ZEKS Mist Eliminators

HDF™ Series Mist Eliminator

Filtration For Oil-Free Compressed Air With Ultra-Low Pressure Drop And Long Element Life

12 Models, 125-8,000 SCFM

ZEKS Mist Eliminators HDF Series

Oil-lubricated air compressors can generate oil and water mist that can contaminate a compressed air system.
HDF Mist Eliminators remove oil and water mist from the air to optimize downstream processes and protect compressed air tools and equipment. Conventional filtration typically has much higher pressure drop and much shorter element service life than a Mist EliminatorTM, resulting in significantly greater air system operating cost. HDF Mist Eliminators also provide protection of downstream air treatment and process equipment in the event of catastrophic failure of the air compressor oil separator.

Effective Deep-Bed Filtration

At the heart of the HDF Mist Eliminator is a robust element of deep filtration media. As compressed air that’s contaminated with oil and water mist flows through the element, aerosol particles are collected in three ways:

  • Direct Interception – results when particles 3 microns or greater collide with media fibers. They then coalesce to form droplets that migrate downward.
  • Inertial Impaction – occurs when particles 1 – 3 microns collide with fibers as the airstream passes through the random media network. The droplets that form then migrate downward.
  • Brownian Movement – causes interception of extremely fine particles within the media.
    These particles have a random side-to-side motion – “Brownian Movement” – that’s triggered by collision with air molecules.High coalescing efficiency results from long compressed air residence time through the filter media. Low internal velocity prevents oil re-entrainment while generous surface area keeps pressure drop ultra-low over the life of the element.

Placement In Air System

HDF Mist Eliminator placement within the air system is dependent upon the type and age of the air compressor, and the type of air dryer used.

Use With Refrigerated Dryers

While the condensate separator in a refrigerated dryer will effectively remove moisture and oil from the airstream, some oil will remain in aerosol form. Placement of the Mist Eliminator after the dryer will capture the oil before it enters air system piping.

In air systems with compressors that consume excessive amounts of oil, placement of the Mist Eliminator ahead of the dryer will keep oil from building up in the dryer, maintaining good performance and efficiency.

Use With Desiccant Dryers

Protect desiccant media from oil contamination by placing the Mist Eliminator ahead of the dryer.

ZEKS Mist Eliminators are large, high-efficiency coalescing filters that combine very high efficiency with extremely low pressure drop.

Invented by ZEKS over 40 years ago, HDF Series Mist Eliminators feature a large, depth-bed filter element housed in an ASME-rated vessel. Low velocity compressed air passes through a purposefully-designed depth-bed filter element, allowing oil and water aerosols to coalesce on the element fibers. This combination of features results in excellent contaminant removal with minimal pressure drop, thereby saving energy. The long element life means no periodic maintenance expenses required to replace elements.

HDF Series Features:

  • <1 psi Pressure Drop – Low pressure drop means air compressors can run more efficiently
  • 10-15 Year Element Life – Results in reduced maintenance costs
  • Effective For Commonly Used Lubricants
  • High Efficiency Filtration – Removes oil and water aerosols that can be harmful to downstream processes and equipment


HDF Mist Eliminator™ Filtration Benefits:

  • Low Operating Cost – ultra-low pressure drop
  • Minimal Maintenance – 10-15 year element life
  • High Filtration Efficiency – Particle Removal: to .5 ppm by weight
  • > 3 micron = 100% efficiency
    0.1 – 3 micron = 99.98% efficiency
    Oil Removal: 2 ppm IN = .01 ppm OUT
    10 ppm IN = .05 ppm OUT
  • Effective For Commonly Used Lubricants

HDF Series Technical Specifications

Model NumberCapacity scfm (Inlet Pressure 50 psig)Capacity scfm (Inlet Pressure 60 psig)Capacity scfm (Inlet Pressure 70 psig)Capacity scfm (Inlet Pressure 80 psig)Capacity scfm (Inlet Pressure 90 psig)Capacity scfm (Inlet Pressure 100 psig)Capacity scfm (Inlet Pressure 110 psig)Capacity scfm (Inlet Pressure 120 psig)Capacity scfm (Inlet Pressure 130 psig)Capacity scfm (Inlet Pressure 140 psig)Capacity scfm (Inlet Pressure 150 psig)Connection SizeDrain SizeShipping Weight lbs - Housing & ElementShipping Weight lbs - Replacement ElementDimensions
125HDF7080901001151251351501601701802" MPT1" FPT4552014 x 14.5 x 42.3 x 13
250HDF1401651852052302502702953153353602" MPT1" FPT4552514 x 14.5 x 42.3 x 13
500HDF2803253704154555005455856306757203" MPT1" FPT5203514 x 14.5 x 68.3 x 13
800HDF425490560625690800820885950102010853" MPT1" FPT5306014 x 14.5 x 68.3 x 13
1100HDF62071581091010051100119512901390148515803" MPT1" FPT6607016 x 15.5 x 72.3 x 14
1500HDF8459751110124013701500163017601890202521504" FLG1" FPT77510018 x 15.6 x 72.4 x 15
1900HDF107012351405157017351900206522302395256527304" FLG1" FPT122512024 x 16.9 x 75.8 x 18
2400HDF135515651770198021902400261028203030323534504" FLG1" FPT124514024 x 16.9 x 75.8 x 18
3000HDF169019552215247527403000326035253785404543104" FLG1" FPT138516024 x 16.9 x 88.8 x 18
4500HDF254029303325371541104500489052855675607064606" FLG1.5" FLG177025024 x 18.0 x 153.0 x 18
6000HDF338539104430495454756000652570457570809086108" FLG2" FLG246035030 x 18.0 x 155.0 x 21
8000HDF451552105910660573058000869593951009010790115008" FLG2" FLG285037530 x 20.0 x 181.0 x 21


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