ZEKS Mist Eliminators™

Oil-lubricated air compressors can generate aerosolized oil and water particles that become entrained in your compressed air. While these contaminants may be hard to see, they can cause major problems downstream with pneumatic equipment, sensitive processes and final product quality.

ZEKS Mist Eliminators™ are designed to remove oil and water vapors from your compressed air system with minimal pressure drops to help protect your downstream investments.

HDF Series High-Efficiency Mist Eliminators

ZEKS invented their HDF series Mist Eliminators more than 40 years ago to help businesses like yours remove oil and water aerosols from their compressed air. Since then, they have innovated and engineered to create an optimized mist removal system that produces oil-free compressed air with ultra-low pressure drops of less than 1 PSID.

ZEKS Mist Eliminators HDF Series

HDF Mist Eliminators are housed in ASME-coded pressure vessels with easy-to-read differential pressure gauges and pressure relief valves. The series features 12 models with flow capacities ranging from 125 to 8,000 SCFM, so you can pick the model with specs to meet your application.

How HDF Filters Eliminate Mist

HDF Mist Eliminators have robust filter elements made of deep-bed filtration media. Compressed air flows through the element. Aerosol particles of oil and water are collected and removed, producing clean, dry compressed air for your application.

As the air enters the filter element, its velocity is slowed significantly by the depth of the materials. This slow velocity helps to prevent oil and water particles from reentering your compressed air, while the surface area of the filter keeps your pressure drops low.

The filter element collects and removes particles from the compressed air in three different ways depending on the size of the particles:

  • Direct interception: Contaminant particles larger than 3 microns are collected and removed from the compressed air through direct interception when they collide with filter media fibers. The fibers hold these particles in place until they coalesce into larger droplets and drip down into the sump at the bottom of the housing to be drained.
  • Inertial impaction: This process occurs when particles that are 1 to 3 microns in size collide with deeper media fibers as the airflow passes through the filter element. These particles collect and form larger droplets until they are substantial enough to drip down into the collection sump.
  • Brownian movement: To collect extremely fine particles, HDF filter elements rely on the Brownian movements — random side-to-side motions — that occur when liquid particles collide with compressed air molecules. These movements cause the liquid particles to coalesce and form larger particles in the air, which then get collected and filtered out with either direct interception or inertial impaction.

Industrial Applications

ZEKS HDF Mist Eliminators can be used in air compressor systems across a range of applications to produce oil-free, dry compressed air. Common industrial applications include:

  • Manufacturing.
  • Agriculture.
  • Woodworking.
  • Food and beverage processing.
  • Energy production.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Chemical and petrochemical processing.

The placement of your Mist Eliminator has a big impact on its effectiveness in protecting your system.

Mist Eliminators should be used downstream from refrigerated dryers to help catch remaining water and oil vapors and protect investments further downstream. For systems with desiccant dryers, Mist Eliminators should be placed upstream to protect your desiccant beads from oil contamination.

Eliminate Oil Aerosols With ZEKS and Fluid Aire Dynamics

At Fluid Aire Dynamics, we offer a comprehensive selection of ZEKS HDF Mist Eliminators backed by the support of our expert technicians. Request more information online or give us a call at 610-913-9100 to find out how we can help eliminate oil from your compressed air.

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    HDF Series Technical Specifications

    Model NumberCapacity scfm (Inlet Pressure 50 psig)Capacity scfm (Inlet Pressure 60 psig)Capacity scfm (Inlet Pressure 70 psig)Capacity scfm (Inlet Pressure 80 psig)Capacity scfm (Inlet Pressure 90 psig)Capacity scfm (Inlet Pressure 100 psig)Capacity scfm (Inlet Pressure 110 psig)Capacity scfm (Inlet Pressure 120 psig)Capacity scfm (Inlet Pressure 130 psig)Capacity scfm (Inlet Pressure 140 psig)Capacity scfm (Inlet Pressure 150 psig)Connection SizeDrain SizeShipping Weight lbs - Housing & ElementShipping Weight lbs - Replacement ElementDimensions
    125HDF7080901001151251351501601701802" MPT1" FPT4552014 x 14.5 x 42.3 x 13
    250HDF1401651852052302502702953153353602" MPT1" FPT4552514 x 14.5 x 42.3 x 13
    500HDF2803253704154555005455856306757203" MPT1" FPT5203514 x 14.5 x 68.3 x 13
    800HDF425490560625690800820885950102010853" MPT1" FPT5306014 x 14.5 x 68.3 x 13
    1100HDF62071581091010051100119512901390148515803" MPT1" FPT6607016 x 15.5 x 72.3 x 14
    1500HDF8459751110124013701500163017601890202521504" FLG1" FPT77510018 x 15.6 x 72.4 x 15
    1900HDF107012351405157017351900206522302395256527304" FLG1" FPT122512024 x 16.9 x 75.8 x 18
    2400HDF135515651770198021902400261028203030323534504" FLG1" FPT124514024 x 16.9 x 75.8 x 18
    3000HDF169019552215247527403000326035253785404543104" FLG1" FPT138516024 x 16.9 x 88.8 x 18
    4500HDF254029303325371541104500489052855675607064606" FLG1.5" FLG177025024 x 18.0 x 153.0 x 18
    6000HDF338539104430495454756000652570457570809086108" FLG2" FLG246035030 x 18.0 x 155.0 x 21
    8000HDF451552105910660573058000869593951009010790115008" FLG2" FLG285037530 x 20.0 x 181.0 x 21


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