ZEKS Compressed Air Pressure and Flow Controllers

XpandAir Precision Pressure & Flow Controller

2″ – 8″ XPE Series

ZEKS Compressed Air Pressure and Flow Controllers - XpandAir Series

Installation of a XpandAir precision pressure and flow controller will significantly reduce energy waste that results from compressed air leaks and enhance air compressor efficiency to maximize production.

XpandAir provides continuous dynamic response to varying air system demand to ensure product and process consistency. Users have the option to select between three modes of operation: Forward control of pressure and flow; Backward control to protect critical processes; Combination control for demand-side control with supply-side protection. XpandAir operation is set and monitored through a digital controller with illuminated display. The system is Modbus communication-ready to enable remote monitoring and control. Choose between Fail-Open or Fail-Closed operation to protect either upstream or downstream processes in the event of power loss. Built-in, three-valve bypass permits XpandAir to be serviced without interrupting compressed air flow.

5 Models, 2″ – 8″ Connection Sizes


  • Enables Operation Of Air System At Lower Overall Pressure
  • Forward, Backward or Combined Control Modes
  • Enhances Compressor Efficiency And Service Life
  • Modbus Communication-Ready
  • Reduces Air Loss Through Leaks
  • Precision Control Of Air System Pressure

XpandAir Series Technical Specifications

ModelConnectionWidth x Depth x Height (in)Min Flow (1 psid)Min Flow (15 psid)Max Flow (1 psid)
20XPE2" FLG39.25 x 15.00 x 33.8760207835
30XPE3" FLG43.87 x 16.62 x 38.501855802664
40XPE4" FLG58.50 x 18.06 x 44.2535010774868
60XPE6" FLG64.50 x 20.43 x 51.25800232010700
80XPE8" FLG70.68 x 23.06 x 53.061400414419200


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