Compressed Air Line Filters

If you use compressed air in your facility, you probably already understand the vital importance of clean air. Clean air is crucial for the health of both your employees and your products. Air with contaminants can easily cause critical failures in your equipment or compromise the integrity of your products, so it’s essential to take the time to find the right filtration system for your facility.

What Do Compressed Air Line Filters Do?

Compressed air line filters are the standard type of air filters that connect directly to your compressed air and air dryer machines. The compressed air passes directly through the filters, and with the help of an industrial air dryer, it emerges as clean, dry air in your industrial environment.

How Do Compressed Air Line Filters Work?

Compressed air line filters work as an integrated component of your compressed air system. They include:

  • Particulate filters, which are designed to screen out all of the coarse particulates like dust, debris and oil
  • A coalescing filter to get rid of finer contaminants
  • A final particulate filter to capture any contaminants that remain after the air goes through the drying process.

Then, the air is released into the environment for use in your facility. It can be an extremely quick and efficient process for ensuring clean air.

What Are Compressed Air Line Filters Used For?

Any place you are using compressed air as part of your business operations is one where you need reliable compressed air line filters. This means you will find compressed air line filters in industries and applications such as food and beverage processing plants, petrochemical operations, pharmaceutical laboratories, the military and a variety of manufacturing environments.

Different industries and applications may require different types of air filters. For example, some compressed line air filters are specially designed for high-temperature environments. Others are best for high-pressure situations. We also have stainless-steel filters for added corrosion protection.

Choose Fluid Aire Dynamics for Compressed Air Line Filter Installation, Service and Repair

We have unparalleled expertise when it comes to compressed air products, including compressed air line filters. We know what the best filters are for your applications, and we can provide them. We sell high-quality air filter brands like ZEKS and Atlas Copco and offer our own extremely reliable Fluid Aire Dynamics System Filters as well.

Because we know filters as well as compressed air and air drying machines, we are the best choice when it comes to buying, installing and servicing your air filters. We know exactly what to do to make sure you are getting the cleanest, driest air possible for your applications.

If you do not know what type of compressed air line filters you will need, our experts can run down all the possibilities for you. Just give us a call at 610.913.9100 or contact us online for more information on your compressed air line filter options, to order filters or to request service.