Van Air Systems Mist Eliminators

While compressed air is a vital resource for many industrial applications, it’s often contaminated with moisture, oil, dirt, dust and rust from the compression process and equipment. Contaminated compressed air can damage pneumatic tools and equipment, compromise delicate processes and jeopardize the quality of end products.

Van Air Systems has more than seven decades of experience engineering innovative solutions to cleaning and drying compressed air for industrial use. Their mist elimination equipment is expertly designed to remove aerosolized contaminants from your compressed air to produce high-quality, usable product air.

Other compressed air line filters remove solid contaminants and some vapors from the air, but Van Air System’s mist eliminators are specially designed to remove bulk liquid and oil aerosols even in situations where your moisture levels are especially high.

VME Series Mist Eliminators

Van Air Systems Mist Eliminators VME Series

The Van Air Systems VME series of oil mist eliminators is designed to remove large volumes of oil and oil aerosols from your compressed air supply with a pressure drop of 1 PSID or less.

These filers feature long-lasting glass fiber elements housed in primed enamel-coated ASME code-stamped housing. Aerosolized contaminants are trapped in the element. They coalesce and drip down to the sump to be drained. Standard filters are fitted with a manual drain, but options are available for electric drain valves and no-loss pneumatic drain valves.

The VME series of mist eliminators includes 12 standard models with various capacities, so you can be sure you’ll find a mist eliminator that meets your exact requirements.

Long-Lasting Filter Elements

VME series mist eliminators remove vapors and aerosols from compressed air by directing airflow through thick glass fiber elements. These elements trap contaminants at various depths in the fiber bed, preventing clogging and keeping pressure drops minimalized.

The thick fiber bed is self-cleaning because the liquid and aerosol contaminants coalesce and continuously drain into the filter’s sump. As a result, you get years of use with minimal maintenance.

VME mist eliminating filter elements should be replaced every 10 years to ensure peak performance removing oil and oil aerosols from your compressed air.

See a Quick Return on Your Investment

When you invest in your compressed air system, you want to save money and see a quick return. With Van Air Systems VME mist eliminators, you could start seeing payback from your purchase in less than 18 months.

VME mist eliminators help you save money and increase productivity in a few ways. First, the long life spans of VME filter elements eliminate costly downtime and regular element replacements. These filter elements also work constantly to keep pressure drops low, which results in lower energy consumption and costs.

Industrial Applications for Mist Eliminators

VME series mist eliminators are often used in industries that involve industrial chemical processes that generate oil vapors and other chemical aerosols. These industrial processes often create contaminants that can’t be tolerated in compressed air use.

Applications that rely on mist eliminators to produce clean compressed air include:

  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Chemical and petrochemical processing.
  • Iron and steel production.
  • Refining.
  • Automotive.
  • Cement and dry materials processing.
  • Mining.

Find Your Perfect Fit at The Titus Company

At The Titus Company, we carry a complete line of VME series mist eliminators. We can help you find the best fit for your industrial application to ensure optimized productivity and significant savings. Learn more by requesting information online or calling us at 610-913-9100.

VME Series Technical Specifications

Model No.Dimensions - in.Dimensions - cm.In/Out ConnectionDrain ConnectionElement ModelWeight - lbsWeight - kg
VME-12523 1/2 x 29 x 1360 x 74 x 342" FLG1" NPTEVME-125420191
VME-25023 1/2 x 33 x 1360 x 84 x 342" FLG1" NPTEVME-250440200
VME-50023 1/2 x 45 x 1360 x 115 x 342 1/2" FLG1" NPTEVME-500480218
VME-85023 1/2 x 59 x 1360 x 150 x 342 1/2" FLG1" NPTEVME-850525238
VME-125025 3/4 x 63 1/4 x 1466 x 161 x 364" FLG1" NPTEVME-1250710322
VME-150027 1/2 x 64 5/8 x 1570 x 165 x 394" FLG1" NPTEVME-1500820372
VME-200034 x 55 1/8 x 1887 x 141 x 464" FLG1" NPTEVME-20001040472
VME-250034 x 68 1/8 x 1887 x 174 x 464" FLG1" NPTEVME-25001170531
VME-300034 x 81 1/8 x 1887 x 207 x 464" FLG1" NPTEVME-30001300589
VME-500034 x 140 1.2 x 1887 x 357 x 466" FLG2" NPTEVME-50001945882
VME-750042 3/8 x 140 x 23108 x 356 x 598" FLG2" NPTEVME-750029001314
VME-1000042 3/8 x 164 x 23108 x 417 x 598" FLG2" NPTEVME-1000031801441


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