Vaisala Air Compressor Monitoring Equipment

When it comes to monitoring your compressed air system, you want as much accurate, detailed information as possible to ensure your system is functioning at peak performance. Taking temperature readings of your refrigerant dryer can be helpful, but these measurements don’t give you a full picture of what’s going on.

Get the most precise measurements of refrigerant compressed air dryer functionality with high accuracy dew point analyzers from Vaisala.

DMT132 Dew Point Meter for Refrigerant Dryers

Vaisala High Accuracy Dew Point Analyzers

Vaisala’s DMT132 meter is designed to measure the real dew point of your refrigeration dryer. This measurement gives you a more accurate understanding of how your dryer is functioning and enables optimization of dryer capacity.

DMT132 meters are compatible with OEM dryer manufacturers and can be quickly installed directly into your dryer or compressed air line so you can get started taking measurements right away.

Vaisala HUMICAP® Sensors for Accurate Dew Point Measurements

The DMT132 meter features a unique HUMICAP® dew point transmitter for monitoring refrigerant dryers. HUMICAP is a thin-film polymer sensor that provides long-term stability and high accuracy dew point measurements ±1°C in the measurement range of refrigerant dryers.

Since Vaisala launched the first polymer dew point sensor in 1997, they have polished and perfected the technology. HUMICAP sensors are resistant to compressor oil, dust, dirt, water splashes and most chemicals for added longevity and use in applications that involve heavy exposure to chemicals that may degrade other sensors.

Optimize Your Refrigerant Dryer With DMT132

Vaisala DMT132 refrigerant dew point analyzers help you better understand how your refrigerant dryer is functioning. Armed with the most accurate information about your outlet air dew point, you can work on fine-tuning your system, addressing efficiency loss and avoiding more costly malfunctions and repairs.

Constant monitoring allows you to spot changes and address issues before they cause larger problems within your system. These readings also help you avoid running your dryer at redundant capacities, resulting in energy and cost savings.

Industrial Applications for DMT132 Meters

Compressed air is important to a number of industrial applications and almost every manufacturing process. Anywhere compressed air is used, it needs to be dried to avoid corrosion, malfunctions, damaged instruments and poor-quality end products.

Vaisala DMT132 meters with HUMICAP sensors provide accurate, stable measurements in all applications. Because they are resistant to most chemicals, these meters can even be used in applications that involve heavy chemical exposure.

Some industrial applications that use DMT132 meters to monitor dew point in refrigerant dryers include:

  • Wood drying.
  • Lithium battery manufacturing.
  • Pneumatic tool operation.
  • Spray painting and finishing.
  • Blow molding.
  • Chemical mixing.
  • Food and beverage production.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Get High-Accuracy Dew Point Measurements

Fluid Aire Dynamics is dedicated to providing you with the tools, equipment and services you need to monitor and optimize your compressed air system. We have more than 30 years of experience in the field, and we’ve used that time to curate our inventory with best-in-class products.

When you purchase a Vaisala DMT132 meter from Fluid Aire Dynamics, we will be with you every step of the way — from purchase and installation to ongoing service and even 24/7 emergency repair services.

To learn more or get a free, no-obligation quote, contact us online or give us a call at 610-913-9100.

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