Compressor Controlling Solutions

If you require compressed air for your facility’s operations, you need an effective strategy to make sure you are optimizing the use of your compressed air machines, especially concerning energy efficiency. Being able to provide exactly as much compressed air as you need when you need it with a minimum of wasted energy expenditure can make your production run more smoothly and significantly reduced costs.

One fundamental way of keeping your compressed air system efficient is with proper air compressor control equipment.

Air Compressor Controls

Air compressor control systems are air compressor machine controllers that allow you to monitor and direct the functions of multiple compressed air machines at the same time. With the right air compressor control system, one operator may be able to fully manage all the compressed air machines in your facility.

The air compressor control devices we offer make it easy for you to maintain compressor discharge pressure within a range that you choose. This allows you to set discharge pressure as low as possible so that you only expend energy for the specific amount of compressed air you need, preventing you from wasting money on excess energy use.

We have air compressor controllers that can control as many as 30 compressed air machines at one time. These devices can give your air compressor control manager options such as:

  • Stop/Start: Turning the air compressor motor on or off according to a pressure signal.
  • Load/Unload: Letting the motor run continuously and unloading the air compressor when it reaches a predetermined pressure.
  • Dual/Autodual: Letting you choose between a stop/start or load/unload control.
  • Modulation: Progressively reducing the output of the air compressor until it reaches a set minimum, where it automatically unloads.
  • Variable Displacement: Progressively reducing air compressor displacement without restricting inlet air pressure as with a modulating control.
  • Variable Speed: Adjust capacity by varying motor speed according to signals from the system.

Quality air compressor controls can improve efficiency and save on energy costs in virtually any industry that uses compressed air, from food processing to pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace, petrochemical and many others.

We carry the top brands when it comes to compressor controls, including Atlas Copco Compressor Controls like the ES Series Cutting-edge Central Control System for 2 to 30 Compressors, Sullivan-Palatek Compressor Controls such as the Metacenter Complete Compressed Air Management System for 2 to 24 Compressors and BOGE Compressor Controls like the Airtelligence Master Control for 2 to 16 Compressors.

At Fluid Aire Dynamics, we are more than happy to discuss your air compressor control options with you, help you select the best compressor controls for your business and install them promptly and accurately.

Why Choose Fluid Aire Dynamics for Compressor Controls?

With a reputation for reliability and quality dating back to 1991, Fluid Aire Dynamics is the proven expert in eastern Pennsylvania and beyond when it comes to compressed air machines and related equipment. We are intimately familiar with the best brands and their applications and are well-equipped to find and install the right air compressor controls for you. To order your compressor controls or learn more, call us at 610.913.9100 or contact us online now.