Titus Air Systems Air Compressor Monitoring Equipment

Customizable Integrated Resource io Technology with Touchscreen Interface

If you use compressed air devices in your facility, reliable compression system monitoring equipment is crucial. There is no way to know whether you’re getting the most out of your compressed air machines or how to adjust them for optimal performance without the proper monitoring equipment. Compressed air is vital to a range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, the automotive industry, food processing and many others. If you want to compete in one of these industries, efficiency in your compressed air system is a must.

The Titus Company understands this, which is why we’ve integrated Resource IO’s technology into our monitoring equipment with communications and alarm features to allow you to respond quickly when your compressed air machines need adjustment.

Resource IO for Critical Industrial Equipment Monitoring

The RIO System provides a four-step process for complete systems awareness: Monitor, Transmit, Alert & Analyze

Continuous Monitoring Collects and Prepares Data to Be Sent.
  • Compresses data to allow higher sampling rates and the most efficient and cost-effective transmission possible.
  • Buffers the data, guaranteeing that no data is lost and no errors are missed.
  • Provides battery backup and alerts you if power is lost.
  • Monitoring multiple machines with a single unit.
  • Simplifies install with a local wireless option.
  • Interfaces with multiple makes, brands, analog and digital.
Guaranteed Safe and Secure Transmission of Your Data.
  • Provides maximum flexibility by connecting to existing networks or an independent network.
  • Is an independent network that is private, not visible on the Internet.
  • Encrypt your data to protect and ensure confidentiality.
  • Utilities the Verizon Preferred Partner Program to provide an independent, high-quality wireless network.
  • Provides global capability.
  • Provides redundant paths to multiple data centers.
System Alerts Give You Immediate, Complete System Awareness.
  • Reduces unexpected downtime.
  • Allows you to be proactive, not reactive.
  • Maximizes staff effectiveness, saving you time and money.
  • Allows you to easily assign alerts based on your specifications.
  • Provides powerful escalation capability to ensure no alerts go unaddressed.
  • Allows you to provide alerts for third parties with managed sub-accounts.

Allows You to Evaluate Individual or Groups of Machines, With a Powerful Analytical Tool for Unlimited Discovery.

  • Gives you valuable insight into your fleet performance.
  • Improves machine performance and alerting rules.
  • Prevents future unexpected downtime and repair.
  • Improves future response time to issues.
  • Provides data for SLA/Performance evaluation.
  • Provides maintenance team with complete performance metrics.
  • Provides secure access to data for third-party analytics.

Why Choose Titus Air Systems Air Compressor Monitoring Equipment?

Call us at 610.991.7770 or get in touch with us online to talk with one of our specialists about your facility needs. Our team will recommend a customized high-quality, full-featured, easily customizable and reliable tool needed to monitor and manage your critical equipment resources.

The Titus Company has been providing, installing and repairing high-quality compressed air equipment and accessories since 1986. We have all the equipment and information you need to handle industrial process requirements for compressed air. Contact us now to learn more.