Mist Eliminators

If you work with compressed air in your business, you are familiar with compressed air line filters. But if you have heard people in your industry talk about mist eliminators, you may be a little bit confused. Do you need mist eliminators if you already have a compressed air machine with compressed air line filters? Where do mist eliminators fit into the industrial environment? Here’s the important information you need to know about mist eliminators for your business.

What Do Mist Eliminators Do?

Mist eliminators take compressed air purification to the next level. They are designed to remove liquid from gas streams. Typical air filters and air dryers can remove water moisture from your compressed air. Mist eliminators, however, are highly effective at removing condensed oil from compressed air, as well as tackling water removal in situations where the level of moisture in your compressed air is especially high.

How Do Mist Eliminators Work?

Not all mist eliminators work the same way, but the most common type of mist eliminator includes a knitted wire mesh. As compressed air enters, the mesh captures the mist droplets, allowing the clean, dry air to pass through. An alternative to the wire mesh is a series of stacked plates known as vane mist eliminators. If you require a mist eliminator that can capture finer mist droplets, you can choose a mist eliminator with a fiber bed, although these eliminators may have difficulty with high flow compressed air systems.

What Are Mist Eliminators Used For?

You will most often find mist eliminators in industries that involve industrial chemical processes such as pharmaceutical plants, chemical laboratories and petrochemical operations, as they can remove contaminants that commonly arise from these processes, including chromic acid mist, electrolytic nickel mist and sulfuric acid mist. Mist eliminators can be useful in other industries as well.

Why Fluid Aire Dynamics for Mist Eliminator Installation, Service and Repair?

There are a number of different types of mist eliminators, and you want to be sure you have the right ones for your business. That’s why you can trust Fluid Aire Dynamics when you’re seeking any mist eliminator technology. We have some of the best brands of mist eliminators available, including Atlas Copco, Van Air and ZEKS, as well as trained compressed air experts who can easily install, repair or perform maintenance on whichever mist eliminators you choose.

You do not want to trust the quality of your compressed air to anyone but the experts when it comes to your work environment. The wrong mist eliminator could have serious implications for the functioning of your facility. Whether you’re ready to order your mist eliminator and have it installed, are needing maintenance or repair or would like to make sure you have the optimal mist eliminator for your particular applications, call us at 610.913.9100 or get in touch with us online.