Carbon Bed Oil Vapor Filters

When using compressed air, it is important to have equipment in place to make sure the air is clean and dry. If you do not, your compressed air could end up contaminating your work environment and your products. While compressed air filters and air dryers can do a lot of this work, if you have a significant problem with oil in your condensed air, you may need a more direct solution — specifically a carbon bed oil vapor filter.

What Do Carbon Bed Oil Vapor Filters Do?

There are many types of filters you can use with compressed air machines — such as standard compressed air line filters and mist eliminators — that, in combination with air dryers, can remove moisture and particulate contaminants from the air. However, if you are working in clean environments that have to be completely oil and hydrocarbon-free, a carbon bed oil vapor filter is usually the best choice.

How Do Carbon Bed Oil Vapor Filters Work?

Carbon bed oil vapor filters use a bed of activated carbon to remove contaminants from your air. As long as the air is sufficiently dried by your air dryer, activated carbon will be the best way to get oil vapor out of your air. The most effective carbon bed oil vapor filter is a bulk activated carbon bead filter containing a significant amount of activated carbon.

Activated carbon can absorb up to 20 percent of its weight in oil, and as long as you change the filters as needed, you should have no trouble keeping your environment virtually oil free using these types of filters.

What Are Carbon Bed Oil Vapor Filters Used For?

If you are finding that your compressed air is easily contaminated by oil or if you are in an industry where your applications require especially pure, oil-free air, you will need a carbon bed oil vapor filter. These filters are found in sensitive environments such as military applications, food and beverage processing plants and pharmaceutical laboratories. They may also be found in environments where oil is likely to be present in the atmosphere such as petroleum operations, automotive plants and chemical processing labs.

Carbon Bed Oil Vapor Filter Installation, Service and Repair From Fluid Aire Dynamics

We only provide the best brands when it comes to air filters and carbon bed oil vapor filters, including Aircel and Atlas Copco. Different carbon bed oil vapor filters may be more appropriate depending on the environmental conditions in your facility and the type of compressed air equipment you use.

Fluid Aire Dynamics is intimately familiar with all major brands of compressed air equipment, and we are the best company to help you choose, install and service your carbon bed oil vapor filters. For guidance as to whether or not your business can benefit from a carbon bed oil vapor filter, call us at 610.913.9100 or contact us online today.