Air Filter Frequently Asked Questions

Industrial air filters can be an important part of your air compressor system. Here are some frequently asked questions about air filters, courtesy of Fluid Aire Dynamics. Contact us if you don’t find your question answered here.

What Does an Industrial Air Filter Do?

An industrial air filter efficiently and effectively removes the many types of particles, aerosols and oil vapors that can collect in compressed air. Without it, the compressed air could severely damage the equipment or other applications you’re using it for.

How Do Air Filters Work?

How your air filter will work will depend on the type of contaminant you’re trying to filter and the type of air filter you’re using. Air filters remove dry particulates through whatever filter medium the filter uses to trap large particles such as inertial impaction or direct interception and smaller particles through diffusion. Filters can trap aerosols through a process called coalescence and oil vapors through a process called adsorption.

Can Air Filters Really Filter Lubricants Like Oil out of the Air?

Coalescing and Adsorption filters can indeed be effective at removing most lubricants from your compressed air. However, if you have an industrial environment that’s highly sensitive to such oil vapors, your best bet is to get an oil-free air compressor.

What Are the Consequences of Poor Air Filtration?

Poor air filtration can have a range of unwanted consequences. A single cubic foot of compressed air may contain millions of dry particulates along with water and oil vapor. Unfiltered or poorly filtered compressed air can get into control valves, causing their seals to swell up and their moving parts wear out faster. They can cause the need for more frequent and costly repairs and increased energy costs.

What Are the Types of Air Filters That You Can Use With Air Compressors?

There’s a wide variety of air filters that you can choose from when it comes to air compressors, including high-temperature air-line filters, high pressure air-line filters, mist eliminators for situations where high levels of condensed water or oil are present, carbon bed oil vapor filters for when filtering out lubricants is a vital component of your filtration process and more. Popular and high-quality air filter brands include Titus, ZEKS and Atlas Copco.

How Often Do I Need to Change My Air Filters?

It’s crucial to keep the filter elements, which do the actual filtration, fresh. These elements catch the unwanted contaminants before the compressed air delivers them into the system. You should replace them at least every six months, or as often as the manufacturer’s instructions recommend. In very dirty environments or those in which older compressors are being employed, element replacement may need to be performed more frequently.

What Are Differential Pressure Indicators?

Differential pressure indicators offer another way to alert maintenance personnel when it’s time to change your filter. They measure the pressure drop between the filter’s supply and output pressure to detect when the filter is getting clogged.

What Industries Use Industrial Air Filters?

Any industry that can benefit from the use of an air compressor can use quality air filters. Air compressors and air filters are found in the petrochemical industry, the military, the automotive industry, food and beverage applications, the energy industry, pharmaceuticals and more.