ZEKS Hydronix Desiccant Air Dryers

Hydronix™ Heatless Purge Desiccant Air Dryers

4 MPS Models, 20-60 SCFM

ZEKS Hydronix Heatless Purge Desiccant Dryers

Hydronix™ MPS Desiccant Air Dryers provide extremely dry compressed air for low volume, moisture-sensitive applications. They incorporate a heatless purge process in a twin-tower design to deliver dry compressed air with -40°F pressure dew point. Models designed to achieve dew points as low as -80°F and -100°F are also available.

Reliable Valves

Non-lubricated, electrically operated solenoid valves provide long, reliable service life. To minimize maintenance time and cost, the dryers are designed to allow solenoid head replacement without removal of the valve body from the dryer.

Maintenance-Free Solid State Timer

Dryer operation is controlled by ZEKS’ time-proven Solid State Timer. This rugged component coordinates operation of switching and purge valves as well as annunciation of optional alarm conditions. Unlike electric cam timers that are susceptible to wear and require maintenance and periodic adjustment, ZEKS’ solid state timer is maintenance-free for reliable, economical dryer operation.

Energy Saving Moisture Load Control

The Moisture Load Control option uses a dedicated solid state controller with a moisture analyzer for measurement of in-bed moisture content. This enables adjustment of the dryer operating cycle to reflect actual demand. Particularly well-suited to low flow or varying flow applications, ZEKS Moisture Load Control can significantly reduce the purge air requirement, providing a proportional savings in energy cost. MPS dryers equipped with Moisture Load Control also include a Failure-To-Shift Alarm (FTS).

Look to Hydronix™ for continuous, trouble-free operation in moisture-sensitive applications. ZEKS MPS Hydronix Heatless Purge Dryers remove moisture from compressed air to achieve dew points from -40 °F to as low as -100 °F. The compact design of the MPS Series enables placement at point-of-use or where space is limited.

MPS Heatless Desiccant Dryers use desiccant media in a twin-tower design and a process of heatless desiccant regeneration to make available very dry air for critical applications. Reliable, electrically operated valves alternate flow between the two towers for simultaneous drying and desiccant regeneration, delivering a continuous supply of dry compressed air. Dryer operation is automatically controlled by a reliable solid state timer that can be configured for annunciation of optional alarm conditions.

Standard Features

  • Power Cord
  • Wall Mounting (Std. units only)
  • Power ON Light
  • Tower Sequencing Lights
  • Tower Pressure Gauges
  • Removable Stainless Steel Retainer Screens
  • Separate Fill and Drain Ports
  • Solid State Timer Controls
  • Initial Desiccant Charge (Installed)
  • 115/1/60 & 110/1/50 Electrical
  • NEMA 1 Electrical Enclosure
  • Non-Lubricated, Electric Switching and Purge Valves
  • Optional Moisture Load Control Available For Enhanced Energy Savings
  • Sound Attenuating Mufflers
  • Service-Friendly Design
  • Assembled In USA

Optional Features

  • Moisture Load Control (includes FTS)
  • High Humidity Alarm
  • Failure-To-Shift Alarm (FTS)
  • Tower Pressure Relief Valves
  • Adjustable Purge
  • NEMA 4
  • Moisture Indicator
  • Pneumatic Operation
  • Remote Alarm Contacts
  • Factory Mounted Filter Packages
  • UL/ULC Certified Enclosure

Hydronix Series Technical Specifications

ModelCapacity SCFM (-40oF PDP)Capacity SCFM (-80oF PDP)Capacity SCFM (-100oF PDP)Dimensions: Width x Depth x Height (in)Connection Size In/OutShipping Weight (lbs)Desiccant Weight (lbs)Maximum Working Pressure (psig)
20MPS20161622 x 15 x 311/2" FPT18022150
30MPS30242422 x 15 x 441/2" FPT24044150
40MPS40323222 x 15 x 443/4" FPT26544150
60MPS60484822 x 15 x 563/4" FPT35065150


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