ZEKS Hydronix Desiccant Air Dryers

ZEKS desiccant compressed air dryers are the ultimate solution to creating extremely dry compressed air for industrial applications that can’t tolerate any amount of moisture or contamination.

These dryers work by cycling compressed air through one of two desiccant bed towers to absorb moisture and produce dried air. The system alternates towers on a schedule to allow the saturated desiccants time to regenerate. The regeneration tower circulates purge air through the desiccants to dry them out.

Because the towers alternate, the system is always working to dry compressed air and regenerate desiccant simultaneously. The result is a constant, uninterrupted stream of dry compressed air.

Hydronix™ Heatless Purge Desiccant Dryers

ZEKS Hydronix Heatless Purge Desiccant Dryers

ZEKS Hydronix™ MPS heatless desiccant dryers provide dry compressed air with almost no moisture for low-volume, sensitive industrial applications. These dryers can achieve a standard -40°F pressure dew point, with some models achieving dew points as low as -100°F and 20 to 60 SCFM capacity.

The simple, efficient heatless purge drying process is fully automated by ZEKS’s solid-state timer. ZEKS’s timers have a proven reputation for rugged, reliable performance and long life spans with little or no maintenance. These timers automatically coordinate switching and purge valves and control option alarm conditions.

Other standard features of Hydronix MPS dryers include wall mounting brackets, tower sequencing lights, easy-to-read pressure gauges and removable stainless steel retainer screens. Each tower features separate fill and drain ports so desiccant can be replaced easily when the time comes.

Dependable Switching Valves

ZEKS Hydronix MPS dryers use non-lubricated solenoid valves rated for long-term, reliable service. These valves are operated automatically through electronic signals from the solid-state timer.

When the solenoid head needs to be replaced, you can change it out quickly without removing the valve body from the system. Maintenance is fast, and your downtime is virtually nonexistent.

Optional Moisture Load Control

Users can choose to include a dedicated solid-state moisture load control with their Hydronix MPS dryer system. This energy-saving controller analyzes the moisture in your desiccant beds to determine how much they need to be regenerated.

This data allows you to adjust how frequently your dryer alternates towers to reflect the actual demand and saturation of your desiccant. With moisture load control, you can significantly reduce purge requirements and energy consumption, saving resources that might go into regenerating desiccant that doesn’t need it.

Industries That Use Heatless Desiccant Dryers

ZEKS heatless purge desiccant dryers like Hydronix MPS are used in many applications across a variety of industries. These systems are ideal for sensitive processes that require air with almost no moisture.

Since heatless systems require a portion of the dry product air to be purged and used in regenerating the desiccant, these dryers are best applied to tasks with low flow requirements or fluctuating demand for compressed air.

Typical applications include:

  • Pharmaceutical production.
  • Chemical and petrochemical processing.
  • Electronics manufacturing.
  • Food and beverage processing.
  • Energy production.

Get Heatless Dryers From Fluid Aire Dynamics

Fluid Aire Dynamics carries the full line of ZEKS Hydronix MPS heatless purge desiccant air dryers. Our team of professionals can help you identify the perfect fit for your application, get it installed in no time and help you keep it running for years to come.

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    Hydronix Series Technical Specifications

    ModelCapacity SCFM (-40oF PDP)Capacity SCFM (-80oF PDP)Capacity SCFM (-100oF PDP)Dimensions: Width x Depth x Height (in)Connection Size In/OutShipping Weight (lbs)Desiccant Weight (lbs)Maximum Working Pressure (psig)
    20MPS20161622 x 15 x 311/2" FPT18022150
    30MPS30242422 x 15 x 441/2" FPT24044150
    40MPS40323222 x 15 x 443/4" FPT26544150
    60MPS60484822 x 15 x 563/4" FPT35065150


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