Atlas Copco QDT Series Carbon Bed Oil Vapor Filters

High-quality, breathable air is essential in many industries. Oil vapor filters remove potentially harmful contaminants from compressed air setups. At Fluid Aire Dynamics, we’re proud to carry high-performance oil vapor removal filters from Atlas Copco, an air systems industry leader. Atlas Copco CDT Series filters ensure greater air purity in almost any environment.

QDT Series Air Filters

Compressed air is an important tool across a broad spectrum of commercial and industrial trades. If your company uses compressed air, you understand the importance of air purity and high-performance filtering. Numerous contaminants can pollute a compressed air setup, including solid particles like dirt, dust and microorganisms; water vapors, aerosols and condensation; and liquid oils and hydrocarbon vapors.

Atlas Copco Carbon Bed Oil Vapor Filters - QDT Series Air Filters - 45 to 655 SCFM

Atlas Copco QDT Series vessels are an effective solution for cleaning polluted compressed air systems. These silicone-free filters are capable of removing all kinds of solid, liquid and vapor contaminants. QDT Series models use activated carbon towers for optimal oil vapor filtration. The UD+QDT filter combination gives you twice the power for more efficient and reliable purification.

These high-performance oil vapor removal filters meet national and international standards and regulations for air quality. Atlas Copco’s two-in-one filter combination is certified for air purity class 1 for total oil, according to ISO 8573-1:2010. For maximum oil vapor removal and air purity over a vessel’s entire lifetime, check out the QDT Series Air Filters from Atlas Copco.

High-Efficiency Oil Vapor Filters

Fluid Aire Dynamics brings you the best air system products on the market. Atlas Copco QDT Air Filters with activated carbon towers are a popular and powerful industry tool. These vessels will bring a range of benefits to your operation:

  • Maximum oil vapor removal: Superior activated carbon materials ensure that every vessel reduces oil vapor levels in compressed air setups across any industry.
  • Longevity: Altas Copco builds oil vapor removal filters to last. The high-quality materials and systems guarantee air purity over the product’s lifetime, with service intervals of 4,000 operating hours or once a year (whichever comes first).
  • Low pressure drop: The optimal internal flow path keeps pressure drop minimal over time so you can get the most out of your filter vessel.
  • Easy installation: You can use the self-supporting floor mounting kit or an optional wall-mounting setup. Both kits are straightforward and easy to assemble for your convenience.
  • Small footprint: QDT Series Air Filters are compact and efficient compared to traditional oil vapor filtration systems.
  • Energy savings: Optimized internal flow paths and minimal pressure drops keep your vessel in good shape. The activated carbon towers can improve your energy efficiency by an average of 65 percent.
  • Easy access: If you choose to add an oil indicator, you can measure the air purity with ease at any time.
  • Reliability: Altas Copco uses the best materials and proven-effective designs so that every vessel can live out its full lifespan at top performance. With regular servicing, a QDT Series filter will provide robust capabilities for years to come.

QDT Series Filter Applications

Air quality is an important consideration in every industry and is often subject to many rules and regulations. The purity of a compressed air system plays a significant role in the efficiency and safety of any operation. QDT Series Carbon Bed Oil Vapor Filters from Atlas Copco are certified for use in many industries and commercial enterprises, including:

Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

You can take a look at the Atlas Copco Compressed Air Filters spec sheet for more information on the QDT Series and other cutting-edge filters.

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Visit Atlas Copco to learn more about the QDT Series.

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With a QDT Series Oil Vapor Filter, you can save energy and money while creating purer air. At Fluid Aire Dynamics, we’re proud to offer these high-performance filtration systems and products to customers in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, northern Virginia and southern New York.

If you are searching for oil vapor removal filters you can trust, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our extensive product inventory. For more information about how we can help you, reach out to us online or request a free estimate today!


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    QDT Series Technical Specifications

    Filter SizeNominal Capacity - l/sNominal Capacity - cfmConnections
    G or NPT
    threaded | DIN or
    ANSI flanged
    Dimensions - mmDimensions - inWeight - kgWeight - lbs
    2020421/2"490 x 233 x 19019 x 9 x 71022
    4545951"715 x 233 x 19028 x 9 x 71533
    60601271"840 x 233 x 19033 x 9 x 71840
    95952101"715 x 387 x 19028 x 15 x 72964
    1251252651 1/2"840 x 387 x 19033 x 15 x 73475
    1501503181 1/2"715 x 551 x 19028 x 22 x 74293
    1851853921 1/2"840 x 551 x 19033 x 22 x 750110
    2452455191 1/2"840 x 715 x 19033 x 28 x 767148
    3103106571 1/2"840 x 879 x 19033 x 35 x 784185
    425425901DN80 / 3"2148 x 710 x 60085 x 28 x 24264581
    5505501165DN80 / 3"2190 x 710 x 67086 x 28 x 26302664
    8508501801DN100 / 4"2320 x 724 x 80591 x 29 x 32391860
    110011002331DN100 / 4"2450 x 934 x 82097 x 37 x 326021324
    180018003814DN150 / 6"2612 x 1046 x 980103 x 41 x 398821940


    Product Catalogs & Spec Sheet Downloads

    Manufacturer Link