ZEKS Compressed Air Pressure and Flow Controllers

Compressed air is useful in a number of applications across many industries. However, without proper management, air compressor equipment can quickly become one of your most wasteful utilities.

With compressed air flow controllers like ZEKS XpandAir, you can operate your system at a lower pressure, reducing loss through leaks and optimizing your compressor’s operation.

XpandAir Precision Pressure and Flow Controller

2″ – 8″ XPE Series

ZEKS Compressed Air Pressure and Flow Controllers - XpandAir Series

ZEKS XpandAir pressure and flow controllers are installed inline in your system to help you control and operate your compressed air system with more precision. This airflow controller features an illuminated display that allows you to set and control your system.

XpandAir allows users to operate in three different modes for more optimized performance:

  • Forward control mode: This mode regulates downstream pressure to a point you specify to save energy and reduce air loss through leaks. Instead of generating new high-pressure air, you can utilize stored air for operations.
  • Backward control mode: This mode allows users to prioritize and protect critical processes and pressure-sensitive operations by maintaining minimum pressure on the supply-side of the system.
  • Combination control mode: The best of both worlds, this mode allows users to control demand-side pressure and protect supply-side operations with minimum upstream pressure.

The flow controller is installed with a built-in three-valve bypass that allows it to be serviced or repaired without interrupting your flow of compressed air. As a result, you can minimize downtime and optimize your productivity.

Choose between five available models to ensure you get the appropriate fit for your system. If you’re not sure which size would work best, The Titus Company can help.

Benefits of Pressure and Flow Controllers

Installing an XpandAir controller can help you significantly reduce waste and energy costs and enhance your compressor efficiency. This system offers dynamic responses that automatically adjust to ensure you have uninterrupted, consistent compressed air productivity.

In addition to the three operating modes, users can select between fail-open or fail-closed operations to prioritize and protect either upstream or downstream systems in the event that the system fails.

As an added feature, XpandAir is Modbus communication-ready. It can be set up for remote monitoring and control for your convenience.

Industrial Applications

Adding a ZEKS XpandAir precision pressure and flow controller helps to optimize airflow for any application that requires compressed air. The versatility of this system makes it perfect for any number of applications, including:

  • Plastics and injection molding.
  • Metal manufacturing.
  • Electronics manufacturing.
  • Energy production.
  • Pharmaceutical production.
  • Chemical and petrochemical processing.

Get in Control of Your Airflow

The Titus Company is a family-owned and -operated business. We have more than 30 years of experience providing exceptional customer care and products to help manage your compressed air needs. We can help you find the perfect XpandAir controller for your system.

When you purchase equipment from The Titus Company, we’re with you every step of the way — from deciding on the right item and getting it installed through any ongoing services and repairs you may need. We also offer 24/7 emergency repair services.

Contact us online or give us a call at 610-913-9100 to learn more or get a free, no-obligation quote.

XpandAir Series Technical Specifications

ModelConnectionWidth x Depth x Height (in)Min Flow (1 psid)Min Flow (15 psid)Max Flow (1 psid)
20XPE2" FLG39.25 x 15.00 x 33.8760207835
30XPE3" FLG43.87 x 16.62 x 38.501855802664
40XPE4" FLG58.50 x 18.06 x 44.2535010774868
60XPE6" FLG64.50 x 20.43 x 51.25800232010700
80XPE8" FLG70.68 x 23.06 x 53.061400414419200


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