the perfect model to meet your requirements for dry compressed air.

Heated Desiccant Dryers

ZEKS-Heated Purge Desiccant Dryer ZHA Eclipse™

ZEKS ZHA Eclipse heated purge desiccant air dryers work to dry compressed air, achieving dew points of -40 °F to -100 °F. The ZHA line includes 18 models with capacities of 150 to 8,000 SCFM.

ZHA heated desiccant dryers use a combination of dry purge air and onboard low-watt-density heaters to regenerate saturated desiccant beads. This process requires only 7% of your dry compressed air — significantly less than is used in heatless regeneration. As a result, these dryers give you more product air downstream.

The onboard heaters are supported by solid-state AccuTemp relays that precisely monitor their temperature and ensure long operating lives. In the event that your heater needs to be serviced, your dryer can be switched to heatless mode to eliminate downtime.

Blower Purge Desiccant Dryers

ZEKS-Blower Purge Desiccant Dryer ZBA Eclipse™

Heated blower purge desiccant dryers, like ZEKS Eclipse ZBA dryers, use ambient air generated by a blower and onboard heaters to dry saturated desiccant. They don’t pull any dry compressed air, giving you access to your total compressor output downstream.

ZEKS offers 18 models of ZBA dryers with 150 to 8,000 SCFM flow capabilities. These dryers remove moisture from your compressed air to achieve dew points as low as -40 °F.

Applications for Desiccant Dryers

Despite their different operational features, all three types of desiccant dryers are effective, efficient options for drying compressed air for sensitive industrial applications that can’t allow for any contamination and moisture.

Applications for compressed air dried by desiccant dryers include:

  • Pneumatic equipment and tool operations.
  • Pharmaceutical production.
  • Electronics manufacturing.
  • Chemical and petrochemical processing.
  • Spray painting.

Eliminate Moisture With ZEKS Eclipse Dryers

At The Titus Company, we can help you determine which ZEKS Eclipse desiccant air dryers will meet your specific needs. We’re with you every step of the way, from designing and installing your compressed air system to maintaining it with ongoing services. We even provide 24/7 emergency repair services for unexpected breakdowns.

To find out more about ZEKS dryers or to get a free estimate, please fill out our online contact form or call 610-913-9100.

ZPA Series Technical Specifications

ModelFlow Capacity SCFM (-40oF PDP)Flow Capacity SCFM (-100oF PDP)Heater kWBlower HPAir Connection In/OutDimensions: Width x Depth x Height (in)Shipping Weight (lbs)
800ZPA800640--3.0" NPT64 x 42 x 882017
1000ZPA1000800--3.0" NPT64 x 42 x 882237
1200ZPA1200960--3.0" NPT64 x 42 x 882424
1500ZPA15001200--4.0" FLG78.5 x 55 x 812974
1800ZPA18001440--4.0" FLG84 x 61 x 923905
2100ZPA21001680--4.0" FLG84 x 61 x 924279
2700ZPA27002160--4.0" FLG84 x 61 x 924926
3300ZPA33002640--6.0" FLG96 x 66 x 1006950
4000ZPA40003200--6.0" FLG96 x 66 x 1007250
5000ZPA50004000--6.0" FLG102 x 72 x 929950


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ZHA Series Technical Specifications

ModelFlow Capacity SCFM (-40oF PDP)Flow Capacity SCFM (-100oF PDP)Heater kWBlower HPAir Connection In/OutDimensions: Width x Depth x Height (in)Shipping Weight (lbs)
150ZHA1501502.0-1.0" NPT44.5 x 32 x 66758
200ZHA2002003.0-1.5" NPT48.5 x 32 x 67913
250ZHA2502503.0-1.5" NPT52.5 x 32 x 681119
300ZHA3003003.0-1.5" NPT52.5 x 32 x 681191
400ZHA4004004.5-2.0" NPT56.5 x 34 x 821539
500ZHA5005004.5-2.0" NPT56.5 x 34 x 821707
600ZHA6006006.0-3.0" NPT64 x 42 x 862369
800ZHA8008009.0-3.0" NPT64 x 42 x 862681
1000ZHA100010009.0-3.0" NPT78.5 x 46.5 x 803043
1200ZHA1200120012.0-3.0" NPT78.5 x 46.5 x 803285
1500ZHA1500150015.0-3.0" NPT84 x 55 x 924480
1800ZHA1800180018.0-4.0" FLG84 x 60 x 924956
2100ZHA2100210018.0-4.0" FLG84 x 60 x 925350
3000ZHA3000300030.0-4.0" FLG96 x 80 x 1007750
4000ZHA4000400036.0-6.0" FLG102 x 80 x 9210980
5000ZHA5000500050.0-6.0" FLGConsult FactoryConsult Factory
6000ZHA6000600060.0-6.0" FLGConsult FactoryConsult Factory
8000ZHA8000800075.0-8.0" FLGConsult FactoryConsult Factory


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ZBA Series Technical Specifications

ModelFlow Capacity SCFM (-40oF PDP)Blower HPFlow Capacity SCFM (-100oF PDP)Heater kWBlower HPAir Connection In/OutDimensions: Width x Depth x Height (in)Shipping Weight (lbs)
150ZBA150-" NPT44.5 x 33.5 x 66874
200ZBA200-" NPT48.5 x 32 x 671136
250ZBA250-" NPT52.5 x 32 x 681379
300ZBA300-" NPT52.5 x 32 x 681477
400ZBA400-" NPT56.5 x 33 x 82.51897
500ZBA500-" NPT56.5 x 33 x 82.52111
600ZBA600-" NPT64 x 47 x 882804
800ZBA800-" NPT64 x 47 x 883198
1000ZBA1000-" NPT78.5 x 49 x 803767
1200ZBA1200-" NPT78.5 x 49 x 804091
1500ZBA1500-" NPT98 x 55 x 925515
1800ZBA1800-" FLG98 x 68 x 926113
2100ZBA2100-" FLG98 x 68 x 926911
3000ZBA3000-" FLG120 x 78 x 1009730
4000ZBA4000-" FLG126 x 83 x 9212167
5000ZBA5000-" FLGConsult FactoryConsult Factory
6000ZBA6000-" FLGConsult FactoryConsult Factory
8000ZBA8000-" FLGConsult FactoryConsult Factory


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