BOGE Air Compressor Controls

Airtelligence air compressor master controls from BOGE allow users to link several air compressor units to one system for easy, efficient control of each unit and the system as a whole. These units allow you to optimize your compressed air production and save on energy and maintenance.

BOGE airtelligence Master Control Modules

BOGE offers three high-efficiency compressor controllers designed to monitor two to 16 compressor units simultaneously.

airtelligence trinity

The BOGE airtelligence trinity control system allows users to monitor and control up to three compressors in a network, regardless of their size or design.

This control panel features a user-friendly LCD display that shows operating conditions and parameters for each compressor.

Trinity allows you to set your baseload cyclically to distribute use evenly across all three compressors. This distribution helps to reduce wear on individual compressors, saving you money on maintenance and repairs.

Boge airtelligence trinity

airtelligence plus

BOGE airtelligence plus controllers easily manage up to six compressors, including frequency-controlled machines.

This system offers flexibility and simplicity with an easy-to-use 5-inch LCD display. Users can view operating data and parameters in two main displays — total system data or data for each compressor.

Airtelligence plus allows users to select cyclic baseload switching. This baseload distribution ensures balanced utilization of all your compressors, increasing your compressed air supply and reducing wear and service costs.

For added convenience and operational safety, airtelligence plus can receive RFID signals from authorized operators. This capability allows users to log in to the control system from a safe distance without contact.

Boge airtelligence plus

airtelligence provis 2.0

BOGE airtelligence provis 2.0 air compressor control allows you to monitor and operate up to 16 compressors and 24 accessories simultaneously with one of the most innovative systems on the market.

This advanced control system offers several options for responsive, automated operations, including a standard operating mode that optimizes delivery volume, cyclical baseload distribution and dynamic runtime optimization.

The 9-inch touch display screen gives users intuitive control and around-the-clock visibility of system data.

Boge airtelligence provis 2.0

Industrial Applications

Any business that uses compressed air can benefit from a BOGE airtelligence master control system. The three controller varieties help BOGE provide advanced compressor control to businesses with vastly different compressed air production needs and intended applications. These systems are ideal for the following industries:

  • Electronic manufacturing
  • Food and beverage production
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Metal manufacturing
  • Energy production
  • Chemical and petrochemical processing
  • Woodworking

Air compressor control systems help to optimize any operation by giving you greater control over the air compressors in your system. With greater control, your system can respond to fluctuations in your compressed air production and provide the ideal amount of air at all times.

Plus, with cyclic baseload switching and even wear distribution, you’ll pay less for maintenance and repairs.

Superior Service From Fluid Aire Dynamics

At Fluid Aire Dynamics, our team of experts is ready to help you install and maintain your BOGE airtelligence master control system. We’re with you every step of the way, from purchase and installation to scheduled preventive maintenance and even 24/7 emergency repair services if something goes wrong.

Get in touch with Fluid Aire Dynamics today for more information or to request a free, no-obligation estimate. Fill out an online contact form or give us a call at 610-913-9100 to speak with a team member.

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