Boge Air Compressor Controls

Boge airtelligence Master Control for 2 to 16 Compressors

Older compressor stations often operate inefficiently due to a lack of master controls. The result? Frequent downtime, during which electrical energy is consumed without the desired compressed air being produced. BOGE was among the first to recognize this problem – and solve it.

Highly efficient compressor controls

Master controls for multiple compressor stations make compressed air production significantly more efficient – especially in cases where compressed air consumption fluctuates or where speed-regulated compressors are integrated into the network.

airtelligence trinity

  • Controls up to 3 compressors
  • Ensures that each compressor is subject to an equal load
  • LC display

Boge airtelligence trinity

airtelligence plus

  • Controls up to 6 compressors
  • 4-inch LCD colour display
  • Base load switching can be set to occur at intervals

Boge airtelligence plus

airtelligence provis 2.0

  • Controls up to 16 compressors and up to 24 accessory components
  • 9-inch TFT colour display with touch function
  • Consumption-oriented master controls for the new generation

Boge airtelligence provis 2.0